So Be It

letting-go-of-struggleIn dream analysis, the ideas portrayed by the images can often be understood by a person’s relationship to the action. Here, Jeane is in a situation that could be scary, but she doesn’t resist it, and she doesn’t react to it. Instead, she stays within her self – she stays fairly neutral to the action. Such a state of acceptance is important to flowing with life, rather than beings at odds with it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I have this sensation that I’m dreaming a lot, but then it’s so hard to pull anything out.

I remember one scene: I’m in an apartment and there’s a woman and a man and some other people that maybe come through, and I like them, but I realize they’re actually part of a gang that’s maybe going to rip me off or something.

They have this little device that when they plug it in, I think it will knock people unconscious or it’ll do something, it’ll release something. Well, I don’t want them to realize that I’m on to it, and so I wait until they’ve wandered out of the room or something, and I either unplug or hide the device.

And then when the woman comes in at one point, I even take something and kind of tie her up and hide her behind the couch, so that maybe another member of her gang doesn’t notice I’ve done that.

Now I know that if they can’t knock any of us in the apartment unconscious, then they can’t really rob us or whatever they were planning on doing. But then I realize I also have another dilemma. I don’t really want them to be punished or anything; I just didn’t want them to succeed with their plan to knock us all out, or rob us, or whatever they were going to do.

But I kind of like them, or I like her, anyway, so it’s like now I have this dilemma of, I really don’t want to see her get arrested and taken off, but I also just don’t want their plan to go forward. It’s mostly like a sensation feeling that I remember from that.

John: What you’re being compelled to do, and actually it’s interesting how you’re making this choice too, that even though you are thrown into a situation in which something is a little backwards, and awkward, energetically, you don’t really totally reject it. You kind of have a way of embracing it.

What you’re doing is you’re taking an overall scenario, and you’re putting yourself in the overall scenario, in that you have energy that’s really slowed down, or contracted, and then you have kind of an epiphany of vibration in which you have choices.

Now, usually when you’re feeling compressed, or restrained, it hurts the heart, and you don’t like it, and you cringe, shut down a little. But in your particular case, you’re still staying vibrant. In other words, you’re doing what needs to be done in the instance of there being an altered vibrational sensation that hurts, or can compact, in some fashion, and you’re able to have some fluidity.

You’re able to function in some degree, because instead of it being a type of sadness, or pain, or remorse where you shut down, you actually kind of appreciate, or you kind of have an empathy, or respect for the situation.

In other words, you say in the dream that you don’t wish them ill will, so you’re not issuing yourself any ill will when you find yourself compacted and contracted and unable to be in a particular other dimension of greater openness, or speed, or freedom.

It’s good that you have arrived at that because that’s a very accepting state, and it’s a state that you have to have to be able to make the journey in life, because that’s precisely what happens when you’re in the physical body and you’re overwhelmed by the circumstances and the variables around you. You find yourself just coping.

And in the coping you could have a fit. You could get reactive, and you could say, why me?, this shouldn’t be, and throw a regular hissy fit. or you could just realize that it’s the way that it is. You don’t wish any ill will upon yourself, or anything else that is you. You’re okay with it.

It may not have the flexibility and the freedom, but you cope with it, you work with it, which means that when you have that kind of acceptance and approach, you have a good chance of being able to reach and beckon in energies from the higher self, or from the other side, or however you would say that, which can kind of alleviate, or work to enhance, or embrace, or to spark things.

The dreams last night had to do with the contrast between two states of sensation flow. You had a setting that was set in the overall, and the reason why I say your setting was set in the overall is you’re not dwelling on the specifics. You’re dealing with it in an overall way.

In other words, if you were dwelling on the specifics, each choice, and each manner of expression that you would make, would be weighed and carried, as if a door opened and closed in terms of the heart, which means that a part of you doesn’t accept something that’s happening, and another part of you totally embraces something – if it will open up.

And so you’re swinging back and forth, and back and forth, and that’s kind of a state in which there’s something like you still have the illusion of there being like a good or a bad, that this is not as good.

In your particular case, you’re closer to neutral, you’re closer to allowing yourself to be turned either this way, or that way kind of thing, because you’re not issuing any ill will. You’re not really fighting the situation. You’re just properly coping, and holding, and keeping the counsel of your own energy and connection working as best you can, as best that you’re connected to it. You deal with it.

This is not a scene where you’re running, or trying to hide, or anything like that. Yeah, you might be tying something up, and yes you might have a little bit of concern about how you can recognize that there’s a way of taking it so that it can zap you, or can hurt you, but by and large you’re not going through the cringing in that that hits the heart, that leaves scars on the heart, when you fight the illusion that way.

Yours does it in an overall way. You’re working with the aspect of an energetic that exists in two states, one state where things are slower, and another state where things are more conscious, or more speeded up. By more conscious actually you have accepted, or a part of you has kind of adopted, the fact that this all functions and works in relationship to the greater Whole, or otherwise if you didn’t really believe that, you would be taking a different approach, you wouldn’t like it, you would be rejecting it, you would be thinking ill of it as if it is something foreign. But no, there’s something about that, as awkward as it is in terms of how it strikes you, there’s something about that that you like.

Well, that’s probably why you’re able to accept raw energy too, because raw energy, in and of itself, if it does something that completely distorts or disturbs your equanimity and way of perceiving and being, in relationship to what you feel might be important in life, that you’ve defined to be important in life, and segregate as important to life, if you’ve made that kind of a distinction, then the raw energy would be something that you would have to reject.

But if you realized that it all functions in kind of a catalytic, greater, overall Whole, which you’re part of, you can find something neat about that too. Yes, it causes you to have to cope differently, but so be it.

It’s a very balanced kind of dream, accepting kind of dream. It’s not stabbing itself, it’s not hurting itself, it’s kind of accepting what is, it’s working with it. You’re not taking on huge moods or anything like that, which would then create big veils, and a whole malaise or qualm, which would be a heavy overtone that would lay over something, that would set off a sensation of kind of a doom and gloom.

You don’t have any of that in the dream, and so it’s kind of like, in terms of what you’re compelled to face and confront, you’re saying, that’s okay, I’m okay with it, and that’s unusual, because most people can be presented with things in which at some particular point they’ll react.

The best story in the Bible told about it is Job, in which he keeps accepting and accepting and accepting and accepting, and then all of a sudden he reaches his breaking point, and he acts like that whatever is happening is just not something that he can carry or handle or accept anymore, and he reacts, and he snaps.

And of course they portray this as a challenge to say, okay, can he be the faithful surrendered? And he does reach a point where the journey is too much for him, in terms of what he’s put through. But for the longest time he keeps saying whatever is, is, I’ll take it, I’ll take it, I’ll take it, and take it with the right attitude.

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