Look On The Blind Side

darkmoonWhen we consider that we are all of the characters in our dreams – male and female, young and old – it’s interesting to see John’s dream unfold. From his character’s point of view, he wants to face an obvious issue. Yet the other parties involved are trying to ignore it. This in an internal struggle between the different inner lives – part wants to be open and accepting, and part wants to keep the veils in place. We all have to wrestle with these blind spots. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this is kind of a continuation dream from several days ago, or at least it feels like several days ago. But actually it’s just probably something that I’m actually feeling and carrying, as if it’s a waking dream, in a dream.

In this dream I’m seeking to purchase a piece of property, but this property, in order to buy it, I have to contend with the effect of a woman whose presence needs to be taken into account.

So in the dream, I see this woman, in other words, I see this space that’s kind of in the center of this property. This woman stands out in the open in this space, and she carries a certain regal appearance about her. In other words, you don’t just dismiss her. As a consequence that affects the title of this property.

It’s okay. I actually like this, but I just know that it has to be taken into account because this is a mitigating circumstance. The person selling me the property is not wanting to address this issue directly. In other words, probably senses it, but doesn’t want to address the issue directly because they want to hide something maybe, or they want to keep something a little undisclosed.

So they create a distraction, or an abstraction, by pointing out, or leaving me the choice to describe the various deed options to choose from, in other words, leaving me to choose from rather than them just succinctly taking it into account and offering accordingly.

None of those deed options take into account this woman’s presence over the situation. I’ve been carrying within myself this inner recognition of how it is that she needs to be taken into account, and have been weighing that at great length within myself last night, as I sought an acceptable answer.

This reference to all of the various deed options that are at my disposal comes as a surprise because it doesn’t take into account… I would have expected a greater depth. In other words if you take into account this woman’s position in the matter, which I want to take into account because I see it as correct. I see it as part of the package.

And I know it can be dealt with, and I welcome the opportunity for this to happen, and feel that doing so is not to be ignored or denied.

What is going on is that there is a solution from within that is making itself known for me to deal with. In the dream, I’m eager and excited to resolve it. I was reluctant to write the dream up because this seems so obvious to me – from within. However, writing this up has brought the attention through, because what I feel was being taken into account very carefully from within, and how this looks in creation where this issue is more veiled, needs to be flushed out and in doing so there is a general overall excitement.

The mitigating circumstances is it wasn’t until near morning that this new wrinkle in the dream was presented. In other words, the new wrinkle being that I had been carrying a clear and distinct knowingness of how this inner world needed to be dealt with. However, what got presented to me was options to choose from that sidestepped facing the issue directly.

The coming forward with a response was positive. Looking at what happened yesterday was a response and the response was positive but there was something that did come forward. It could have just been ignored completely. The avoidance of an aspect of the process was disappointing to the heart, especially after I had felt that this was so important.

Nevertheless, I still feel that I am able to take this, and work with this, and make this and bring this into account. There just needs to be another step in the process, and so that is what I feel.

The meaning was that last night I was content with the way things were unfolding. From the day before I felt that there were a number of issues yet that weighed upon the situation.

The dream was a blending of those two energetic influences. A dream such as this, where there is the energetic condition from the prior day, and the breakthrough during the evening or night, creates a result where as the subtle nuance of things is thrown in, portrays just how every energetic we carry has an effect upon the situation.

As an example, I am buying some property in Montana that has ramifications for the future. I need to take into account peculiarities that are inflected into life, based upon reactions I carry within – which effect things. The various deed options presented back at me, as an indirect response, do not take certain things into direct account, which means and indicates that I am still needing to resolve a blind side in my demeanor.

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Dynamic Expression

walk-on-roller-coaster-designsoakIn today’s dream, Jeane finds “the roller coaster of life” needing repairs, but runs into resistance from the union in charge of that. This image points to the tendency in us to shrink everything down to known quantities. By doing this, we may make ourselves feel safer in the near term, yet we lose the dynamic of a new awakening, thereby limiting its potential outplay through us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my second dream, I’ve kind of forgotten my part of it, but the dynamic gets repeated in the masculine. It’s like I’ve traveled towards a place where I come across… it’s actually a means of public transportation that looks a little like a roller coaster. It’s not the extreme of a roller coaster, but it’s like open cars that are linked that people ride in to get from place to place, with maybe a little covering above.

There’s a man in the roller coaster with his wife, but he actually is a business owner that maybe has a repair shop and stuff, and he’s making a complaint, and I’m backing him up in this complaint, because there are some problems with getting to one place and the other. And he would actually even have the means of fixing them. He has a lot of different stuff around him.

The thing is, because the public transportation system is all unionized and everything, they have their own way of doing something and that way of doing something, as he’s pointing out, kind of stops sometimes simple repairs, or fixes, or things that would make it easier for everybody else in getting it done.

