The New Schematic

fractal8In this series of dream segments, Jeane experiences what can be called a new schematic. What has changed is her ability to be more fluid with sudden changes in her environment. Being able to maintain a flow, no matter what comes up, is a fundamental aspect of experiencing the world of the Whole, rather than our much smaller world where personal involvement and old reactions cut us off from the overall.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My next dream I think it has two little segments in it. In the first I’ve gone back and I seem to be staying, or living, in an apartment complex I’ve lived in before, which has several room compartments to it.

But while I’m in the back part of the apartment unit, talking to whomever is there with me, I notice that the landlord is letting some people move in to a front part of my apartment. At first I go up and look and I can’t quite tell if maybe there’s just a room that opens up to another unit and that room is open, so I’m seeing it, you know, the door slides open, or is she actually moving people into the front part of my unit, without having talked to me about it?

So I can’t really quite tell what she’s done, but it seems to be done anyway. It’s kind of a wealthy couple. I don’t know them. I’m not quite sure how to relate to all of that.

It seems to be a done deal, however I feel about it.

John: So, the key to this dream is that you should try to relate to whatever that is that’s the couple or whatever who have moved in, is because it’s just like in my dream. What’s happening now is, the dynamics by which you blocked, or stopped, a certain thing from being able to happen, or changes and shifts to be able to occur, you’re no longer doing that because you don’t have the shadow dynamics and the peculiarities that get in the road and keep you going around and around.

And so the dynamics of what this young couple is all about is important for you to look at, because it’s now depicting an aspect of you in an overall way, which you’ve been able to catch up with as a consequence of not having those barriers, and those resistances, and defense mechanisms sitting in the way.

Because this is something that whenever there is something that is just suddenly there, like in your house, you have to look at it and recognize it as something more about you, just like you can have dreams in which you discover other rooms, and various sizes and shapes, and dimensions and peculiarities about the house.

Well, now it’s not a question of those kinds of dreams so much as it’s that you’re opening up to a greater beingness that you have to now accommodate about yourself, which may have been veiled from you – your ability to see it, and recognize it, and appreciate it before, but now that it’s there, you just need to embrace it for what it is, and how it is, because that’s you in a way that you had veiled before.

Jeane: I remember a little segment then where I try to go somewhere, and I’ve gone out and it seems to me like I’ve gotten on something that’s almost like a ship. I’m going for a picnic. I seem to have invited my ex along, and that means that one of the Basenjis is coming, too. At the same time, I’m trying to relate to him and keep a distance, you know, he should understand it’s just for the picnic or something, not really a relationship here.

It feels like I leave for a second, and I realize we’re on a ship, and I look over the ship’s side. It’s like maybe a storm has come up, and I see this, and I’m trying to balance like I was sitting almost like on what was a picnic table, and so I can feel like I can slide over the side any second.

So I’m looking over the side of the ship, and I see suddenly there’s like this huge, some type of mammal that’s been caught and brought up alongside the ship. It’s almost as long as the ship is, like a whale, except it’s flatter and broader. I mean, it’s something I’ve just never seen before.

It feels like when the ship stops, that I even can get down and walk on dry land, and go over and touch the animal, or some other huge animal showed up now, a turtle, and I can go over and actually put my hand on the lip of the turtle and get close to it as we walk by.

That’s just a little segment I remember before the next dream.

John: So, similar to the first dream that you just told, you’re again contending with something that is changed in terms of something inside of you. You only have the slightest inflection that it has to do with the Whole and the fact that the creature of things that has shown up, also looks like there’s something else there that could be a turtle, and turtles always depict the overallness of the world, the affairs of the whole of life.

And so you are having to accommodate and contend with that as part of your overall universe, which ordinarily, in prior dreams, would have been such that if something like this was introduced into your scope of attention, you would have grumbled, and complained, and been felt peculiar and weirded out.

And you would have had your reactions, and the reactions would have been what the dream would have been about, as opposed to now when you have the dream like this, there aren’t the reactions, and instead there’s the situation and then the situation is having to be accommodated and what that is about in terms of how you adapt and adjust to that in relationship to the greater aspect of it being in the Whole, of all that there is, is the schematic of how you’re coming to see your being, which is extremely close to this whole idea of being merged into a Wholeness.

Jeane: Then I just have a little segment where it’s like I’m staying at a resort of some kind, and I’m trying to go somewhere, and when I go up and go across a passageway, suddenly the passageway is filled with some kind of a meeting that’s going on – like a Lion’s Club meeting.

There are all these tables that just start right where the door is, and chairs on each side, so it’s almost like I practically fall down into a chair at the table, about two or three seats in. And then suddenly someone is serving me a plate of food, and I’m looking, I think there’s turkey and some rice and something else, and I’m kind of regretting that there are no mashed potatoes.

And then this woman across the table points out to me that there are also some mashed potatoes somewhere on the plate. It feels like I take a bite of something, but then I’m suddenly feeling like, I really don’t know if I’m supposed to be eating this meal. I don’t know if this is my meeting for sure. I feel like there’s someplace else I have to travel to.

So I get up and I start to move away, but then I suddenly realize, well should I have paid for the meal, or at least tipped someone? I’m confused, but the room is so crowded that to try to go back into it there’s no place to move. I’m just not sure what it is I’m supposed to do, and I’m not even that clear on where it is I’m going.

John: Yeah, it’s similar to the last dream that I told (see Forward Motion), where the first aspect in my dream was that there was the flight that I would normally take in which everything is all orchestrated and laid out and planned out to the point where you don’t have to contend with any peculiarities or variabilities, and so there’s a certain control that you have over the situation.

And therefore you find comfort in the fact that it’s going to unfold in a way that is predictable and therefore there’s that creature comfort that you now have. Now, that of course is thrown away, and I have no idea about the new schematics of how the second flight is going to be, so much change has been now introduced into the Wholeness of things, so much shifting has taken place, so that even the flight doesn’t necessarily leave on time, and that you have to be prepared for whatever the peculiarities might be that come up in a moment’s notice, because everything is subject to change.

It’s no longer as established as it used to be, and so you have to prepare for the total unexpected, and you have all of that going on in this dream. It’s distinct from how you would normally expect an overall dream to be, in that you now have to contend with this whole other set of schematics that’s taking place.

And that’s just the way that it is when you open up yourself to an overallness that has more subtle changes and variabilities that are taking place. You’re going to have all of these other schematics that are now part of your consciousness, which weren’t there, and weren’t even factored in, which you stayed separate and away from, you now have to absorb, or contend, or work with.

And if you can’t do that, then you’re going to suffer collateral damage. And what you’re doing is you’re noting that, somewhat affected and bothered by that, but not to the point where it keeps you from being able to be, and flow, and take on, and function.

The key is, is you’re noting the idiosyncrasies through the dream world. And then in the outer, whatever the idiosyncrasies are, they can seem much worse, and much more complex, and much more in the way, and all of that, but because the pace of the inner is going at some huge multiple more than the pace that you’re functioning and flowing with in the outer, you’re now at that point in the dream process where you make major strides just by being able to have that happen inside – and pull it through.

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