The Reprieve

mountain-templeHere John describes a recent dream that shows him how the energy has shifted in 2013. In it, he is faced with climbing a steep mountain, but in three phases. At the end of the first phase, he finds a reprieve – a resting point. What’s next is not clear, but what is clear is that the time of a spiritual seeker dwelling in their own psychologies is over. Now is the time to let go of all that and just be with the energy, letting it show the way forward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The other thing that happened a little while back, was this is the dream I told the dream group that had them walking out on me.

I’m standing in some place off to one side, and then I’m looking or sensing more than what I’m seeing in terms of a certain something, like a hill or a mountain rather, that I have to scale to the top of, I have to go to the top of.

Well, I don’t look at the process that’s involved to getting to the top. I just automatically assume I’m just going to zip right up there. And so to go there I have to walk through this lodge that’s between that and this mountain.

My attention is only on the top. My attention is not upon anything else. I walk through this lodge, go out the side door. I don’t see a soul in this lodge. This lodge is somebody’s place and I just walk in, and stroll in and pay no attention, don’t say hi to anybody, and walk out the door.

That’s pretty rude. Yet that’s what I do, and when I walk out the side, it’s like there‘s not even a proper sidewalk there. I’m just walking off on my own, and who should come out behind me but the owner of the lodge.

He’s kind of an older guy, and he has a little limp about him, and he quickly determines what I’m doing and he says, “Oh, nobody, nobody ever goes up there, but you can climb this.” And right in front of me is this mountain that’s straight up and down. “Oh, you can climb this. You can climb this part, but you can’t go way up there.”  

So I look at this and if it was just me on my own, I would have turned around and left straightaway. I’m not going to climb that. That’s straight up and down. Finger holes is all you have got. I can’t do that.  

Then all of a sudden, around him, a whole bunch of other people must come out of the lodge, because all of a sudden he starts climbing with these other people. And so I guess I’m caught in the swim of things, so I start climbing. I don’t dare look down; I might slip or scare myself.  

As I’m going up, it gets easier. I can reach around a corner or something. It’s still like a crevice that’s going up, and at one particular point I even see myself going through where there are some blankets and kind of a little encampment near the top that this woman had, and my attitude at the time was: she’s in my way. I mean, can’t she see I’m struggling to climb this thing and she has got shit in my way?

But she was very kind and very nice and very accommodating. She didn’t hold my attitude out against me, so just a little beyond that is the top, and when I’m about to pull myself to the top of this first phase, the son of the owner is standing there and I think he’s going to kick me over, not let me climb to the top because he’s still a little peeved over my attitude of just walking through this lodge like this.

I climb up to the top, and I’m kind of shocked. What I see around is a number of people, old ladies and things like that, and I wonder, oh my gosh, they made it? There’s a little town up there, and at first I think it’s a ghost town. The name of the town is Stickler.

So the guide, or the owner of the lodge, he comes up to me you know, and he starts to explain things to me. I mean he steps away from the others because this is kind of a reprieve. We’re going to spend the night here and it kind of levels out at this particular point, and then there’s another stretch that one makes that he obviously will be guiding people up that, and then that final one third nobody goes there – which means you’re on your own.

And so that’s where the dream ends. I know that I’m at a reprieve. I know that where it started, I would have said hell no, and if it had been something I would have looked at just on my own.

But I actually started climbing up because I was invited to climb with him. All these other people were climbing. All he said to me is you can climb this stretch, you can climb this part, and nobody goes up there.

And so because all these others, old ladies and everything else are climbing this, well golly gee I guess if they can do it, I can do it. I saw the last to get to the top however of this first stretch wherever there was the reprieve, and it leveled out, and the town of Stickler was, knowing that that phase was done. Well, what was this phase?

This phase was the phase in which you had to contend with all of the personal peculiarities of your nature. My attitude and mood at this woman, having the rude audacity to put her stuff in my way. Now can’t she see that I’m struggling like heck to climb this thing, and now she has her stuff in my way?

Then that rude little personal attitude that I had put on, that part’s still reflecting on me like I’m going to get kicked over the edge. But then when I’m up there, I have to drop all of that. I have to drop all that.

That was just the first phase. Then there’s the next phase, and then after that you go where no one goes.