If they would recognize sometimes that they have individuals riding there, that if they would just let them even subcontract, or do little bits of things, that the whole thing would go a lot smoother and I’m backing him up on that viewpoint.

It seemed like in traveling to that point, I was bringing out that same kind of issue with somebody else, that there are certain things that would work better if you would let people act with a little bit of initiative instead of having it all regulated.

John: Basically, it’s one of acceptance. In other words, the predilection of one’s nature is to kind of have everything controlled, and everything follow into a natural order. In other words, you could have the transportation of yourself unionized and, in doing so, that may appear to be an answer when it comes to working with the roller coaster of life – if everything is unionized so that it’s all coated over, and lathered, and painted, and brushed over.

But in terms of then a certain dynamic of expression, that’s been choked out of the equation when it’s unionized, and you need that dynamic of expression to be able to succinctly, and quickly, solve things because once it’s all unionized it’s just caught in a homogenous effect. And the degree of depth and freedom that can be brought to bear has been carefully abstracted out of the process.

You could say, okay, on one level that the unionization carries a benefit, in that there is something organized that is supposed to be attentive, but on another level, the depth of what can be attentive and that mushroom out of the rootage of something integrally intertwined, in other words, rising up from within the ashes of the situation, that is choked out. And so you’re recognizing that, and that was the theme as well.

In one way you’re looking at it in terms of a nature of something that awakens through a human being, and then in the other you’re looking at it in terms of how it is ushered forth, or carried forth, into life.

A person who is well rounded and well balanced wants to have his world flow along with the right family, the right job, the right number of kids, the whole thing. And then a person that has to contend with things has to basically go through the challenges of what they’re contending with, and then to the degree to which those challenges affect them, or how they live or carry those challenges, rubs off on them in terms of what kind of family, and what kind of job, and what kind of kids, and the whole thing – what kind of family life that they then develop.

And so you can look at that, and if there’s a certain catching up with the consciousness of that, that can be kind of interesting. And then the person who has done it in a rounded way can look more like a type of person that has the white picket fence and the white house. And yes, there’s something nice and sweet about that, but it’s awfully Pollyanna when it’s like that, it’s bland.

So your dream took, first of all, and recognized it as a quality as it exists, and wakes up, and occurs inside of you on an awakening development level, coming through a human being. And then your dream takes that quality of what awakens, and has awoken, inside and then takes and turns that into the way the outer can be in relationship to that.

In other words, if you’re only able to have something be at a particular level of balance, then your outer has to be at that same particular level of balance because that’s where you’re at consciously. But if you’re awakened to something where you can take on more dynamic, and raw energy, or peculiarities of things that are intriguing, that you have to be challenged with in terms of having to cope with, then simultaneously you’re going to get confronted with the same thing because you’re able to handle that, and you have said yes to that. You’re going to get affected by that as well – in the outer. So, “the inner reflects the outer” is kind of like a general way of pulling the two together.


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The Science of Awakening

enlightenmentOne of the very interesting aspects of dream work is that it allows changes to take place at a much deeper, inner level. What this points to is an ability to accept, or let go of, personal psychologies at the level where they reside – in the unconscious. So, something that might take years to sort out through interactions in daily, outer, life, can be worked through in the minutes, hours, or nights of dreaming. Here, John gives us a description of this process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream I had, it’s like I’m somewhere where there are a number of people, and I’ve gone into a room to talk to a guy. It’s almost like we’re all high school age, or college age at the most, and this guy is one of three brothers.

And it’s almost like I’m pretending I’m going out with him, but I’m really waiting until his brother shows up. When I’m in there, we’re suddenly talking. He says he knows that I’m really just with him until his brother shows up, because that’s just always the way it is. Everybody likes him until they see his brother, and then they want to be with his brother.

And he’s even joking about it. It’s almost like something he accepts. For some reason, when he does all this it suddenly makes him slightly more interesting to me, because I tell him it’s kind of like that with me sometimes with my sister, too, because we’re at that age when she kind of looked a little bit like Marilyn Monroe.

So I kind of understand it, and the fact that I understand it and that he sees all of this, and has a sense of humor about it, suddenly makes him a little more interesting to me even, than his brother. And that was the first dream.

John: That’s the quality of being able to recognize. In other words, one of the influences of the dream, one of the effects, has to do with a type of raw energy. And the degree to which it’s actually accepted, and when it’s accepted, it changes things completely.

If you don’t accept it, then something that’s more refined seems more interesting, but when there’s the raw energy, and you can see that the raw energy is comfortable being the raw energy, in other words it’s just not unconscious raw energy which is just all over the place like a drunken sailor or something, then it’s more interesting because the nature of raw energy is that it has an access through its density.

