Being a Facilitator

energymovingIn this series of dreams, Jeane is shown how important it is for a human to play the role of facilitator. What this points to is a willingness to let go of our ego identity or self image, and be in service to the greater Whole by trusting in its wisdom. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So my dream, more towards morning, it feels like I’m back connected with a group that I used to know that organized and presented seminars, and I must have helped organize one of the seminars, a personal growth seminar, and it turned out to be a really large seminar, like over 400 people or something, so it was successful.

Those of us involved in organizing it and leading it are in an outdoor area. It’s a little bit festive. In this dream it seems like I’m two people. At some points I’m the person who maybe started this whole thing, a woman who also presents, and sometimes I seem to be myself.

I wear this long, flowing gown and I’m observing a lot. I notice that one couple who also leads, or co-leads sometimes, is having a problem. They’re fighting a little and she’s gone a little distant from him, and I can tell he’s stressed about that.

Then there’s another woman who’s meeting at this large, seems like even rock, table because she’s going to become partners and organizing in LA with a man sitting across from her, and I’ve gone over to observe that. I’m just really pleased that this time, sometimes the seminars aren’t well organized or large enough, and I’m really pleased that it went so well.

It feels like when I have to go to the bathroom one of the things I do is there’s this enormous cliff face across from where we’re meeting, and I have to climb way up near the top and scooch under a waterfall. Even though it seems pretty dangerous, that seems to be what I have to do, or what I want to do.

Then I come down and I notice that they’re cinching the deal for them to organize in LA, and I’ve expressed to somebody else my pleasure that this time it went really well. And I know that LA is not that far from Las Vegas as far as my seeing these people, and then I’ve asked something about the one man that sometimes leads it. He seems a little bit unhappy, and they tell me he just can’t stand it when he’s fighting with his wife.

Then I see myself climbing these really large stone steps, kind of one’s where you have to even put your hands on them and boost yourself up, and that’s all I remember.

John: Your dream starts off in a process by which you’re facilitating something that is to occur, and in the facilitating of that, in order to be pleased, you have to make sure that what occurs flows, or comes together, or intertwines.

You’re facilitating it for a purpose, and the purpose of taking on the overall quality and nature is so that something then can connect and come together, and you have to stay conscious of what you’re doing at all times.

In other words, if you take and go up and get distracted by a pretty waterfall, or go under it and whatnot, then the flow can change. And by having taken your attention off of that, you could have two people start squabbling and things like that could start happening.

So what you’re doing in terms of the vibration of the dream, is you’re observing how you are as a person who helps to function as a facilitator to an overall unfoldment, and how can you do that in a way so that everything comes across with the required cadence?

This has to do with being a facilitator to an overall process that you are able to connect to, and hold a focus towards, that helps it unfold properly. You’re not the person doing that though, you’re a helper in that process, right?

Jeane: I organized the seminar originally, but I’m not going to be the one that goes on organizing it. I’ve split off, kind of into two, one who will be someone that kind of leads some seminars, and one who is observing what the others are doing now.

John: So it’s like a type of training. What’s interesting is, whenever there is something that is taking place, and you see yourself watching it, and you are off to one side, ultimately you reach that. You’re actually the person that’s doing all of that, too.

So instead of just being a facilitator, you’re actually the person that organizes or puts it together as well, but you don’t start off that way. You start off trying to nourish or be in support of that, so that it can unfold, and that seems to be pretty much the nature.

So it’s a dream that kind of reveals how it is that you perceive yourself at this time. You don’t want to carry yourself in this active role of being the organizer, and as a facilitator you have to stay very attentive to it so that everything unfolds evenly.

Jeane: Then I just had an afterimage. I think it was close to awake, but it feels like I’m with some people, and we’re walking through a cave area. And it feels like they’ve paused, and I’ve gone on ahead a few steps, maybe there are other people further ahead of me.

I’ve paused and I picked up what looks like a piece of hard dung, and it feels like I’m kind of interested in this because it could be a piece of dung, or it might have a gold coin in it. It’s almost like. I don’t know. I’m just interested.

John: Well, what that image is trying to do is that by holding onto an overall perspective, in support of an overall perspective, that there are other levels that evolve and awaken and open up as you hold onto that overall perspective.

In other words, that in and of itself could be considered trite, or unimportant, or insignificant or something, but within that is something that opens up and comes and takes place through your attention, something then unfolds. It comes out of what can seemingly be dismissible, but comes out of that as something that is a ripened nature.

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