The Cumulative Effect

yinyangichingHere, John’s dream unfolds to show the importance of the merged state, between the feminine and the masculine, which enables both energetic access and outplay into life. Both are required to create real change. It also points out how the dream process between Jeane and John, on a daily basis, provides a microcosm of this process, which is designed so what comes through is not lost to creation.

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John: In my first dream, I notice that I’m getting my weather report, and a weather report is the conditions of creation. I’m getting a weather report from a couple who function as a team, and when they reach and work together they are incredible.

The way it works is he announces the weather, but she compiles the data in terms of the overall about what the weather is going to be like. In other words, she has the greater scope of things. He knows how to present it in a straightforward, linear way, bring it through so that it is hearable by others, but she works behind the scenes, in a sense, in that she has an access to the overall data of everything.

And then she puts this down on a large weather map, which he then takes from there and uses this to give his daily weather report.

The important thing to this is it’s her access to the overall data that’s the backbone for his report. She freely disseminates this data onto a huge weather report map, but because he’s the one that announces it, she doesn’t get any credit for any of this, so he looks better than he actually is announcing the weather on the radio.

When you look at what has taken place here in terms of them being a weather team, it’s kind of a direct result of the data he has access to that comes from her. The feminine carries the complete Wholeness, and the masculine works with the light, and it’s light coming down and touches light, which is a complete Wholeness embedded in the feminine, and then light rising up to touch light.

Because one’s in creation, you have an aspect of this then supposedly lost or trapped within the energetic of creation that knows, if it can allow itself to fully feel everything that it’s meant to be able to feel in terms of its inner awareness, it knows all of the data. It has all of the data. Can it catch up with it?
And the degree to which the masculine can see that then, that results in something that can be brought out or brought into imagery. The key is though, if the masculine has to take credit for what it is perceiving, then it’s not merged again and there will be a problem.

Now this condition between these two, it’s not always this way. Before they came together as a team, her reports were not presented with much pizazz, so they didn’t draw much attention. They were flat. His reports were not as inclusive as needed. In other words, they didn’t take in the picture, so that didn’t go anywhere, but that’s how it had been.

So they come together and now this report can work. It isn’t necessarily how it looks though, because of the importance of her in this process. Now, I’m watching this, and so because I’m watching this, I see that it all has to do with this map. From the position I’m in, I want the map because I can see how much of a use it can be put to, but I can’t get the map because this guy rolls it up after he gives the daily weather report.

See, it’s over and done with, I mean that’s it for that moment in time. The next moment in time, the next report, is going to be different. He rolls up his weather report and keeps it for himself by putting it in a reference data base, as if it can be accessed or used as information someday down the road, even though he doesn’t have any idea of what that future reference is going to be.

He does this as an afterthought and the fact that he does this means that I can’t access that map because he’s thinking that this is stored for reference is going to be someday proved meaningful, and he’s just functioning with that, and that alone as his predicate, but it’s enough to keep this overallness, or that map, from being able to hold a continuity, an awareness, an aliveness.

In other words, everyday it’s going to be a different weather report and you’re like a robot. You’re caught in this unable to look back, and unable to bring anything through, unable to recognize this process that’s unfolding, and what it’s about.

And of course let’s say you were to go to this guy and want to look backwards, in other words would like him to pull out his rolls so that you could see what the weather was like, the information that came through.

It’s a little bit like our dreaming, like the information that comes through, what was it yesterday, what was it the day before, what was it a week ago, what was it a month ago. And what did you have to pay this guy to acquire all that information?

Well, when it’s like that it’s not going to work either, because it has to be free, and I want it for free, because that enables a type of embodying that keeps it fresh, instead of something that’s just in the moment, and then the moment changes.

In other words, it keeps it inclusive, which is an aspect of this merged quality because when this guy does his daily weather report, that’s good for that day and it’s unavailable for the asking without having to pay extra for it, you’re stuck.

In the dream, I stand in awe as he rolls the map up. He’s given the weather report, now he is accumulating the data off to one side, in other words not able to be lived anymore. I would like to get it, to live it.

So I’m not able to walk over; the distance between this now is like some rough terrain that’s situated in between. In order to access the data base that’s on this map, I have to get across this rough terrain before he folds this up for posterity purposes.

I think it is outrageous for him to be like that, because his wife put this together. She wasn’t like that, or she couldn’t have put it together. What she has put together in her opinion was kind of laid out there freely available, and she was just happy to do that. And now we have this thing coming across for the moment, and then going out of sight again.

So it’s a constant state of going around and around and not able to grow, or make a shift. So what is going on is, when the masculine and feminine work together as a team, the broadcast that comes across is incredible.

This projected weather report follows the goings on of creation on a daily overall basis, and the person making the report knows how to effectively communicate the information that the feminine has access to in the overall as a kind of data. He makes the report so, to the weak-minded, he gets the credit, plus he seizes the moment by capturing the data, as if it has an influence that will be important upon the future.

Well, when he rolls it up like that, it falls away. That’s made to preserve the info, is just how he is. She isn’t like that. She gives it away for free to him to use on his daily broadcast, because that is what she feels is important to life. Because he documents the past by rolling up the daily map weather report, the information for that day is retained for whatever future benefit it may have, which means it’s lost, yet it’s there inside somewhere, too. In the merged state you have all of that.

The meaning is, I’m describing how the experiences of our dream process work. Jeane carries the overall connection; I report what is seen. I am also responsible for preserving the past as a record for the future benefit of creation, whatever that might be. We will just have to see someday, if I am yet around, how that’s going to be.

There is something unnatural about the preserving for posterity that which happens in a moment of time, in other words, the states. However, if this weren’t taking place, the effect would get lost, and nobody would ever know, or have the slightest inkling in the future, regarding the step by step unfoldment.

Also, what is taking place is not as it appears. In the outer, I am of the opinion that I access the information, in a free style, from the inner sanctums. I’m actually seeing the spirit energy trapped in feminine matter. I’m seeing it there, too.

So, to put it bluntly, there is this overall chemistry of Jeane that sets the tone, in that I can be like the mouthpiece that projects the information on a day-to-day basis. And so you [Jeane] are like an expression of the feminine in the overallness that knows something, even though you don’t catch up with it necessarily yourself, it does provide the format, the framework, the overall framework.

And then the masculine can come down and touch that, and know that it’s right. In other words, it’s like the unfoldment, the experiment, or however all of that is that takes place then, but it has a lot to do with catching up with the feminine nature. You can’t catch up with the feminine nature that doesn’t allow itself to be in a kind of merged state too, because then it is maintaining something too dense, or too dire.

Because it’s not in the feminine nature to take the day-to-day flow as a conscious record, in and of itself, the cumulative effect is in danger of falling away at the end of the day and, if that were to happen, no one would know the specifics of just what took place.

The cumulative effect, as a story in and of itself, would be lost – unless you stop this pattern.

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