Flowing In The Outer

Going with the Flow-Cora-BrittanJeane’s dream shows her in a series of situations, any one of which could, if she reacted, turn into a chaotic scene. Instead, she stays observant and just goes with the flow of it. She has the capacity to adapt as things change. This ability is a key to living as a spiritual person in every day life, or living an inner life in the outer world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Last night I felt like I was dreaming all the time but it was kind of a long involved dream with so many people, and it kept switching all the time. There are just bits of it that I pulled out.

In one bit of it I’m working again, and I seem to fluctuate between being concerned that I’m not having enough clients, or enough work, and then having too much to do. And partly it’s that I hear someone talking, and it’s like the other people in the office have a certain way of working in their desks and everything, and I’ve gone in and I have a chair I’ve turned right towards the window; the walls are actually kind of like windowed walls.

I’ve placed myself differently than I placed them, and I hear someone commenting about that, and also there’s someone that I used to work with who is suddenly desperate for me to cover a demonstration she has to give, and I hadn’t remembered it at first, but now I do.

But then I’m suddenly concerned: do I have to cancel anything to do it? She’s just kind of desperate and relieved that I can do it for her. I’ll be giving some kind of a demonstration interview with a person, and so I’m just concerned, do I have to reschedule anything to do that?

Then it feels like I go by an office and I see a male psychiatrist who works with us, and he’s interviewing some people I used to know, and I realize I know things that are going on there that he doesn’t know, but I’m kind of walking by. There’s no time to communicate anything. I don’t even know that it would be appropriate that I do.

Then it shifts slightly to the same people and everything. I’ve been very close with a lot of them as friends and it’s more social now, and I’ve been very involved with their daughters even who are grown up now. And there’s one scene where I suddenly find myself in bed with somebody who used to be married to someone that I know, who’s a physician and I’m really not even sure what I’m doing there because I’m not sure I even like this guy that well.

I’m just observing what he’s like and the things that he gets preoccupied with, and then I turn around and I go to my friend’s house and I realize that they’re having some kind of bridal shower for her daughter, or some kind of party associated with that, and I hadn’t been invited.

Then I figure out that the man I’d seen, whom I didn’t even understand how I’d seen him, that somehow he was now married to a friend of mine, and I wasn’t invited to the bridal shower because they thought I’d gone out with him when she was with him, and I didn’t even know that they were married or knew each other, or he was married.

I wasn’t really interested in that anyway. I’m not sure how to communicate this because a lot of the information I know is nobody’s business because there are other things that are associated with that whole situation with her history, and one of her friend’s history, that’s like nobody else’s business.

So I kind of am just walking up the stairs and hoping to get out of the house without getting involved in any real upset about all of this, and realize I just have to sort it out. And then I think one of the friends who is married to him now, she comes over and she’s showing everybody a T-shirt she’s wearing, which is white with writing on it.

The dream just goes like that. It’s kind of jumbled up with a lot of little nuances with things that are hard to explain. I’m feeling a little left out maybe.

John: You have the same theme consistent throughout. First of all, it’s a dream in which you find yourself in an overallness, which requires you to have to absorb all kinds of different levels of things, and that you’re having to experience what it’s like to be at ease doing that.
In other words, observant, or able to go along and be in a state of existence in which whatever it is that is happening you’re able to somehow allow yourself to accept or be there. In other words, you don’t have to have any set opinion. You don’t have to have any set motif of mannerism, of expression, because if you do, then it will get in the way from another scene, or another scene, or another level and another level.

The theme of the dreaming is about getting outside of yourself, and this time it’s the self that has identifications upon which it has gotten accustomed to seeing the world. So you have, in your dream, dropped all of those accustomed mannerisms by which you insist that the world be.

You can just morph from one scenario into another. Like when you were working you basically had a particular way that you carried and saw yourself, and in doing that work you had those images as a life that you had to live because you took that on as a type of identity.

But in going back to something that you have left behind, you’re not going back as if you’re going to identify with it like you had before, in such a way that you created a whole existence in functioning like this.

Now when you’re going back, you’re approaching it differently. You are utilizing the mirrors of things, or the windows of things, placing people differently, observing things differently, and watching yourself differently. Like if you find yourself in a situation with somebody, you’re watching the situation as if to take it in from their eyes, or their perspective, and so you have one scenario after another scenario after another scenario, and each of those are like little minuets of your overall expansive nature in which you’re having to be there.

And you wouldn’t be able to be in most of those if you had a given set mannerism that was seeing yourself as distinct in a couple of the other instances, because that then would cancel out your overallness in these other regards. In other words, you would just automatically have annihilated that in order to make this other choice in terms of how you choose to be.

A dream like this shows you the effect that flowing about in the outer has. In other words, to the degree that something rubs off on you, is the degree to which you take on a certain way of having to focus, or shrink, your energy in order to support it.

The dream starts off by taking you into something in which those identification patterns are not that old, and you’re able to see how some of the cause and effect mannerisms that function to drive your attention, jump right up again, just right out of the illusion, there they are worrying about whether or not you’re busy enough, or you have enough clients.

All of that sort of stuff just jumps right out at you, except because it’s a dream and it’s an illusion, and you know that you’re not really that anymore, it doesn’t quite have the same effect as it would if it had manifested itself in a density in which it had to be lived out.

So now you’re able to look at that, and to the degree that you let go of that, you make alterations and changes in your flow because you’re more mutable, or adaptable, or you’re not sealed, in other words, into a particular way that’s taking the energy and trying to focalize it and shut everything else out, which would be a use of energy from the standpoint of identification of something strictly physically speaking, or in manifestation, not able to recognize the greater overallness of things.

You’re showing your acuity to let go and experience a greater overallness of things. When you consider all of the various variables that you go in and out of in your dreaming, and there’s nothing to be made out of any of those variabilities other than the fact that they denote a particular manner or inflection that changes, just in some slight way inside of you, so that that other level, or way of being, can just flash in.
Too linear of an indulgence, of course, creates something in manifestation as having to be lived. But other than that, you flow in and out of everything that there is. In other words, you just are kind of caught up doing this and find it a little bit bewildering that there is all of that sort of thing going on.

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