On One Condition

reincarnationIt is often said that to truly embrace the spiritual realms, we have to let go of our planetary attachments. In Jeane’s dream, she finds herself being taken by guides through a border crossing, yet she insists on taking her pot plants with her. This reveals a lingering attachment to planetary life, to the point that she wants to stay and keep on enjoying it. The image speaks of reincarnation, and perhaps choosing to return to the planet, as opposed to moving on from the difficulties of this physical life (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my main dream this morning, it feels like at a particular point in time, maybe it’s night time or I don’t know when, these two guides, a man and a woman, come to take me – and I’ve split off into a man and a woman also.

It’s almost like they come to take us on a trip that we have to go past border guards and then you go on and it almost feels like, I don’t know whether you go around the world, but we go exploring. And they can take us really fast, and they can take us across snow fields and down huge expanses, and sleds go real fast across ice, and all kinds of things.

As we start out on this journey, the woman part of me wants us to take two green pot plants with us – and they’re pretty tall. I maybe think we should just cut off part of them and take it with us, but now I’ve got these pots we have to carry with us.

But we have sleds or at one point I think we even have horses, but mostly sleds. Well we have to go through the border, and I’m always kind of nervous what the border guards are going to say about these pot plants; we each seem to carry one. But she seems insistent on that, so wherever we go we have to fit that on the sled, or our means of transportation, or carry it in our arm.

But as we go on, and as we suddenly go on this really fast way, even across glaciers and all kinds of things, and downhill and around, and certain points it feels like just the male guard starts to go with us. And suddenly I’m getting into this, and as we kind of complete the circle of wherever we went, I’m suddenly realizing that I’m going to want to do this some more.

And I think the male guide would too, and of course the woman whom I don’t really ever hear her speak. I don’t know if the other guide will want to or not, but I’m suddenly realizing I’m just going to want to repeat this experience some. I’m having a really good time on it, even though I was really reluctant in the beginning.

John: The setting, the dream setting, has to do with looking at a flow of energy in terms of how it is that this affects the overall state that one is in, as a well being. You start off with being able to go into zones and places and whatever that’s at a high speed, only to notice that you have to take two things of the past with you. They’re like potted plants that stuck.

Jeane: Plants of pot, I mean marijuana.

John: Plants of pot, potted plants, plants of pot. And it seems to be a condition, an amnesic condition, that you have imposed because on one hand to begin with, you saw you could be taken or swept away in some fast amazing way that was straightaway or something, and then now all of a sudden, because of the potted plant or pot plant or whatever that you have, which needs to go with you, in other words some conditionality that needs to go with you, that you’re taking with you, that this is causing you to recognize and see something that you wouldn’t ordinarily recognize and see, and you’re finding it interesting and exciting, and so you choose to come back to do it again.

These images, and I have one that is strange like this too, and they both look like negative images. In other words, what this is kind of saying is that there is something that you’re doing that’s going to have to cause you to come back into reincarnation. It’s going to have to cause you to come back into life, because of something that you’re still holding onto that interests you so that you are going to make the journey again, that you’re willing to come back and repeat this whole process again, and you’re admitting this.

I mean, you’re seeing this, you’re denoting this, you’re finding it fun and exciting and interesting. In other words, it’s something you’re still holding onto that’s exciting and interesting. In other words, this defies the common sense. In other words, your dream starts off in which you have the experience of being able to just go and be carried and taken somewhere, but then even though it has that as a potentiality, in actuality you’re carrying something delusional, that’s potted, that’s rooted, that’s set.

You’re taking that with you, and somehow or another, by taking that with you, you’re agreeing then to have to come back, because you actually kind of enjoy that attachment. And your dream is telling you that you do enjoy this deviation. You enjoy this attachment.

It makes one wonder, if you are actually enjoying this attachment, is there something here that one is missing? Is this actually something that is part of a consciousness that’s important? And it seems to take off on the theme that there is a certain density in our nature, which is important in terms of the overall unfoldment. In other words, you just can’t take and make strides without that.

And it’s also said that you have to have some limitation, of some sort, in order to be here, or otherwise you just sweep somewhere else. And I’ve even heard it said, in other traditions, in which a person who was really, really conscious indicated that they were even aware of how they were making a conscious choice in terms of something that, for all intents and purposes they actually understood to be a limitation, attachment, or deviation, but they were okay with that because it kept them in this plane of existence.

And they chose to want to be in this plane of existence. And when asked why this person chose to remain and be in this plane of existence, they said that this is where my teacher is, and therefore I go wherever the teacher goes. And so in order to go wherever the teacher goes, I choose to keep and maintain this particular limitation.

And so it creates a really interesting conundrum, because in the unfoldment of something, there is this whole kind of unusual understanding that exists that the saint, or the teacher, is the… the distinction is something like this:

A prophet, of which Muhammad was like a prophet, is a master of the time. A saint is a master of the people of the time. A saint only follows the will of God, ushers it forth, and in ushering it forth has a lot of leeway because he is the master of the people that live at that time. And it all falls within the saint’s discretion as to the pace that something unfolds. And the saint is said not to make mistakes because he is surrendered to the will of God.

If something is wrong, or is done wrong, or isn’t right, he’s given a second chance to fix it. He is given chances to fix it. This is different from a sage. A sage is a person who, if he fouls up, he has to come back.

And so I’m sitting with this inside of myself, and I’m looking at also what occurred in the dream group last night, and I’m realizing that what we were dealing with as a kind of subject matter is these extremes, in terms of a certain kind of inner connectivity and outer mannerism

And so in your dreaming, you made, and came up, and reached the statement in terms of how you see yourself in relationship to the theme, by saying that, yes, you have the capability of taking and going somewhere very, very quickly, and just zipping there and being carried and taken, but you have a condition, and that condition is that you bring these pot plants with you, or potted plants with you, these two plants, and that because you take these two plants with you it adds a certain note, or quality, of retentiveness, and you have selected and chosen it to be like that and are perfectly content coming back to repeat this process of doing it this way over and over again.

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