Paying It Forward

payitforward4bIn today’s dreams, Jeane finds herself being taught a dance move from a strict taskmaster. Yet within the feeling of a certain pressure to perform this move exactly, she finds she also has a freedom to go beyond what has been taught. Seen from the standpoint of energies at play, it shows the process of incorporating something new, within, and then being able to radiate that out, in a unique way, into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I seem to be in a class with some other students, in particularly a woman I know. We’re fairly young actually.

There’s a male teacher, maybe with a bit of an accent. He’s kind of a very strict taskmaster and he’s teaching us to do a certain dance step, which involves a twirl on one foot almost like a ballet move. And at some point there’s going to be a particular outfit that he wants us to wear because it kind of sparkles. It’s a certain color, and we have to twirl, and we have to get it right.

When he shows up, we have trouble finding the outfit to wear, and then we end up having to twirl maybe without the outfit on some kind of a round little platform. I go up and I twirl, and I end up doing a twirl that’s kind of spontaneous, and I even drop off the platform and I’m on one leg and drop down. And it’s a twirl that keeps on going for a while, but it certainly isn’t the classical move he showed us. But for some reason he’s pleased with it. God knows why, but he is.

Everybody’s kind of clapping. We even got to do more modern music. Then the girl who’s with me wants me to help her pick out I guess the music he had us practicing to isn’t what they’re playing. They just choose something randomly. She doesn’t know what to do, so I suddenly just pick up this four or five pages of names of popular songs that are written down.

I don’t know many, but I finally figure I can probably spot a Michael Jackson tune or something for her, so I’m grabbing it to pick out something so that she can dance to it, and I think that’s when I woke up from that one.

John: What you are describing in terms of the going around and whatnot, in terms of a dance move, but first of all you’re learning from someone who is a strict taskmaster, who gets you to understand how that’s done. The spinning around in this dance move is the catching up with the awakening and the sustaining, and then the maintaining, of a particular consciousness.

You’re dreaming about a faster pace, a more conscious pace, and of course to begin with you had to go through the motions, so whatever it took to get that to implement you had to go and be part of something in which there was a strict taskmaster who more or less got you to pick up and assimilate that energetic.

And then once you had assimilated it, you could take it off to other levels. In other words, you could do other things with it. It would look like it just had one appearance for example when you were diligently working on it, but then you found out that you could improvise. You could even drop off of the stage, or drop to another level, and bring the same kind of conscious energy into that scenario, and you could even alter or change your demeanor or your mannerism.

In other words, maybe when you learned it you had to learn it under a particular kind of strict guideline, but now, in terms of following out the connectivity you have to the vibration, it can have variances in terms of how it is seen. For example, as you are living it out, as it would be seen for example if the teacher was looking over your shoulder, and that’s kind of like a “mission accomplished” image because from there you’re able to then coach or direct others in terms of a sense or vibration that you have.

You’re able to relate or act from that, in terms of how to set a balance or something for others. And, of course, you do it, not as a teacher, but just as a way of being helpful, or exuding a certain sight or mannerism that you’ve caught up with.

And you don’t think anything of it, but of course what you did is you just recounted the whole process, where at one point in time you had to submit yourself to something that was pretty intense. It could have been considered intense, having to learn how to do this in a particular way, only to discover that in learning it, it had multiple applications in many, many myriad levels and other ways.

And once that was recognized as being okay that it could extend in these other ways, then you could own it, or take it on as a set, or developed, or established station inside of you, and just in the mannerism in which you carried yourself in that regard, it would then be something that you could innocuously indicate for others, and help them pick up this little bitty nuance – and think nothing of it.

Jeane: There are two other things I remember. One is just a glimpse in one dream it feels like I’m staying at someone’s house. My sister’s there and there’s someone younger that we want to get some cereal for.

Well, I’ve gone over to this woman’s counter with my sister and there’s a big cereal box there, and the cereal box doesn’t open like normal. It’s just got some holes kind of torn out of its side on each end of it. So what one of us has to do is just take our hand and reach inside the box, inside the cardboard and the plastic, and take a scoop of cereal in our hand and grab it and then put it in a bowl for the cute little girl we’re going to serve.

Well, my sister and I are looking at each other in a typical feminine way where it’s like ooh, I don’t mind if it were my house and my cereal box, or her house, I wouldn’t mind sticking my hand in it. It’s kind of dark, you can’t quite see what’s there, and grabbing stuff, but both of us are kind of reluctant to stick our hand in somebody else’s.

We don’t know exactly what we’re grabbing with our hand. We can’t quite see it. You know, like it might have bugs in it. We’re just having one of those feminine reactions, but since the little girl needs the cereal, I go ahead and do it and just stick my hand in there. I don’t like it, but I do it, so she gets her cereal.

John: The way this fits with the prior dream is that, in catching up with this quality of an energetic inside that you can take on, without necessarily having to absolutely see, but you can feel it and know it in your bones, and you know that it’s in there.

In other words, it’s one thing for you to take and maybe note how that is, in terms of a certain closeness that you can have with yourself, but you also need to be able to exude or extend that outwardly.

Apparently I guess the spinning in this level, and the stuff you’re doing in the first dream is bringing something together in terms of how you feel and conduct yourself, which opens things up on the ends, but is technically invisible for all intents and appearances because it doesn’t lend itself as a food access that you’d expect.

And you’re okay with connecting with that for yourself, in other words in a more controlled environment, but can you also do that and extend that energetic out into a wider spectrum, so that it takes into account the little girl of you and all of that.

In other words, can you go out of setting in which everything is safe and secure, so to speak, and act on it in terms of how to facilitate a need? Can you act on it on behalf of a greater whole of yourself, as opposed to a specific mannerism upon which you see yourself?

So, it’s kind of like repeating the first dream in a way, in that the process of you taking and doing something that provides a food, or supplies a need, or serves a purpose that is meant to be, in terms of the little girl, is kind of like being able to just simply help out someone else after you’ve realized that you can take this to other levels like you had in your first dream.

When you told the dream, it had a sense of a step back, but it had a step back because some part of you wasn’t quite sure that you can do this. And then in the dream, as you step back, the environment puts you to the test and, oh what the heck, sure, I guess so, and you just do it.

It’s very interesting in that the quality is like something sneaking up. It’s like blink and it’s there, and what the heck, and you do something for the girl. Ordinarily you wouldn’t do that because that would be considered maybe bad style or protocol, although when it comes to you, you’re willing to take the chances to understand it and accept whatever might befall the situation.

You haven’t gotten to the point where you could comfortably see yourself doing it in the overall, but you’re coming to that because, what the heck, there is the need. And the first dream that you recounted it’s like this whole thing that has been occurring has been about you able to get to the point where you could find out this permeated through your being on all different levels.

It unfolds and has a meaningfulness for you, in maybe a slightly different way than what you might have anticipated, and that as it comes through and comes out in terms of who you are, it extends and touches others just quite naturally.

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