It’s All Vibrational

groundingIn this continuing discussion of the new energy that has arrived on the planet, one aspect of being in tune with it – rather than resisting it – is that it is occurring on a vibrational level in all of us. There’s an element of trust required to let it in our lives, because if we put our personal view on it, and expect to keep some idea of “control,” it will turn up in us as pain and suffering – in both subtle and not so subtle ways. (For the earlier installments, see Part I, Part II, and Part III.) (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: You can take it all into account. You’re meant to be able to take it all into account. You’re meant to be able to live throughout the Whole.

Isn’t this interesting? This is the new energy.

Ann: Just incredible. Wow. It’s just incredible. Oh boy.

John: And who can you explain this to? How can anybody get it? I don’t know how you can logically explain it, because the way that one tries to understand things has to do with the conditions in the outer as the example.

And if you reduce it to that kind of way of talking, the perspective of that way, that’s like the person who is suffering now. They are suffering because they are following this one particular way, this very linear way of putting the pieces together.

And this component they’re trying to put into that way and it won’t fit in there anymore, and what they’re trying to put it in has been thrown in the garbage. That process which was wonderful has been thrown in the garbage.

You have to step out of those shoes. That will be very, very interesting because how do you use language to try to get that person to step out of their shoes?

Also, the thing about it is you have to… this is a trait that the feminine has to watch more so than the masculine. The masculine has a certain ruthlessness about its nature that probably helps it a little better in this regard. But in the feminine nature, let’s say you’re looking at somebody and they’re struggling. You’re trying to ameliorate it. You’re almost trying to empathize with it. You’re trying to kind of go at it in their way for them a bit. You’re kind of like walking down the road with them in this way.

And instead of being able to just come right straight down and let the chips fall where the chips fall, and trust, and trust that something will be able to sort itself out, maybe not then, but later.

And when you’ve done something like this, and you are true to yourself in doing something like this, to begin with you kind of suffer, but to the degree that you have a capacity inside of you to hold the space open, something then heals, and it sets in motion a transitioning etherically, is the only way I know how to say it, whereby the other person starts to catch up, they start to get it.

Like I had a good friend call me up and I think he was drunk at the time. It just bothered him and bothered him and he was tearing himself up and, of course, because this new energy has hit, a part of me doesn’t know how to be poker faced, I guess, and I told him he looked like hell.

Then he’s working on this particular spot that we own together, trying to fix it up. And I say, “Geez it has ruined it, it’s ruined it” you know, just like it has really been bruised and hurt…  And all of this became, and was taken in by him, as a reflection upon himself, in too much of a personal way. And as I’m talking with him, it’s like he’s telling me how he has been hurt, and how I hurt him. He’s a wonderful, wonderful guy.

Normally I sit down and meditate at 10 o’clock, and he calls at 10 o’clock, and I get off the phone an hour and a half later because in the talking to him I finally soothe the situation, or something soothed the situation, and he went right to sleep.

I could hear him snoring there or breathing, asleep, and so it was almost like he went into a Dhyana.

First of all that which was carrying away on him, kind of got taken into account or evened out so it wasn’t tearing him up anymore like it had been, causing him to go berserk. And then he went into a soothing state where the qualities of how you are, and who you are, come through and take over.

And I look at this and I realize that this is what a teacher does to a student. They’re able to come to them at night in this vibrational way. It’s almost as if you can have a dream: did they give you the dream? Or did they just set in motion something that quickened a particular vibrationalism that is part of who you are, they being able to, on a vibrational level, note the soul. And that, in and of itself, sets in motion reflective mirroring that causes you to go.

Is that how the teacher works? It appears to be so. It appears to be so. All vibrational. And a teacher that functions like that cannot be dealing with the little shit, you know. They can’t be sitting there going around and around and around and around. You know it just, it drags them down.

You have to let go to a certain degree, in order to catch the hint and the subtle inflection. And that hint and that subtle inflection just keeps going and taking you somewhere. It’s all vibrational. Until eventually, you don’t count.

Yet there is a quality about you that may have been an ego overwhelm, at some point in time, in which it was horrible. You know, it was a density that stunk up the place. But ultimately that quality and that trait, once honed to where it gets with the Whole, and you flow with the Whole instead of guiding that quality for some other kind of edification, once you get so that you do that, then how you are you come to know, is absolutely just fine. That is the bit of God or something, that you are.

So how is it possible to annihilate anything? In other words, if you see some part of you, yes that part of you could be holding you back, putting you in moods and stuff like that, and yes, maybe you have to go into and face that to some degree, but ultimately you don’t go anywhere.

How you are, is how you are, and you just have to know how to live and be all it is that you are.

I even had this dream the other day… first there was an earlier dream and then the answer that I was told is that the reshaping in the outer has to do with me. I go wow, wow. I don’t know what that means, but then that sets in motion the next dream that drills down on what me is.

And so in this dream, my brother and I are living on a mountainside, on a place that has a little cabin and it sits up and has a tremendous view and you look out over a steep drop off nearby and you’re completely isolated.

We’re away from all kinds of civilization. Our car is broken down so we can’t connect to them even if we wanted to. It’s a small cabin and the belongings we have make it a little awkward because it kind of clutters the place up.

Well, one day I wake up in the morning and I say to my brother, I say, “I think it’s leaning. I think this house is no longer on the level anymore.” I test it by putting a marble down on the floor or anything to see if it will roll. Instead Mark says, “Well, what do you expect? You’re way up in the air. You’re really high like this. It is going to be a little like that.”

And so that mood and that attitude is such that I can’t accept that. I mean there’s an attitude behind that. I have to figure out what’s going on, so I go out the door and then I walk around to the front, and to my shock and amazement the slope is just sloughed off, and here is the house sitting there and it’s right on the very brink where everything is sloughed away. And so if any more were to slough off, the house would go over the edge. And of course our car that was broken down anyway, you know it’s gone – it’s gone over the edge.

And so I go back inside and I ask Mark I say, “Gosh, what are we going to do?” Again it’s like “What do you expect. I mean this is kind of like the way it is.” And so I say to Mark, “Umm, we need to call somebody. Who should we call?” Mark says, “Me,” meaning not him but me – call myself.

That’s what fixes it. Yeah, that’s how it works in the outer. We are all of that. Every little thing that happened.

And our problem is, we hear our own loudness too much, and then eventually when we get outside of that loudness and we allow that quality to just be in relationship to how everything is in the Whole, we just soar because we fit in hand and glove just like we’re meant to fit in.

But when we pull it back and we go around in some sort of quasi recognized peculiarity of a me, myself, and I, we suffer to beat the band. We are in a state of bewilderment as to why we are having our moods and our attitudes and our hurt heart, and why somebody is doing this to us and that to us, and the world is acting up and mistreating us…

And we’re tripping and falling this way and that way and it makes no sense why this should be happening, this is just not right, it’s not fair, and then we realize oh, okay we get a little stabler in our demeanor so we walk a little straighter again, but still it’s just a question of degree, I guess, because then when we hit a mood then all hell breaks out again and we go around and around like that.

And we have to realize that walking a little better, or the degree to which everything is falling completely apart, are still one in the same. Both of those are still working with some sort of identification in terms of us, instead of us just being there for the outer.

This is something in terms of the new energy.


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