The Burden

Man CosmicWhen a person’s energy becomes quickened by immersion in a spiritual path, it can have an effect on those around them. There’s a responsibility in this. There’s an art to knowing what others can handle and being able to give them only what they need, and no more, for them to open up – without shutting oneself down. If too much energy is transferred, it can cause an overload, which can create adverse reactions in the other person. John describes this scenario in a dream. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The reason why the teacher likes it when he has a student that fights him, is the student isn’t really fighting him to hold a position, and to establish a position that’s contrary to that teacher. The student is fighting because the student really wants to know, but is lost in the confusion.

So the student is fighting him, and the teacher’s always more speeded up and quickened. It’s a fair fight, because the teacher is careful that student isn’t going to be shattered into an insanity.

But then the student will slowly die or lose. And that’s a lot of fun. And I’m actually noticing that now. There’s a guy downstairs that I run into in the morning, and in one way of looking at him he’s dangerous. I mean he exiled himself from Israel because he was known to the Palestinians and everybody in the area – he’s notorious in Israel at having put more terrorists in jail, captured more terrorists than anybody else.

So he had this way about him where he has to always know where everything is at in his environment. That’s kind of a power and control, and he’s the epitome of politeness and he knows how to pitch things out in such a way so that he has always has something twined, and it’s a very unusual and strange kind of power and control.

And he’s usually pretty dead on because everybody always carries some sort of karmic mannerism. He’s pretty dead on with his little labeling or his little quips. They always work for him, over and over and over again, because we all have our nature.

When I flip this, and raise the energy of it, he then has to settle back and he has to figure out… it’s like a mystery for him. He has to figure out where he stands in relationship to this, and that transforms him.

It has the potential of transforming him, to the degree to which he’s sincere. If he is stuck in the mask of the power and control, then nothing is gained, and he would be dangerous. But he yields to a kind of grace and sincerity, instead of a law, and an absoluteness of himself, and he changes. That’s a lot of fun.

That’s how it is when you bring this energy into manifestation. Or you could do it like in a transcendent way which will leave you in bad shape.

Here’s a dream that shows how you try to do it in a transcendent way, and what kind of shape it’ll leave you in.

Yesterday in my sleep, I was wishing a ship good-bye as it left the port, good riddance, good-bye, out to sea you go. And all of a sudden, as it has drifted out a bit, I hear the voice of an old friend on the ship saying. “Get me out of here, I can’t handle it anymore,” or something like that.

It’s the voice of a friend that I knew from college who was a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down, yet still kept a certain sensibility about himself even though his physical condition was as bad as it gets: paralyzed from the neck down. You have maybe partially feeling maybe in the underside of your hand, but none of your fingers or anything.

So the next thing you know, I go on the ship and, even though I would never have normally gone on the ship because I’m so glad to get rid of this thing, and I go to the barracks area where he normally would be staying, and it has all been torn out.

So I go to the kitchen or something and find out that no, no, no, no the few that are left they have special quarters now, so I go to the special quarters and it’s the lap of luxury for him. They have all kinds of food, they have everything. Then suddenly I see my friend. I can barely recognize him. He can barely recognize me.

He doesn’t have any of this stuff even though he has the building for it, the structure that they built for him, he won’t accept any of the opulence. And they don’t know what to make out of him because everybody has to accept the opulence, because it’s how things are.

This is what being in life is all about, according to the concepts, and so he’s complaining to me that he’s in a state of misery because he won’t accept their girly books that they think a guy like that should get something out of.

And they have this semi-assault gun that he has, that he doesn’t even know how to aim properly and doesn’t even have the foggiest idea how it would shoot because it’s just not part of his nature to go into this kind of energetic.

I look at him and I realize he’s as insipid as insipid can get. He is so checked out that he has no vibrancy, no relatability to anybody or anything in his environment. He has kind of fit the equation of, yes he’s in the physical body, but he’s kind of dead because he has no relatability to anybody.

That’s when I realize that this friend that I knew had slipped up somehow in that he had gotten too transcendent, and no longer could carry the energetic and the vibrancy of a clarity from somewhere else, down into life. When I knew him in college he knew how to do that.

In other words, he may have been in bad shape and may have needed help getting from wheelchair into bed and things like that, but he never lost who he was.

And he used to introduce me to the most amazing music, and the the most amazing perspective and insights about things, because he wasn’t a defeated person. He held this essence or quality. But in the dream he shattered, and when he shattered like this he had no means of bringing the vibration through into life.

And everybody’s confused, and he no longer knows how to relate to anybody, nor them to him.

This is a dream, in terms of where it’s going, is it’s showing what we were talking about earlier. It’s counter. In other words, you speed up, and as you speed up you have the burden of affecting things.

A really wise person knows how to affect things so that you don’t create dangerous scenarios for yourself, but at the same time you have to affect things if you’re going to be bringing the inner into the outer.


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