Forward Motion

speed2In our daily lives, it can often takes years of trial and error and struggle before we become aware of certain psychological limitations in us and learn how to overcome them. In spiritual dream work, it is understood that such changes can be made at a deeper level, in the less conscious realms of our being, in a matter of a few dreams or days, particularly if we make ourselves conscious of the process. This can save us much tribulation in the outer world, and speed us on our journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the other dream I had last night, I’m still dealing with a situation that’s in flux. I’ve missed the usual flight that I’m to take out, and so I’m scrambling to get to the airport to catch the second flight. And I’m getting there plenty early, or trying to get there plenty early, even though I know the flight is probably going to be delayed.

And these people, when it comes to this flight, have a tendency to lie to you and never tell you the truth about anything. I’m trying to get there prepared for whatever might come up, whatever the unexpected is.

And of course this goes along with what I’m feeling in the outer, now that everything is kind of all up in the air, and that there’s no way to make clear heads or tails sense out of it, and that what you’re contending with you need to figure out how to just flow with, or otherwise it will tear you apart.

And that the challenge of the dream is for me to be able to see if I can just note that this is what the condition is, or the situation, and just adjust myself accordingly, leaving plenty of time, room, space, whatever is required, for variables that are likely because this is a time when the involvements in the outer are subject to change at a moment’s notice.

And so I can’t go feeling distraught, or pout, about the idea that it should be this way or that way, And when I’m able to simply accept what’s going on, as if that’s the norm, the thing that I’m able to see is that the end result is kind of like a straight strip, or arrow, that goes and takes me all the way out of the problem, something I totally didn’t expect is just simply there and suddenly visible.

In other words, there’s nothing really so much to stress for and that probably wouldn’t have been noticed or recognized or caught up with if I had gone through the reactivities and gotten those reactivities in the way. I’m seeing this as another mode or way of contending with things having to recognize the polarities of things.

This phase and aspect of dreaming only comes up when you are at a point where something in your nature is able to weigh, balance, and work with the energetic variables, which are in the environment, that you’re able to denote those subtle variables, accept those subtle variables, and factor those in.

And so when you have a dream like this, what you’re doing is, even though the dream doesn’t seem like much, the dream is actually presenting you with an energetic combination that you learn to, and see yourself, adopt and adapt and accommodate, and so if you do this in the inner, then no matter how complicated or beat up or thrown around you are in the outer, because the inner carries this greater dimensionality in the way that it brings something through, that even if the outer is still awry it’s subject to now having to change because the one or two seconds of speed of what you do in the inner is so much greater than a year, or something, in the outer.

So this makes time relative in that it can seem that you’re getting pretty contended and tortured and thrown around in the outer, and from the mental way of understanding time, it’s like you’re hardly making progress, so you think, based upon how the circumstances are hitting you in the outer, but on the level where it counts from the inner, you’re making huge strides, and so you’re actually really progressing forward.

Those who don’t strive to open up and make this kind of connection, take themselves outside of this loop of potentiality that really shapes and guides and moves something forward very, very, very quickly. This is what it means when it is said that on this path, the hardest part is the toughest two years at the beginning, where everything that is thrown at you involves shadow and various other dynamics that have to be sorted out, and have to be understood, and have to be grasped because as long as that remains in the way then you can’t catch up with this other that carries you forward and makes things easier.

The pulling of it out can seem odd because your dreams that are awkward and more difficult, maybe it can even seem, especially if you’re not willing to do the work or something, but when that occurs, the forward motion that this leads to is beyond comparison.

This is when you finally are catching up with something that makes the process easier, so to speak, when before it’s most bewildering with all that shadow dynamic and such that seems to be barriers that you have to contend with for a long, long time.

Fighting through that though, is when you get the split-second inflective energetics within a dream that are worth hours, and days, and years perhaps even, in terms of the outer.

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