Giving to the Space

thepaintedprism-pathowardIn yesterday’s post (see Paying It Forward), Jeane opened up to a new energetic. Yet in this final dream from the same night, she takes a step backward by reacting from an old pattern that shuts her off from the flow. It’s a matter of perception, and needing to give something new the space to unfold without bias.

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Jeane: In the last dream, again I’m traveling either with my sister or some feminine friend, and we’ve stopped along the road at a restaurant. It’s a little busier and fancier restaurant than we’d normally go into, but we’ve just ordered like an hors d’oeuvre plate of some kind.

Now it’s time to leave, and I can’t seem to get anyone to come to the table to give us a bill, so I get up and I go around to where there’s a counter and there’s a whole bunch of male waiters standing there.

They’ve got like a white shirt and black pants on, and they’re carrying the little account books or whatever that they write your tab on, but still they’re all going to dash off and do something else or just look at each other and go some direction.

I finally insist one of them, or even two of them, come to our table because I just want to be able to pay our bill. Well, when they come there, and then I look down at the plate, I see that we had like an hors d’oeuvre plate and we had had some string beans on it and something else, and then I realize there’s a third thing that was supposed to be there that we never even got served.

So I tell them that I’m having trouble getting someone to come here so we can pay our bill and the truth is you didn’t even serve us one of the things that was supposed to be on the plate. They say, well, we can bring that now and I say no, it’s too late. We’re ready to leave.

I said I just don’t know if I’m ever going to come back here again. They’re kind of upset with that, but to me it was like it’s supposed to be this very fancy place with all these people in it and here it is with poor service and what they do give you isn’t even complete.

John: What you are describing is what happens to this trait and condition that has opened up in the first two dreams. You’re actually working with the level of invisible energy, and when you adopt or take on a particular attitude or expectation and you project it, that you shut yourself off.

It’s almost like this third dream is designed to kind of give you an idea of okay, this is what it can be like in the first two dreams. And in the third dream, this is what destroys it. This is a pattern that you have that can take and create a tone, or a mood, or a mannerism by which you lose a graciousness and also then shut off the unfoldment of the process. And consequently annihilate a particular part of you instead of having the overall graciousness continue into it, because in the first two dreams there is a graciousness: I mean, it just naturally unfolds and you think nothing of it.

But in this last dream, things are not happening according to however it is that you feel that they should be happening in terms of a timely manner, and then in terms of what is supposed to occur even, and as a consequence, you become abrupt, and in your abruptness you establish or create a bluntness that shuts something, in terms of a flow, off.

Well, you shut a flow off because it’s your perception that the flow is off to begin with, which means then, is something actually given to the space that needs to be given to the space? If there’s something that’s absent or empty from the space and that, as a consequence, once that is empty, then everything continues to unfold in an awkward way.

You don’t get the bill on time, plus you never did get the food that you quite ordered. You’re running out of time because you need to go as well, and it’s like the whole thing loses the quality that you carry, and sustain, and maintain in the first dream, which has developed into a state that becomes a station within that you can carry to other levels and then it just casually reveals to others.

And also you know from connecting and trusting in that, you know how to probe out and do things for more than just yourself. You’re able to carry that presence to all the other parts of you that might be more persnickety or precocious in terms of how something is done. You’re able to use the energetic to penetrate those areas so that there aren’t those limitations.

But then you come to this and, all of a sudden, you’re shown as a step back compromise to that awakening, you still carry the mood or a tone, which takes and undermines that process. So the third dream is showing you what you do to destroy catching up with this other cadence.

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