The Linkage Point

Energy-Flow-Mark-HansenThe concept of “raw energy” in a dream points to something that has awakened, or been confronted, that hasn’t been fully handled yet. In this dream, Jeane confronts raw energy in the form of a werewolf outside the door, and the drunken delirium of a masculine energy, both of which she is trying to link together, within herself, in order to grow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So the dream I had last night, the main dream, it feels like I’m living somewhere where my boyfriend has come back to visit around Christmastime. I think he comes in and even lies down on the floor.

My boyfriend looks like a combination of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. He’s a country singer of some kind. And he’s been sober; I don’t know whether he stayed sober. But he seems sober, and I think he’s stayed sober, and I’m pleased with that.

He’s come in the wintertime, and the only problem with that is that somewhere out on the outdoors of the area where there’s lots of snow and stuff, because it seems like it’s a large cabin, I know there’s a werewolf, so you have to be careful when you go out at night right now, and you go out in the snow and you have to take a sled and travel to wherever you go.

He comes to visit, and there’s another woman and me, and then there’s another woman about my age who seems to be fawning around him. You can tell she’d kind of like him for a boyfriend and I’m kind of brushing her aside. I’m focused on the fact we’re going to have a party in another day or two and it’s Christmas, and I know one time I’m even climbing a ladder up to a little shelf, that’s almost like a little loft, to get my Christmas present for him.

And then I realize I’m not sure how he does Christmas presents, but I have to go ahead and just do presents however I do regardless of how he does them. I’m thinking through that process. The girl that was kind of hovering around, who I knew was interested in him, seems to have left, and I’ve decided to just not deal with her in a way, but I am still concerned that if we have to go out to a party or something there’s still the werewolf out there.

Plus he’s left for awhile and he’s coming back, and I’m debating about… I’d like to know whether he stayed sober or not, because if he started drinking again that could be a problem. I haven’t really seen any evidence one way or the other, so I’m kind of giving him the benefit of the doubt.

I also know there’s a point where I go over and I have to let the dogs out, and I seem to have some Basenjis again, and it seems like when I let one dog out… no, it’s like I go to the door to let some people in, that was it, and the dogs get out. I’d maybe kept back one of the eldest dogs.

But when I go to get the other dog that one gets loose, and now they are all out, and then I have to call them to see if I can actually get them to come back in, and come to me, because dogs get a little willful when they get out the door. But they seem to come back in, and maybe I have to go out and get them.

Everything around the house seems okay, but my only trepidation is if I have to travel somewhere by sled, then I want a rifle because I’m not sure what’s going on with the werewolves still. That’s about all I remember of the dream.

John: This is a dream that is challenging your development in terms of a certain level of refinement. It’s amazing these dreams are actually linked, two days apart, because the dream before had to do with you going back and picking up a particular quality that you now had the ability to pick up (see Self-Storage).

And so then this dream is showing your propensity, upon which you have to work in the dense outer world, that you have developed a particular kind of refinement in yourself already, but in order for you to go forward you’re confronted with having, and are drawn into having, to take on something that’s like a raw energy, or a density, that you now have to bring that on in order to grow.

It reminds me, as a side diversion, of how things were in an ashram once where they developed a certain refinement to the point that they shut off their involvement in the outer world to such a degree that every little thing bugged them, and worried them, and caused them stress, so that they were like sickies because they were too refined, off to one side, and therefore too absolved, or had pushed too much of the functionality of the world away from them, as if they could go into more of a transcendent experience and less of an eminent experience.

Now, we’re talking about a certain kind of eminent experience here. We’re talking about an eminent experience that deals with traits and characteristics that are like raw energy.

In other words, you have this guy, and you are drawn to that for some reason in order to take a step. In other words, your refinement now is limited, in that you now need to be able to put it into an action that more or less takes it into a blackboard of something in life. So that blackboard is this raw energy quality.

And in your world out there that you have been able to absolve, or move yourself away from, you have this drunken trait, which is nothing more than to say that you’re dealing with the raw energy that has a certain kind of delirium about it that is stuck and constantly wayward.

Plus you’re dealing with another danger, and the idea that if you go out that there is the werewolf, and the linkage that you need to make this time is represented by the dogs that go outside of the house. When you open the door to greet something, or to try to deal with something in the outer, that the linkage point, the friends, the quality, is these dogs that go out.

In other words, the dogs represent something where you have… they’re inside of the house and they generally stay inside of the house, which is a little unnatural for them, and you pacify the situation with them inside of the house. But the dogs are more natural to be out in the yard, to be out, and when you open the door you have to contend with three things.

You have to let a part of yourself reach out, which is the quality of you that can still connect, and has an alignment, and has all of these traits which can take and touch dense energy in the outer. And in the outer, that dense energy is such that it’s going to be a bit in a delirium. It can mean well but can get all twisted and distraught – the drunken quality.

Plus it carries a certain ominousness, or there’s a certain reactionariness that is in the idea of a werewolf. And so you’re having to take all of that on. So one sits and ponders, okay, what’s the werewolf of the nature that you’re contending with now?

In other words, what is the thing that sits and echoes like a werewolf energy inside of you, as you approach or feel something in the outer world? That could be the idea that maybe my driving is too fast and you can get into an accident or something, is like a werewolf, oh, there’s a vibe in there that maybe is like the werewolf, and also the drunken condition where I could be forgetful and not know whether it’s this, that, or the other, and how do you handle that?

How do you absorb that? In other words, you have to be in creation, and you have to take your particular way of being, you have to link it, and you’re drawn to having to do that. You cannot not do that. The other dream depicted that you have an energetic, or magnetism, that is drawn in that capacity. You can’t purge that, because it’s not meant to be purged.

You’re meant to take all of that into a greater alignment of yourself, because you have, as indicated in the first dream, you have refined something inside of you to the point where now you have to bring in more of the other to show that you have the capacity, and the growth, and the understanding to be able to carry that, and handle that, and be with that in a greater Wholeness of yourself.

Maybe at some particular point in time that you fractured, or cracked, or it was too much, or shattered in some capacity, or got neurotic in some mannerism, and so one sits and wonders okay, what’s bringing on dreams like this?

Well, one of the things that could be bringing on a dream like this is one is sitting and looking at their blood pressure, and their heartbeat, and all of that sort of stuff, and you don’t maintain a state of health in terms of even the vibrancy of the density of the body, if you don’t maintain a certain engagement in things, and you become weakened by the idea that you’re protecting yourself in some way.

Perhaps that, in a subtle way, helped to bring a dream like this on, because now you’re finding yourself having to recognize that, by choice, and by purpose, and as part of inner and outer, because this trait comes from the outer – this quality of this guy comes from the outer, and the werewolf is in the outer – and from inner you’re the dogs that you have over-pacified, can go out.

From inner into outer, you’re having to make this greater connection, and then putting it together with the other dream, because this is the only way you’re going to be able to grow now, is that you have to do this. You then find that which you set aside, or absolved, or annihilated, or chose to purge out of your life, for the time being, because it drew too much of your attention away from a groundedness of yourself.

It caused you to lose the important thing of yourself, and now you’re at a point where you could take it back on, and you should be able to carry that.

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