I Shall Return

rebirthToday we have the follow-up discussion to yesterday’s dream about reincarnation (see On One Condition). When the idea of reincarnation is mentioned, there are different schools of thought on what it really means. One aspect that is brought to light here is that the truly conscious, or developed, have the option to return as a service to humanity.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I think for me what might have provoked the theme is that yesterday, right before we left for group, I was looking at the website of it that’s a prayer page, and on there they have the Dalai Lama’s prayer.

And the Dalai Lama’s prayer really is focused on being there to help alleviate misery as long as it exists on Earth, to be with the people in that, and helping that. I remember it was sparking for me sometimes listening to our teacher talk about like when he leaves this time, he’ll be leaving and taking us with him, and contrasting that, whether it’s true or not, with the Dalai Lama’s prayer and I remember it evoked something in me at the time.

John: Well, the Dalai Lama is coming from a slightly different theme of process, in that a true Buddhist believes, and this is the Bodhisattvic way of thinking, which is that they’re the last. In other words, everything else in life has to be helped, and until all of it can be swept up in one fell swoop, which is a type of impossibility because things are manifesting out of the bubbles of ethers of things all the time, and things are constantly evolving, so how is it going to occur that everything can be ushered through?

But anyway, the Buddhist believes that they render themselves into a type of service in which they actually know that they’re not going anywhere, and are okay with that because everything else has to occur first. However you look at that, the only way that you can make any heads or tails out of how a person with this kind of consciousness makes a step, in terms of the next loci or something like that, is if this somehow or another is totally penetrated. It is as if, because it’s never totally penetrated because there’s something about this that is always here.

That’s why the Buddhists are strong believers and are constantly looking around to see how the consciousness, that’s highly evolved in them, in certain teachers and such, where and how it comes back again and again and again.

So they’re looking at kids, and they have this whole sense, there’s a type of sight that they can develop where they could recognize, ahh, over here, this was the 16th Dalai Lama. He has come back again, and he is now this. They find this to be quite ordinary, quite normal, and always expected. They don’t take the perspective that something leaves and leaves for good. That’s not part of their tradition.

It’s a statement, and an idea, and a way of this path because, well, as the teacher has said and as he has understood it, it’s because the teacher is not coming back again and we are intrinsically linked to that as the energetic.

The teacher himself feels that the fact that he found himself having to come back again, he’s shocked. He’s almost amazed and appalled, because he was convinced that it wasn’t supposed to have to work that way again.

This just happens to be a belief that we have, and you’re taking and looking at this in relationship to how it is that you feel about it. If you look at this really, really closely like you’re doing, I think one is more inclined to take the Bodhisattvic viewpoint at some point and willingly agree that it’s a little bit arrogant, or bodacious to think that you’re on a rocket ship leaving this, in some capacity, because that has a certain transcendent quality.

The way that your dream would also be affected was by of course the whole quality in the dream group, in which it was presented in terms of there having to be a certain kind of disorientation carving on the heart, or something like that, which was crucial and critical to being able to retain or maintain a proper rootedness, without being a little energetically flamboyant, and that they seemed to go hand in hand.

And it was as if you couldn’t have one without the other, and so if you were given a choice of levels of energy it’s as if… I mean, I would make the choice of picking one that was dense along with one that wasn’t dense.

Now, the fact that I picked one that was dense meant that I was running a treadmill towards getting smacked in disaster, getting hurt, and scarred up, and then the fact that I picked one that was high energy meant that I had a certain freedom from that. And the combination of that was how I learned. The combination of that is how I developed a certain depth of being, and it was like I had to have one, I had to have one of the other.

Your dream isn’t helping me form any clarity in terms of my dream because this just is bewildering.

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