A Type of Completion

treasure-pileIn this first of a series of dreams, John finds himself in a cadence where everything comes together. It points out a fundamental aspect in looking at our dreams: does everything happen easily, or is it a struggle that spins out into more and more obstacles to overcome? Our daily life can feel the same – some days we feel connected, and on others, we don’t. It’s a good barometer of where we are compared to the natural flow of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The problem I had with my dreams last night is I think they were kind of detailed and I was having trouble pulling them out, but also in the dream it’s almost like there’s some kind of loss between the dream reality, and outer reality. And I kept thinking that you were my father, and then the room is too warm, and when you came anywhere near me it was like I didn’t really want you that close because it was too hot.

Then I had a dream going on behind that, which I just kept losing. Even now as I start talking about it, I start losing it, but it did feel like there was some kind of paperwork that we were working with, and trying to get the order right, or something. I just can’t remember it.

John: What’s missing is a sense of focus in your dreaming, which has to do with a type of completion. In other words, if you could somehow or another hold on to an energetic that is cycling inside of you, things would come together.

And so you’re scoping, and looking, and searching, and trying to find that. This seems to be kind of the theme of the dreaming for the night for me too, except I start off in a world where everything does suddenly click and come together, and then I proceed from there into where it falls apart, or shows where there are limitations yet.

But the sense of it having come together overrides, or I mean is the dominant theme, which doesn’t come together in yours. Yours just has this scoping around trying to get it to fall into cadence.

Mine comes together in a cadence that is shocking and surprising, but then all of the dreams thereafter indicate that it’s not quite so, and that there are things that are out of whack. The dream that has to do with everything being in cadence was like real early in the morning, like at 2:30 in the morning, and then I really didn’t sleep at all, and had little dreams and whatnot afterwards that all showed how things were flip-flopped about.

In my dream I see a huge treasure trove of objects that are made out of gold and are all in a pile. It’s kind of like a treasure deal like you see in movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark or whatever, where you see all of this treasure piled up in a corner somewhere.

And the gold is being auctioned, and I’m standing there as well, bidding on the items. I seem to have a type of attention that’s such that I’m getting most of the items, in fact practically all of them.

Form this big pile, the objects are being picked up one at a time, but some of it’s all twisted together in lumps. After a lot the little single pieces are picked up piece by piece, then I just reach down and start picking up the large clumped-together pieces, and moving them from that pile to my pile, until my pile, when I look at it, is like almost as big as what this whole thing was to begin with.

And the others who are watching do not object. They make no attempt to see if this should be sorted out or anything, and it’s all kind of recognized that I have an agreement where I’m going to pay so much a pound anyways. And so as I’m taking practically all that’s there, what surprises me is that no one is concerned, as if they’re missing out or something.

And I see the pile of gold objects I have as more or less representing nearly all that was put there at the beginning. And I know that everyone else is feeling okay with this all done, then they move on to whatever else might be coming up. No one knows what else is going to come up; from my perspective, I’m just interested in the gold.

The meaning is, is the dream is a reflection of how I feel about an inner energetic coming into fruition. At first it is slow, but in the end it is there for me to pick up en masse. Everyone is in agreement that this process of unfoldment, for me, is okay.

The key is a matter of timing. When I get it right, the momentum takes over, and I seem to just take off, as all of it comes to me as mine. What is going on on another level, in terms of the overall, is everything is pent up, and this will be obvious to everyone as things break loose.

People will sit back and watch it happen. It seems to be enmeshed in the process as if this is a natural condition. They’re watching it as if it’s a natural condition, but it’s not. But depending on your outer perspective, that’s not necessarily good – but it is a type of completion.

Of course, I’m still trying to make this completion make sense, in how one handles, or flows, or conducts themselves.


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