Reaching Toward the Whole

the_fountainContinuing the conversation between John and Ann (see A Soldier of Both Worlds), when embarking on a spiritual journey it often seems we are at odds with the culture. Yet it is important to understand that whatever alienation that may cause is in service to bringing the higher into the lower, or the inner into the outer. It is through that openness and radiation that others can awaken – not by trying to convince them with words. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: When you raise your consciousness, you’re developing the consciousness of the universe. You’re figuring out a way to work with the ultraviolet. At the same time you’re learning how to become more grounded. You’re learning how to contend with the infrared.

And you’re learning that, yes, you have your physical eyes, and your physical senses, and that’s part of what maintains manifestation that has a certain ego-quality nature of effect, that you can touch and feel it, and it can be something viable for you to play in, and to influence, kind of in a co-creator way of the will of the vibration of something that is the essence that’s in a stillness.

Yes, you can have that, and then you can have this other. And they do not look like they come together, but they’re one and the same, just in different states. Just like sound is one state, and light is another – and yet they are the same.

So you can talk about it in this scientific sense, we’ll say, or you can talk about it in just the mundane. How do you get by, waking up in the morning, you’re blessed, your graced by this quality that’s going on inside of you, and that gives you an edge in a way – because of this path.

It gives you an edge that enables you to cope in manners that others cannot cope because they do not have that about them.

And in my first dream, meditation dream, I looked at four of them. One of the reasons why I can function like this, and get away with it, because normally if you saw somebody that was kind of top heavy in their energy, you know, carried away, the tendency is you would look at them and say, they’re cruising for a bruising. They’re eventually going to be so over the top that something is going to smash them down.

That’s because it’s done as an act, or it’s done as a type of power and control, or it’s not done consciously.

The four traits that enable people like us to get by, when others don’t dare, and would recognize this to be peculiar behavior, and are constantly trying to get us to accept that how we are is peculiar behavior, is that one, you’re not as self-conscious as they are.

In other words, you have the benefit of a spiritual path, so you don’t have the self-consciousness. They don’t; they have to rely on themselves.

Two, you don’t have the need to seek some sort of power and control as your modus operandi. In other words, you can be comfortable without everything having to be thus and so.

Three, deep down, really what you’re trying to do is surrender to what is really going on, which you sense inside of yourself. And whenever it’s made known to you, you let go of the ego component that gets in the way, as a foolishness. In other words, you don’t have to support it.

Four, you’re speeded up from within, by the inner guidance that’s at your ready disposal. Other people don’t have it at their ready disposal. They don’t even dream, and when they dream the dreams are weird. They have no idea. In other words, they don’t know how to accept the stuff that’s happening inside.

What happens is, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re the one that’s out of sync. In other words, when you’re speeded up and this quality about you is soaring, don’t go around punishing yourself and thinking that you’re somehow or another doing something wrong, as if the outer is what is right and you’re the one that’s disjointed.

The outer needs to be quickened. You need to bring the inner into the outer, not try to go the opposite direction and let the outer swallow the wholeness of your being.

That’s just how this process now works. You’re carrying a focus and attention, the fundamental quality to this is that you’re carrying a focus and attention that is reaching towards the Whole. And so you have the right motif, so to speak, right focus and attention. It’s not personal. It’s not revolving around fear or defense mechanisms.

As a consequence, the so-called overused word of grace, that’s in life, is there to guide, shape, and enhance your unfoldment – so how can you lose?

You only lose when you double clutch, and say, I think I had too much coffee this morning, or whatever. I need to slow down. You might need to do something so that you’re not quite as… but you want to still be penetrative. You still are charged with having to bring this vibration into things.

You just can’t do it in a way where you’re forcing the other person to put up a sword, you know the En Garde kind of thing. You can’t have that going on, because nothing happens then.

The aspect of this process in which there’s the merging, within that element instead of using the word merging, you’re looked after, and so if you’re looked after, who are you to be taking responsibility for having to be thus and so, in terms of being too copacetic in the eyes of others?

Again, that’s an aspect of self-consciousness that was mentioned earlier. You’re more than that. Others, who do not have access to this sort of thing, have no choice but to lean on some crutch like that. When they come before you, and if you’re in this clear, pure state, you can’t help but smile.

You smile because you can touch that part that is real in them, that is you, and they have no idea, but in doing that you create a mirror, and in creating that mirror for them they may get something that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

I like this Israeli guy because his nature is such, his conditioning is such, that he has kind of a focus and attention that, in order to make sure that nothing sneaks up and gets the better of him, he has to know what’s going on.

And so if I do something that he isn’t quite able to perfectly encapsulate, for his own sense of power and security, he’s on a fishing expedition and that causes him to stretch. And in that stretching, my feeling, I could be wrong about this, but my feeling is he might find something that way, you know, that he wouldn’t find otherwise if he just basically washed his hands and walked away. But in his particular case, he’s a warrior.

As the teacher says, I love it when a student fights me. They go faster that way. The key word is they’re a student. They’re not an enemy or something that’s trying to decide whether you need to be put on the fire and brimstone or something.

No. They have that process that they have to go through, and they’re owning it. When you own it that way, you’re going to make mistakes, and you’re going to see. Otherwise, you’re going to go off on your own, in some sort of carefully preserved mannerism, and stay stupid.

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