How do I understand the dream? Well, gee. It’s almost like somebody lied to me, is my first impression. You know if I didn’t know it was going to be like this, if I’d have been looking at this like this straightaway at the beginning, but I ended up going along because other people seemed to be able to do it, so I mean if they can do it, I can do it or something.

If the guide hadn’t jumped out of the lodge, and I would have been standing there looking at it on my own because it wasn’t until he arrived there and I started talking to him, and then I glanced and there was the mountain right there. If I had to look at it straightaway all on my own, I would have said, no way. No way.

I guess I have this completely mixed up. I can’t go to that top that I can sense because there’s no way I can do this first step even. But he says I can do it. You can climb this and then here is all these people and they just start climbing with him.

In one sense, I guess I got lied to, didn’t I? Well, the next question is, am I still being lied to when there’s that other part where nobody goes? Is that another lie? And yet you know that that’s the process.

And so the dream group wants to know what this means, and I’m saying, well the energy has changed, you know, this is the new energy. You no longer sit there and noodle around and dwell upon the minutia of shadow and all of that stuff. You don’t keep digging into the depths of yourself. It’s reached a point where that phase is over with.

Now you have to get on with the program. I can’t tell you what that next phase is because I’m just at the town of Stickler at this point. I said this is a dream that’s a little bit like a station, and that’s my station.

Of course they were asking all these questions about it, and some of these questions were really astute. And the ones who were asking these questions that were really astute were the type of people that you wouldn’t expect to ask the questions, and the ones that were trying to put it into some sort of compartment or parameter in relationship to how you interpret this stuff symbolically were completely lost.

It was nauseating for them. And some of them had to get up and leave. I’ve noticed people struggle before, and it’s caused me to be a little reluctant to tell any dreams because then I notice that it can disturb too. It’s like it burns a little too brightly for them or something.

But this is the first time I’ve seen people actually having to overtly leave just because it tore away at them too much. Now there were a couple that are on the edge, and these people that are on the edge are the ones that work catalytically, and the way I described that to somebody was there is one time when I don’t meditate, one night out of the week that I don’t meditate, and that’s when I go to the dream group.

The reason why I don’t meditate that night is it’s so easy to put yourself into a particular manneristic or motif and maybe be too transcendent from what occurred in the dream group.

And what I’ve noticed is that it used to be when I would go to the dream group, the dream group, potency and power of that dream group used to throw me outside of the space that I would find myself in – and I consider that good that that happened, but not at the time that it happened did I feel that that was good.

I just felt like I got twisted and contorted and sometimes I would be out of whack the next morning, and maybe it would take two or three days, and then I would get it, and then something would shift and fast forward and push me along and that got me outside of the shadows of my own spiritual illusion.

And so now the tables are turned. I did that. I’m okay with the dream group now. I go back and I dream what really took place and was going on. I get shown something really quickly now. And now I guess I have the audacity to expect them to do the same, and are they doing it? Nope.

If you don’t give them the water with the right amount of sugar in it, it’s just not drinkable. And what’s different about it is because I recognize it as being something in the new motif of things in the Whole, to the degree to which I personally identify with it, then I suffer for having done that, but to the degree to which I tweak something that is meant to get it and evolve, I’m just fine. I’m just fine. There’s a fine line here.

Is it because I’m drinking my own water exclusively, or is it I’m fine because I really am taking on the new energy and being true to it? You never know for sure what little component portion still is in a state of illusion, spiritual illusion, but I’m finding this quality and to the degree that is a portion in that spiritual illusion you will suffer for it at some point in time.

Because the subtler the spiritual illusion the harder it is to catch up with, and to live it through, and that’s the schematic that I have to contend with.

In other words, it’s a different way of orientation. It’s not the orientation to the usual shadow dynamics that everybody else is contending with, where you go around and around and around and around and you feel like you grasp something, and I watch people and they look like they kind of grasp something, but I realize yes, but they also twisted it a little, too.

It’s always about something so much more. And we just are so horrible in that we want to always make it about some little octave of our self. You know whatever you’re having to say is still, it’s your own water that you’re throwing out there. It’s your own veils that you are talking from, and that you’re keeping nailed down by doing it that way, too. Instead of letting it go.

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