A Soldier of Both Worlds

2worldsContinuing the theme from yesterday’s post (see The Burden), on a spiritual path we become quickened by the energy of our inner connections. At that point, it becomes an issue of maintaining that inner access, or holding that energetic space within in us, so that we become a conduit, or a change agent, or a bridge between two worlds. This enables higher energy to come through us and into manifestation – into life. This is a high aspect of being in service to something greater than ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So when you’re speeded up in the morning, or when you’re animated in a particular way where it’s like you are on adrenaline or something, and you’re just really quickened and everything is just snapping, and your husband is saying, Jiminy Christmas, what did you do, have three cups of coffee this morning, instead of one, because you’re going too fast for him?

That’s okay. That’s okay. In other words, don’t allow yourself to be chained again. Just realize that yes, you may have to figure out how to polish and temper, but don’t let go of that speed.

And learn to speak with the energetic in a way so that it doesn’t set off the denseness, the loudness, or the denseness quite so loudly. This guy that I know downstairs was trying to explain to me… In other words, he in his day was the expert around the world of a certain kind of way of operating on the head and around the mouth and all of that area.

And he would get these patients from around the world, and he would tell them like for example if they started on an antibiotic, that yes, you are going to feel good if you take it for three days, but you’re supposed to take it for seven or ten or whatever it is.

And he said the way he would try to get them to understand it is he would say, well, the antibiotic has wiped out all the women and children in the first three days, but the old guys they’re still there. They’re the harder ones to get rid of, and so you feel much better having wiped out 70% of it, but you still have that 30% and you have to take that antibiotic all the way through to get the last ones.

And the problem with those last ones, and then he explains to me how a virus works in relationship to the reproduction of the cells, and a virus reproduces and reproduces very, very quickly, and a cell it takes a while for it to reproduce. And so the mutations are more likely because of the nature of the density of things in terms of the way a virus is constantly imposing itself.

So his point being is you have to hold the energetic, you have to hold a particular quality, in order for it to be effective. And the holding of that, in this example, just take the antibiotics all the way through. Holding in this example is the recognition that your body has something imbedded in it that has a clarity to it.

And then you have the physicality of the viruses, which are everywhere, that can strip you down. And you can cater your attention into that, and it will tear you down. Or you can have yourself in a kind of energetic that is at the essence of everything, and this will help maintain a better well being for yourself.

I thought that was an interesting way of looking at it. I had never thought of that.

Ann: Boy. My goodness. That is an excellent explanation isn’t it? Wow.

John: It’s an excellent explanation. When you’re out and you’re working and you’re around somebody that is reacting to how it is in terms of the way you’re talking, and the way you’re acting, you have to be careful about this, but it’s kind of like a virus from them that’s attempting to pull you down and mutate you back into the collective.

But at the same time you can’t reject what they’re doing because, where is the masculine principle in terms of its raw energy prima materia that you have to take in and absorb and transform, which also is important for the change agent in life?

That’s running on a counter thread. What you have to do is you have to be kind of a soldier of both worlds, somehow. In other words, it’s like if something is agitating you, you don’t go into a tiff, and adopt an attitude or a mood, secretly try to backstab it, because that is not something you get away with because it’s known on an etheric level. It’s felt on an etheric level.

You have to embrace and accept it as it is, so that it can have the space, to catch up with the speed. But if you don’t like the reaction, and now you’re attempting to do something, or make a point about the reaction, some subtle hint or mannerism in your nature trying to get a dig in or something, and doing it in kind of a serendipitous way, instead of an outward way, just by a mannerism and way you carry yourself or something – that is fighting the darkness, so to speak, and intensifying it, instead of winning it over with a sweet touch.

So this is all correlated to the speed, if you think about it, and going fast inside yourself and yet, at the same time, knowing how to do this that’s more on a proximity to light, knowing how to do this, or learning how to do this, so that you’re not a wrecking machine either, because you have no right to step on anybody else, to violate their space.

So how do you do this? This is where the skill comes in, or the consciousness comes in, to know how to bring it through in such a way so that it is graspable and understandable.

Now when you’re in this vibration, you’re convinced, you have convinced yourself, that you can make this happen for them, that they will get it, because you’re drinking it, they can drink it. This is a big fallacy that one gets caught up in, and then you lose the compassion. You lose the care. You lose the graciousness.

