The Rules Have Changed

sacred union by Melissa ShemannaToday we have the first in a series of conversations between Ann and John. Here the subject is about the energetic shift that has been sensed by many since the Winter Solstice and the change to the new year. Have you sensed it? The bigger point here is, are we adapting to it, and going with the flow of it? Resistance, so to speak, is futile. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’m excited by all kinds of little things that have been happening. The energy has changed, this new energy here.

The way you experience it is… First of all, let me talk about the general outer traits. Are you noticing as you go around that there are people that, let’s say you knew them six months ago or whatever, and now when you see them, they look energetically drained, or something strange about them like they’re not keeping up?

Ann: Yes.

John: And then there are other people you look at that you would have thought were so-so, and they’re looking even better? And it doesn’t make any sense to you?

Why that is like that is, those people that probably looked okay to you six months ago, kind of had their “T’s” crossed in terms of being able to cope and live in the way that things were at that time.

And then, all of a sudden, as things have continued to speed up, those characteristics, the things that are happening in the outer, have gotten the better of them, and they can’t let go.  They can’t shift. And it’s tearing them down.

And then there can be others that you look at, that you would have thought, man, that person didn’t look that good six months ago, and it’s quite understandable because they’re having to contend, with this and contend with that, and then you see them now, and they look better.

And you think, well, maybe because they just let go of it; instead of becoming more conscious, maybe they’re more unconscious? And the other person, who’s attempted to become more conscious has missed something, and now the little things are eating him alive?

And what happens is, it’s as if something has changed in which you have to make a switch inside of you. And if you don’t make that switch inside of you, you’re under a different kind of pressure because you’re meant to relate to things slightly differently than what you’ve been accustomed to doing.

You will notice for example that if you do things that work to the betterment of those outside of yourself, that you energetically soar more, inside. You have a greater proximity to the wonderful feeling.

And you’ll also notice that if you’re stuck in your own minutiae of things, those who are, who may have looked very good because they were top of the line, so to speak, in whatever it was with their mannerism and demeanor, they don’t look good anymore. They’re too much caught in a mechanized mannerism of themselves, and they can’t let go of it.

Coupled with this new energy, is the sense that you have to also approach yourself differently, and I’m finding that this is very, very difficult to communicate to people in the outer. Especially people who have been kind of like on a spiritual path or something, who have been following the process in which they’re unfolding, and they’re unfolding, you know, what they consider okay, they’re coping.

And that approach is not going to work very well, anymore. The rules have been changed. They’ve been speeded up. In other words, those who meditate and are on a spiritual path, especially in the Naqshbandi tradition, they’ve gotten attuned to having to delve into the depths of themselves, and confront their shadows, and see the symbolism of things happening in their life – and how that relates to them seeing the higher-self behind that, as they slug it out in their lower-self nature.

That approach is not very effective anymore. Those who try to do that… in other words, it would be like you taking and, let’s say some of the women come up and they start trying to tell you all of the ups and downs, and this and that, that are going on in their lives, and maybe you used maybe talk to them about it, and help them sort that out and whatnot.

And now all of a sudden, you kind of have a different attitude about it in that you realize you could do this forever and still it’s not going to really change anything in any significant, meaningful way. It’s just kind of rolling the dice around is all.

And that in order for something to happen there has to be a shift. And the central thing that has to shift about it is, that when they’re talking about this, that, or the other, they’re always talking about it in the context of what’s going on with them. It’s something that’s very definable which is going on with them.

And you’re finding that you do not have the patience to talk about that which is going on with them, in the same way, and when you try to talk about it in a new way, you burn them. They have to walk away, or you become unrelatable.

They attempt to hear what you’re trying to say within the confines and constructs of how you used to talk to them before, and they try to hear it that way in terms of how that kind of would be if it also fit along the same parallel as their nuances that they are struggling with.

And so since they’re not getting it, they do one of two things: they either consider themselves as being left behind, or they feel that you’re labeling in some fashion – and you’re not labeling. In fact, you’re doing the exact opposite, you are looking at something that fits more in cohesion with what the Whole is, what the flow is now, that is outside of yourself. And you’re speaking to that, and they’re trying to still listen to the personal. They get burnt; they go into a defense mechanism, they shut down, and they have to excuse themselves.

And that’s the difference. That’s the difference in communications now, is that we’ve kind of hit this point in time when the graspability of things is, in terms of an overallness that is outside, that is more beyond our personal nuances.

In other words, this is a path. The Naqshbandi path has been a path where you take, up to a point, you probe the depths of yourself. I mean that’s the first step.

You do it up to a point, and if you go beyond that point and you keep digging and digging and digging, eventually you’re always just going to be swimming in the gluck. And you’re never able then to live it, or to move forward, with what is going on inside of you.

Now all of a sudden, the swimming in the gluck, which had been an important step in part of the process… it’s almost like somebody just turned the page, and said okay, that’s it, enough is enough. And now you have to automatically adjust to how all of this is meant to feel, in the overall, outside of you, in the Whole.

Those who have a real set nature that has worked for them, who are still trying to hold onto that, it’s almost as if somebody turned out the lights on that sort of thing, because that’s not what’s being fed anymore. And they suffer, and they look like hell.

Those who never were very good at coping about anything, now that whatever it was that they were trying to catch up with or whatever, trying to get the work out, trying to solve the missing link to the puzzle of the complexity in the outer, now all of a sudden because that doesn’t seem to be the pressing concern with them anymore… And maybe they went along noticing their imbalance for so long that they are actually coming closer to something within – they look to be fine. They seem to know how to roll with the punches.

This is what has changed. If I were to answer a question about okay, what was this December 21st [Mayan calendar] all about? I don’t see any difference. Nothing happened. It looks like another one of these false flag deals, just like the year 2000 was or something. I would say no, no, it has changed, and it has changed a lot.

And you’re either with it, or you’re not. And if you didn’t notice it, then you’re going to not be part of what is the process of unfoldment.

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