Going With It

maginroseAs humans, we often view the world through the lens of gain and loss. The image in Jeane’s dream shows how another woman is upset when something she’s offered is taken away by someone else. This sense of loss points to the feeling that there is a separation between us and everything else. But there isn’t – that’s just part of the illusion we have become caught up in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The main dream I remember, it’s like I’m on a sidewalk or something, and I’m helping put something together, about the height of a snowman or something, but I’m putting it together with whatever is at hand.

And this other woman comes along, and I have her join me, because she has something that I need that is about the length of a riding crop or something, so she has a couple of things she contributes.

Well, then whoever is in charge of all of this, whatever we’re constructing, they come along. Well, when they look at the whole thing, it seems like what they can use is they take what she added, and then she’s looking at me all miffed. And I’m kind of looking at her like, what’s the problem?

Because like when you help put something together for something else, sometimes it all gets taken, or sometimes it’s all used, or sometimes it comes back, but I didn’t know if they were going to take her part or mine.

It’s like I didn’t have any control over that. She’s thinking if she hadn’t come along and helped out, she wouldn’t have lost that, but I’m looking at her like, what’s the problem?

John: What you’re looking at is this quality inside of being able to adjust to changes in the way things are in life. And so if you’re able to see yourself as part of life, and not somehow separate, or distinguishable, from life, then as things unfold you have to adjust accordingly in terms of what changes.

And if you’re not able to adjust according to the changes, then you’re reacting as if something has been taken away from you. That’s the personal view of how you’re affected when things are altered or changed around you, which you have only when, by comparison, you’re trying to hold onto a set approach or mannerism.

If you weren’t trying to hold onto something, and you are able to be flexible and fluid and interchangeable, then you can’t lose anything, and you can’t gain anything. You just shift and adjust accordingly, as the energy vibrations change around you.

You can only lose something, or seem to go through the sensation of your heart shutting down, when you think that you are somehow or another affected in some capacity separately, and therefore lose the ability, or fail to keep up with what is needed in terms of fluidness and ever changing vibrational mode of the greater Whole.

So you might say that something is going on in your life, or I should say things are going on in the outer, which are shifting and changing readily. And one of the ways of taking that is to act like that somehow or another demeans you, or takes something away from you, and the only reason you could draw that conclusion is if you actually believe that you have a role, or an approach, or a quality, or a characteristic that is somehow separate from what’s going on.

Another octave of this is, not only do you have to recognize that you are part of everything that is going on in the outer, and see yourself as that, but you always have to stay surrendered because there is a flow, and a will, that comes from somewhere, that you need to be able to be attuned to.

It has nothing to do with you, and it has everything to do with what is in manifestation, and how manifestation shifts and changes. And if you’re set in some way because you’re trying to hold onto, or have a prejudice to how something in the outer is to be, then how is it going to be possible for you to be receptive to the ever-changing vibrational will that’s afoot?

Your dream is causing you to look at the setness of traits and characteristics that one has, when one is put to the paces of having to contend with the changes, the vibrational changes, that are occurring in life, that one is meant to be able to just naturally go with, but one can’t just naturally go with it if there is the belief that you have a say in the matter, or are separate in other words.

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