And the next thing you know, you’re pounding and they’re fighting back, and now everybody is stabbing each others’ heart. And then the veils come in, and there is no clarity about anything.

So this is why it is said, in Sufism, to learn to talk with the energetic. When you learn to talk with the energetic, and learn to say the first thing that comes vibrationally up, you don’t sit and think about it and measure your words to make sure everything is just completely copacetic.

And so as a consequence, you can say things that aren’t exactly true even. However, what’s so interesting is, you will get taught. You are going to get taught, if it’s not true. You may get corrected.

Like for example, I used to think that the body filtered out ultraviolet and ultra infrared, and the reason why it filtered both of these two extremes of the spectrum out, was because they both had an effect upon the body that it couldn’t handle, that tore it down.

Actually, it’s they’re both filtered out, they are for different reasons. I’m right on the ultraviolet. You know it’s a transcendent energy that’s too much for the body to handle the vibration coming in. It has a radioactive quality to it.

But the reason why you filter out the infrared is, it works too much with a density and a magnetism. You don’t want to turn yourself into a rock, so to speak, or get too dense.

A person factors out the little red tends to factor out infrared because it’s working more with the iron element inside of matter – as a gravity.

And so an example of this is the MRI machine. When you go into an MRI machine it does not work very well with bones because bones are dense, and everything is frozen solid and doesn’t have the translucent quality as much as the flesh.

And so it’s better to use an MRI machine or an x-ray. MRI works by cutting, taking it in slivers and breaking the slivers down and creating an imagery that way, to see what’s going on, because the motion is more set in a bone.

An x-ray is somewhat similar, a little bit different description, but there’s something besides an MRI that takes the slivers and an MRI I guess is the full body scan. And it works with the gravity of the iron in your makeup of your being, and it is able to pull that and move that inside of the flesh, and therefore get an image of that and can see things that normally wouldn’t be visible and seeable.

That’s working with gravity. It’s reading things by the ability to attract the iron in the blood and the flesh, which is hard and can’t be quite done in something that’s bone.

And that’s why you have to take the slices of it, or you have the x-ray. The slices of it is called something else. An MRI is I think the full-body scan. I forget what they call it when you can take slice ribbons and then put it together as a picture, that is similar along the lines of how an x-ray works. That kind of density can be a little bit much for the body.

And you know people for example that look at things so anal retentively that you can’t get them to grasp a fresh idea because they have to put it within the parameters of their given. So if they had more infrared mannerism to their nature, they would be in even worse shape because they would be having to be even more retentive. That’s why there’s that parameter.

The ultraviolet principle is a principle in which the magnetism is such that it’s more than what the body can bear, and has to be filtered out, and it’s filtered out by, you might say, the atmosphere of the way manifestation is.

In other words, what I was told was it is extremely hard on a person who gets sent into outer space, because they get subjected to the radiation. To the radiation of outer space. They don’t have that quality of things that’s a gravitational field, and the way that works to keep you from being hit by all of that radiation.

And so the point is yeah, I love Star Trek and whatnot, but in reality it could never be, because you can’t be exposed to that kind of radiation without being torn to pieces. You’re protected in manifestation and earth from that which is a quality of an ultraviolet.

When you raise your consciousness, you’re developing the consciousness of the universe. You’re figuring out a way to work with the ultraviolet. At the same time you are learning how to become more grounded. You’re learning how to contend with the infrared.

And you’re learning that yes, you have your physical eyes and your physical senses and that is part of what maintains manifestation that has a certain ego quality nature effect but you can touch and feel it and it can be something viable for you to play in and to influence, kind of in a co-creator way of the will of the vibration of something that is the essence that’s in a stillness.

Yes, you can have that, and then you can have this other. And they do not look like they come together, but they’re one and the same, just in different states. Just like sound is one state, and light is another – and yet they are the same.

So you can talk about it in this scientific sense, we’ll say, or you can talk about it in just the mundane. How do you get by, waking up in the morning, you’re blessed or graced by this quality that’s going on inside of you, and that gives you an edge in a way because of this path.

It gives you an edge that enables you to cope in manners that others cannot cope because they do not have that about them.


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