Pulling From the Depths

Image-Pawel-JoncaThrough meditation we can enable higher knowings to come through us. In tandem with dream analysis, we can see where we are in our journey to let go of our ego identity and embrace the Wholeness of existence. Here, Ann’s dream all happens underground, in the unconscious, and she is struggling to gather together the different aspects of herself, seen in the character of the children, together. Yet she is able to let go of the personal aspects of herself in this process, represented by her purse with $400 in it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Human nature is so much like that, that it learns to adapt with any doggone thing, and give up its vibrancy of a connection to what is real, or to bring something through.

We were just talking about it in the morning, how you are when you’re coming back from having done a certain inner traveling with the soul or something, and there is still a whiff of that about you in the morning, and we tend to look at that as if there’s something the matter with us, especially when somebody else tells us that we are not quite tracking right today.

Ann: Yeah. Why are you so cheerful in the morning?

John: Well, I suppose if you want to combat that you would say, well it’s better than how I was five years ago when I was always moody when I got out of bed. But I don’t think that argument makes any sense either. That’s just arguing the other extreme. Or an extreme of density or something.

Ann: This is like part two of last week really.

John: Yeah, yeah. It’s a continuous download of things that have to do with the new energy. It’s a continuous download.

I’m touched for example by the Les Miserables movie, by the plight of things touches me as much as what occurred in the movie. In other words, it’s set in the squalor of a time in France when everything was miserable, and the poor were really poor, and the rich or the more well off walked around in their self-righteousness.

It really portrayed this well, and then it portrayed some person that got it, that was right in between, or not necessarily in between but was connected in a way so that they weren’t looking out for themselves. In other words, the poor in the squalor were still looking out for themselves, too.

And how do you rise above and beyond that? Well, you have to experience a little of both, and this guy experienced both sides and threw himself under the bridge, so to speak, energetically, for the sake of something more meaningful for the Whole.

That’s new energy. In a movie for crying out loud. Unbelievable. So it’s a constant download to that sort of thing, and if I want to complain, what I complain about is this idea that, oh my gosh, now I have to sit down and meditate. And then when morning comes, it’s like, oh this is so nice, but the evening before, now I have to meditate, nowI have to do this.

It’s wonderful what happens, but in the act of doing it, there are all kinds of things that kind of stand in the way of doing that, but the track record of what comes through each time is so immense, it’s so unimaginable, that how could I not do it?

Like last night I was in one of those tiffs, and as I sat down I couldn’t really meditate. I was just in a tiff, and I just had to let whatever wanted to happen and go through with me, or happen with me, when something wasn’t there and then that enabled something really, really rich to become seeable, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Did you get hit with any profound dreams that are needling you?

Ann: Okay, this one was… everything… this is the first time I have had a dream where every single thing in this dream was all underground, and there was some kind of a war zone going on. It was almost like it was World War II or something and you could hear these large cannons and stuff kind of going off in the background and gunshots.

But underground there were these huge, huge caverns, and these huge caves. And then sometimes you’d come to a spot where you would have to kind of crouch down to sort of walk between these two areas, and everything there was on these dirt paths.

In the very beginning I had a purse and I had $400 in this purse. And I set it down somewhere because I knew that I had to stop what I was doing to help find the children, and I was working with this group of people and we were all trying to help find these children, sort of in this war zone there.

John: And these children were all underground too, right?

Ann: Yes, every single thing was underground. Then I think we all have to get these children, and we have to get them to a safe place, and in the background we are hearing the gunshots and the bombs going off and there are people there. They were like guards or something and they were trying to put order and organize things so they were trying to put some organizations to things.

And like they were gathering up suitcases and putting these big suitcases in one place, and then they were finding clothes and putting clothes in another place. And then somehow I know the war is over, and people are still trying to put order into something and it is beginning to get more orderly.

And I ask someone, had they seen my purse, and they said no, and I thought, oh well, I guess that’s the least of my problems. And then everything just kind of started to fall into order, like minded things with like minded things, and somehow in there I know these children are all safe, and the guards are looking for things to help continuing with this help of order of things.

And so that was a dream I never had before. Underground.

John: Well, what you’re dreaming about is, and the key to understanding this and seeing it for yourself, is to feel the vibration of it. And the vibration you need to feel, that’s the quality of the dream, is that you still carry a sorrow or wound.

And that sorrow or wound, is a tone, or mood, or a mannerism that effects your overall well being. You are able to let go of identity and things like that, which cause one to get very stodgy, and very set, and incapable of any kind of flexibility. But you’re still touched and affected by this wound, or tone, or mannerism that’s a heaviness that still is upon your being. It’s like a heavy cloud that just hasn’t fully lifted.

If that were to fully lift, then a kind of more natural access and insight comes through you, but as long as you have this heavy mood, or quality of soul, or however all that is that you carry about yourself on this demeanor level, your identity in terms of what to do in a non personal way, in other words you can drop all of that which gets in the way, but most people get lost in terms of their ego.

And you seem to be fine in that regard, but this other just malingers, and that’s the vibration.

In other words, the meaning of this dream is that vibration, and how that vibration has you not able to find these other parts of yourself, which are the children, which you know are okay, but you have just got to get out of that mood, that sorrow, that heavy kind of qualm that you’re carrying yet.

Now, that’s what is in the dream, although you don’t really show it so much. I mean, I don’t necessarily see that about you so much because I see the focus and attention that you have. What your dream is pointing out that, somehow or another, this is really your way.

In other words, there was a way of looking at the dream, to begin with, in which it was like you are still trying to go to the depths of yourself to try to resolve something. And then I realized that no, not really because the usual way of going to the depths of yourself to resolve something has to do with losing the identity of self, which gets in the way, which keeps you from intertwining with the Whole.

That isn’t what you’re doing. Instead you’re not able to pull all of that depth of yourself together because of some quality that keeps you veiled, which to me looks like it has to be a sorrow, or a mood, or some tone, because this other part is alright, it’s okay, it’s just that this other stuff has to get lifted.

Ann: So now the underground, being underground, I’ve never dreamt a dream being completely underground.

John: Well, basically that’s unconscious, so when you’re holding something that’s a mood, or a tone, or heaviness – you’re unconscious with it. You don’t have the freedom.

Ann: Oh my goodness. Wow. That just cleared up a lot. Oh my goodness. I didn’t realize that.

John: It’s a good dream. It’s to the point, it doesn’t go around and around with what the psychology of this, and the essence and meaning of that, and you’re not fighting shadow dynamics or anything. You’re just carrying this overburden.

When you first started telling the dream I kept thinking uh oh, is this going to go into something that’s not the new energy, that’s taking this stuff back into kind of the old, still have to work through something this way and that way? No, you’re not working with shadow in that.

Yeah, that was an interesting dream.

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