The Other Half of God

mascfemIn Jeane’s dream, the imagery shows her trying to escape from the control of something that is very limiting, and the situation is dire. This leads to the understanding that the feminine can’t effect change in the world on its own – it needs to reconnect with the masculine.

In the outer, physical, world, things appear dire as well. And any change requires letting go of what resists the full inner connection of both masculine and feminine and, ultimately, with God and creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It feels like my dream started out with, I’m living in a society where people who can, I think it’s sing or who are brilliant outside a certain parameter are killed off, or restrained. It’s like they want everybody, as you come and live there, to be performing within a certain range.

At first I go along with that, but then, in the dream, it feels like what I want to do is to let those people escape, or I might even work with them to be trained to sing within a certain range, but basically then the dream shifts to where when I look at that dynamic, I help them escape.

But there’s one woman in particular I’ve helped escape, and then when she’s caught again we all go to live in an apartment complex, which is on stilts, and there are different condos maybe within this complex that’s on stilts. There’s water down below.

Then I’m trying to help her escape again, but I’m also aware that no matter where she goes it feels like they seem to be able to find her. But we dive into the water and we climb up on some poles in the distance, and I know there’s something like wild monkeys that she kind of feeds that I have some trepidation about because I think they might bite, but they seem to be okay.

Then I’m kind of really focused on, where can I go that I think that she won’t be caught again, especially since they seem to kill off people? And now I seem to be focused on… you know, rather than killing off the people that sing outside this range, that maybe you should just train them to sing however they sing, even if it isn’t this range that’s way outside what everybody else operates at, or even if they’re more brilliant.

Then the dream shifts slightly, and it feels like I’m still with her, and we’re still kind of on the run, but we’re more like in a nightclub setting with a man who is helping us. And I’m like going to find some clothes that we can wear, but I just don’t remember the last part of the dream that well.

John: The setting is one, in terms of the action of the dream, in which the collective environment that you’re in dictates over anything able to rise up and get beyond the limitations that exist. In other words, it seems to have the control and upper hand of everything.

So when there’s this imbalance like this and you recognize that it’s like that, and you’re trying to establish some sort of exception, or help something out of this predicament, which is a part of you, all that you’re able to do is to create a type of ungrounded correlation.

In other words, there’s something missing in terms of cadence. You can’t find the right cadence. And so everything that you’re doing has the image of being ungrounded, because you’re off the ground in every endeavor that you take to try to escape, or move about.

And because you’re off the ground, you lack a connection to a center. Deep down you feel that you’re vulnerable. No matter where and what you do, you can’t get beyond this predicament. In other words, it’s like you’ve lost a linkage to your own sense of well being.

And when you lose the linkage to your own sense of well being, you’re out of sync, and everything then appears, as far as any ability, in terms of anything that can be done to get you to figure out how to rise to a higher self. That that’s not possible because your opinion is it has all been killed off, it’s all been destroyed.

In other words the powers that be have effectively eliminated, and gone to great efforts to eliminate, the freedom of any way of being that takes one out of the predicament. Then you’re given a hint at the very end that the answer to this predicament has to come, not from what you can do anymore, but from something that the masculine has to do. That it can change something, or effectuate something, that can reawaken or bring back, or do something, because from your perspective, the setting, is hopeless.

That’s a very tired looking dream, but on the outer level I agree with it; on an inner level I don’t agree with it. Because on an inner level I take and I look at the ability to do things that are outside of the overall control that predominates in terms of feminine existence. I look at what can be done outside of that.

From your perspective you only look at the tools as they exist in terms of the outer. I can look at it that way too, and I would come to the same conclusion, and would realize that nothing could shift and everything is going to break down, because whatever possibilities that had existed in terms of being able to cause something to be different have gone away, no longer are available, nor are they findable.

And thus if you feel like you’re an exception, to get out of the box, even as you struggle you realize that nothing, except maybe something from the masculine, can make sense out of this because left to your own devices you’re out of clues.

It is really an interesting flip, because basically I think I agree with that in terms of how I see outer life. And so your dream, which takes into account all of the variables of creation, seems to go along with that now, and I too tend to agree that whatever is done now is dire.

In other words, you don’t have the sight anymore, given that there’s been a wipe-out of the potentiality. There isn’t a means anymore, from the standpoint of something awakening in the collective consciousness of creation, or for something to rise up from within the collective consciousness of creation, to provide an answer.

So that if there is something that can fix this, it’s going to have to come from outside of this condition.

What you dreamt is a situation in which you’re finding yourself outside of a connection to the other half of God, which is the masculine. I mean, that is kind of what you are doing there. As a consequence, something gets lost because it’s going to take a balance between both.

In other words, for the longest period of time it was obvious that the masculine was out of touch with the feminine, and that the feminine was striving to come back and enhance something, or give something, to create the grounding. And [the feminine] would try and try and try to absorb and balance, so that the masculine ideas could be grounded, so that a clarity and the seed of things could be reestablished.

In other words, there’s another shift that the feminine has, but that shift is not something that it readily makes. It can be overwhelmed at this level. When it doesn’t connect with the masculine, then it cannot find the next deeper stage and level that it can evolve into, and so then everything is stopped.

What the dream is trying to show you that, if you stayed in the state that you’re in, not only is everything in dire circumstance, but I also know then that as a consequence of it being like this you can’t shift to something beyond this.

In other words, where you can use the tools of this to formulate a connection that causes you to be absorbed into a state in which something more is provided and given, that has to do with effectuating the need back into creation from a linkage in which you are in touch with the Wholeness of life in a totally surrendered way, so that this can naturally follow.

That’s a pretty big order, yet it’s the principle of the path, that you have to be absorbed, that you have to lose your hold on things, and that you have to become less than dust so to speak in order for a change to occur.

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