Polishing The Whole

wholeness2In today’s images, Jeane finds herself making a linkage, or intertwining, with the overall. That then leads to an image of polishing, which deepens the idea of a linkage between a human and creation. In this, there is no separation between the person and the Whole any longer. What a human does affects everything, yet only at the level of emptiness, or no personal involvement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: If you could imagine a very large pool of water, like an indoor pool almost, and in it would be these rings of turquoise-colored logs. And maybe five of them make up a circle, and they float around, and the logs have like a hole in the middle of them.

A person could dive into the water and come up through one of those holes in these five logs. Except the person looks very miniature, so none of them look more than a foot-and-a-half or two-feet long, and a person can still come up in the middle of that circle.

I’m watching some men dive into the pool. It’s more likely to come up in the middle of the log, and the turquoise color is more blue than green, and I seem to think all of this has to do with how you handle a hurricane.

That’s the best impression I can give you because I lost the rest of the dreaming. Even when I was trying to recall the dream I’d see my stance off standing talking to someone in a car and polishing a black door. It’s like a lot of it had to do with color.

John: So your dream starts off in which you see an expanse of water, which means like an overall consciousness of the Whole, in which there are logs floating in the water, which are in a circle, which means that they are obstacles that have to go around and around, and repeat over and over and over again.

There has to be a way of going through those obstacles, or connecting in some fashion the overallness in which the logs are floating. You’re going around in a circle. The means that creates the linkage or interconnection is the human being, who’s able to go up through holes of these logs.

In other words, in doing so, that’s an image penetrating the barriers, or the obstacle. So you start off with something that’s a whole, and then you are affected by things that are brought into this Wholeness, or into the water of all of creation, or all of the universe, or however you want to say that.

And these objects that are brought in there are separate, or have a distinction. They’re obstacles to the openness of the water, and they have to be contained, or dealt with, or accepted. And to do so there has to be a linkage.

The ability to penetrate those logs for something to create a linkage, for something to go into those logs or those obstacles, a human trait, an intertwining is what is necessary to somehow create or establish that sense of Wholeness.

As long as those logs are looked at, and they stay separate, then you stay separate from your greater overallness. I guess there’s the term, in terms of addressing things, “absorb the condition” of those obstacles, or logs. Your image of going up like through holes that exist in the logs, is the image of the interconnectivity that you are able to establish, so that you’re back to the very beginning again with nothing but an empty expanse of water.

Is that your only dream?

Jeane: Well the other one was just polishing the door.

John: You’re polishing the door. So, yes, that’s how it works. You have to relate and bring yourself down to whatever it is that is perceived as a barrier or an obstacle. You have to bring yourself down in terms of relating to that, to where you may be communicating on a level that’s trite, but on an energetic level you’re polishing, or working a change in the environment.

It’s an image of being in another place. You’re in another place. You are in both places simultaneously. Thus, it’s like an octave, or another way of describing; instead of having logs that are floating out there that you have to contend with, and you act like you have to do something to penetrate those. That takes a certain degree of willpower.

This other is able to just simply relate and be in a space as you’re relating, even though you’re just relating in which you are actually polishing, or changing, or affecting, or causing some lilt of your being to come across. And however it is that you’re talking [in the dream] has nothing to do with anything in terms of whatever it is that you might be talking about. It’s the space that you’re carrying that is what is important – which is doing the polishing or the shaping.

So, what are you polishing? I suppose the only simple way of describing it is to describe that you’re polishing yourself. Well, actually there comes a point where you realize that it’s an illusion to think that you can polish yourself. What you’re actually polishing is the Whole, which you are part of, which is you as well.

And so if your attention is still based upon something about you, then it’s very easy to have differentiations and tangential qualities and nature to have to contend with. But if you realize that there is this Wholeness of something, and that that’s what you’re polishing, you’re actually polishing yourself – but in the greater sense of the word. That’s actually a higher octave of trying to create the intertwining. Here you’re not trying to do any of that. You’re just doing the polishing.

You have within your dreams both the masculine image and a feminine image. Your last dream is more of a feminine image. Your first dream has the masculine element of the logs, but it has the feminine mannerism of intertwining.

Your last dream has the idea of just being Yin, and just being receptive to what there is and relating straightforwardly, without any qualms, but being in some place inside that is doing the polishing, or is having its effect upon life. Which is also another way of saying that, in order for this to work, you have to be in such a state inside you that there isn’t some part of you that’s holding on to some confusion or projection, because polishing only works when there isn’t some projection or another, no matter how slight, occurring, because if there is, then that contaminates or that is what comes across.

What is of value in a polishing – its highest value is a state of emptiness – and so polishing has to be a polishing of something that is let go, or is a nothingness, or that is an emptiness, even though one could be talking about things and one isn’t identifying with that. To the degree to which one is identifying with it, and still trying to polish or change something, then you have a bifurcation, then you have a confusion, then you are still playing with reflections.

Your dream is kind of giving you a back-and-forth thing as you’re closing in on how it is that you’re able and meant to be able to be, in terms of a role or responsibility that you carry, or are meant to carry.

It points out that if there are obstacles in this overallness that you intertwine. It points out that if you no longer feel inhibited by things, and you’re able to freely relate, that you’re actually relating not from whatever it is that you’re talking about. You’re actually relating energetically in some other way that is creating a polishing, or a quality of emoting that then creates change – just by the fact that it is centered in this all-pervasive sense that flows through creation.


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