The New Frontier

Drakmars_Event_HorizonHow does one access the future? That’s the territory explored in John’s dream. What the imagery shows is that we can’t come to the future with our set ideas and old patterns. We must keep ourselves open to it, and thereby let it have access into life through us. Anything else is just a replay of the past, which gets us nowhere. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, these dreams that are like this… I was looking at this a little. Dreams that are like this, because these are the kinds of dreams we’re having, actually give us more access.

In other words, they’re dreams that have the schematic of access that has been missing in earlier dreams, because earlier dreams just deal with the neurosis, and the psychological conditioning, and pattern that lies behind why we are the way we are, and react the way we react.

And we have our shadow reactions, and our doubles, and our blindsides, and it doesn’t get any deeper than that. But now the dreams are pointing out that there is another quality of access that we carry within, that we have caught up with, that is able to point its attention upon the situation. When before all we could do was denote it, complain about it a little bit, have it pointed out how it was a blindside and hopefully grasp and accept it.

But now the grasping and accepting has kind of like run its course. It’s complete in and of itself, that we’re not saying no, no, no, that we’re able to hear it, and we’re able to therefore do more than just watch it because we’re still too shook up or something and not able to hear it in a balanced and accepting way.

And because we’ve learned how to recognize that we can listen to it, and hear it, and come from a deeper center of our self, we find that we have the foundation within, the trust within, the connection within, the awareness within, to be able to contend with whatever the issue is – as opposed to being overwhelmed by it, or having to run from it, or anything like that.

And, therefore, whenever we take and we do something that takes us from intertwining with the overall, being a part of the Whole, from thinking that we can move away from something as opposed to take it all in, we come to recognize that we are shutting off, or annihilating, something that’s important in terms of the Whole, or in terms of God.

Now, that part that we’re annihilating, or shutting off, or cutting off, is a part that on one level when we had the chase dreams, and the running dreams, and stuff like that involved a lot of boring side effects and shadow dynamics. Now it’s having to turn and confront, and to face, and to carry, and to accept, and to absorb just about everything, and to be able to see that one can do that, and needs to do that, and that doing that actually strengthens you when before you had ample reason to run and hide and avoid because the shadow dynamics were confusing to you.

Now it’s like you know better or something and therefore you can allow yourself to be party to things that normally were too much for you in the past, but now are essential, as part of your greater wholeness.

Mine’s the same, except I have distinct ideas. In the dream, I’m presented with an awareness of this way of proceeding that goes along with a route that has been carefully researched in advance, because it’s like a type of journey or vacation or something that’s happening.

And of course I’m observing this because it’s this couple that’s going on this vacation, and what’s been established and decided is that this is the best way to take for the vacation. In other words, you can pull up the maps and visuals and whatnot. It’s all laid out. I’ve looked at the maps and directions too that have been set forth for them to proceed with, in terms of this vacation route.

The couple chose to take this vacation, it’s safe for them, because others point out that everything is predictable and so there’s an orderliness to it that keeps it common and safe. So, that’s the situation that’s presented to them, that’s what they’re supposed to enjoy, somehow or another, it’s something already precharged for them.

But in this particular situation now something has changed, and this couple are finding themselves having to scrap those ideas. This causes confusion for everybody that thinks that they, you know, because they’ve seen me, the maps and the route and everything, and so how are they going to keep up if this person isn’t abiding by the carefully laid social order and control of things?

They have to scrap it, which causes them to have to proceed with the vacation in which they are at the mercy of fate. As a consequence, instead of something that’s all laid out for them to which they have the maps, they now have to follow an inner guidance instead, because it’s no longer all predictable and visible to them, on a mental, straightforward way.

And so as a consequence, they even know that this is going to take them through a dense area that is not laid out, there’s no comfortability that they can lean on. But what’s interesting is the couple is able to accept the scenario as having changed, and act and conduct themselves in this spontaneous manner, because they also could sense the freedom in the heart of not having to comply with expectations.

But others of course are in a state of shock because they are now out of touch, or out of the loop, with this couple as they think they need to be in terms of control and contact and all of that, and so they are stuck in their conventional man-made technologies of how a person needs to be in terms of their idea of relatability, which takes the heart out of it.

Because I’ve been watching this, I have to look inside myself to see how I really feel about it and I recognize the freedom, which is priceless for those who can do what this couple is doing. So I do not chime in with my two bits, and am instead happy for the couple. They are able to embark upon a vacation that is totally fresh and without the orchestrated images of the past to have to contend with.

Now the meaning of this, and the purpose of the dream, is for me to compare or to correlate the creature comforts of a well laid out trip – which takes the spontaneous guidance of the heart out of the process – versus a vacation in which all of the layout is scrapped and the travel must contend with whatever lies before them in a spontaneous way. That even they must learn to accept and appreciate a challenge in space within.

Most people would find this to be too miserable. Most people need a predictability that is safe and mentally programmed, and this is a plan, and this is a traveling, and this is an approach that actually goes outside of a plan so to speak, because you’re following something not in an outer capacity, but more with an inner listening center.

The old way keeps a person from being able to appreciate the freedom that exists when the inner guidance of the heart is followed. And so this is a plan that’s thrown into that, which is something different and new according to what you’re accustomed to.

So I am compelled to look at the two options in order to distinguish them from each other and denote why it is that the path that is original and new, is more alive than the path that is well defined and controlling, thus the underlying basis for the dream.

So, then I have to take and look how that applies. In the outer I have situations that carry a frustration and confusion because I have ideas on how this needs to be, which now is also faced and confronted by activities that are fresh, because they are new and original.

So I’ve got the setness, and then I’ve got something that’s a change agent that’s going on. So I’m confronted with the challenge of abiding in the new frontier, as the past feels lifeless and energetically empty. The dream is intended to help me see, feel, and appreciate the distinctions, by connecting me to an inner flow that is distinct from my outer conditioning.

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