In other words, it’s like everything is balanced, and if you have a certain degree of refinement, and you then tend to approach life in a smoother, more cadent way, things are a little more rhythmic, and that can also lead to not much going on. And if things are all in a certain kind of skew, if that skew is carried okay, then there can be an interesting revealing.

And so you’re playing with the nuance; it’s almost as if you’re handed a puzzle where you’re saying, okay, this is more whole, and this is more incomplete, and that which is more whole is maybe more rounded but doesn’t have a certain degree of something else as yet, an unfolding potentiality.

And so when you see the raw energy, and the raw energy being carried, there is an unfolding potentiality that the other doesn’t have, because it requires something because it has this linkage that has been normalized, and something that’s more kosher, or deemed more appropriate.

I actually used to look at this trait in a whole other way of looking at it. I used to look at it in terms of I.Q. and aptitude. I was having to look at it because I realized that a rounded component nature was not what I was born with or bestowed.

And so I had to wonder where that went and so I would take and I would look at those who seemed to have a naturalness about them that was balanced, and where things kind of seemed to come to them effortlessly. And I noticed, as life progressed, that they didn’t go very far.

It’s not that they didn’t have a good life. They got good educations, they got good jobs, they took on roles in society that were deemed to be something that people put on a pedestal. But deep down I realize that only went to that particular point and stopped, because nothing prodded them further.

And it takes this raw energy, or some intangible, it’s like a friction, or something that takes and grates and rubs. It’s that which has to merge, or that you have to accept and work with, and live, and carry. It’s that which creates the interest of something able to break through, or reveal things in a dynamic way.

It’s that kind of energy that actually has something back, deeper behind it than something that has everything, all the edges worked off and is all smooth and rounded. I used to look at that in terms of spiritual paths. It’s like other spiritual paths, I notice some people carry themselves with a certain respect and honor that you need to bestow them, but they can’t dive into themselves beyond a certain depth. And yet at the same time, they hold an equanimity where they don’t get thrown around quite as much, either.

It’s just now coming to my attention how it is that this distinction in the process, in the science of awakening, works and it is based upon levels of speed. You have one level of speed in the outer ,and you have another level of speed on the inner, a much greater level of speed on the inner. If you have a balanced nature, then there’s nothing compelling you, as a need, to go at a greater speed on the inner. So you tend to go along with that balance in the outer, and so you don’t emerge or grow as quickly.

There’s an intrigue that gets lost. You look good initially, but it only goes so far. If you have something that has to be handed across, or surrendered, the surrendering of that is a surrendering into a greater speed. That greater speed knocks off outer process – the seconds of that knock off days, years of outer process – so you’re going at a much more dynamic clip inside.

Now a person who catches up with some of that, but is still carrying the raw energy in an outer context, can be seen as a little bizarre, a little awkward, a little uncultured by something that has taken and codified the qualities in a tranquilized way. But if you look and recognize more closely, it is that characteristic, which requires the greater need in terms of the surrender, that has the potentiality of scoping out the furthest, or going further.

But you don’t notice this so much on a routine inner/outer casual way of looking at things. The reason is because the raw energy of the person in the outer, is going to still tend to make them look a little less balanced because they haven’t taken on the mores of everybody else, and yet the degree to which they’re going on the inner, because it’s so much faster, that they accumulate the karma of the outer at a certain speed, and they accumulate the breakthroughs on the inner at another speed.

So, if you have the speed of the inner at ten, and you have the speed of the outer at one, and ten and one is eleven, and you meet in the middle, you’re going at 5 ½. But if you’re a balanced person, and you have a speed in the outer of five or four, and then you have a speed on the inner that isn’t much different, like at six, so the changes are slower, and you meet in between, you’re only at a five. It’s lesser. It’s not as quick. It’s not as interesting. It’s not as dynamic.

And that’s why it’s said that in a spiritual process, the person who has the most to overcome has the most that can be gained. And that’s also why it’s said that you have to live life first, before you have something to let go of, or to surrender.

And so your dream is reflecting that. In other words, you have distinguished that in terms of somehow or another your ability to absorb, or to handle, or to carry, or to be shaken awake in your own capacity. It’s not going to happen if you’re in a situation that’s kind of like milquetoast. If you’re in a situation in which you’re challenged, and required to have to contend with things that you are compelled to have to absorb, and to take into account, and balance out, that is what makes life more interesting. And that is the process upon which you grow better.

Sure, you could define a life that has better appearance, and looks a little this way, and a little that way, and takes off the certain rough edges straightaway. But if you do that, then on the surface that can seem to make things better, but on the level of where it really counts on the inner, or as you call it, the more interesting inflection, something gets lost.

That’s how your dream worked.

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