Knowing How To Wait

a_world_in_waitingToday Jeane’s dream presents a barrier for getting something done. In spiritual development, speeds and timings become an issue because a developed person can seem speeded up relative to the world around them. Knowing how to wait allows for the timings to get in sync, and keeps one in the grace of all that exists.

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Jeane: It seems like the first dream I had was somewhat influenced by the movie we had seen called The Help, because it has the energy of like that women’s junior, whatever they call it, club where the women get together and they all try to portray one viewpoint.

In the midst of all of that, it’s like I’m trying to go get the speedometer and odometer on the car changed, and it feels like the energy of that group somehow works against getting that done right, without any problems with it, and without them changing it around.

I just want the odometer changed so that, of course, it reflects miles per hour versus kilometers per hour, and to have it reflect the exact miles on the car. But for some reason the energy of the women’s group, which is so rigid, seems to cause problems, so that whoever is doing it isn’t going to get the right mileage on the car like I want. That’s the first dream I had.

John: It’s a dream in which there is a barrier, or an opposition, which is energetic, which creates the sensation as if there’s an obstacle, because every vibration creates and manifests in some fashion in life. And it is like an obstacle in the ethers, so to speak, in relationship to something else that you feel you’re able to do.

And the underlying thread of something like this is that the issue has to do with timing. You’re actually working with two different energies, and yet they overlap each other at this time. In other words, the energy of the collective, that is kind of in the air, creates a problem for doing something that’s fairly straightforward and simple – so you have to wait.

The reason why you have to wait is, what you’re trying to do that’s fairly straightforward and simple is a focus and attention that technically has a note to it that is consistent, and will win out given time, but at the present moment the circumstances of the environment, in the ethers of things, creates a kind of confusion. And so you have to let that settle out, because I’m sure that if you really looked at this dream, you would realize that you’re going to be able to change all of that.

The question is not an if; the question is when? And the dilemma is a present one, but not a lasting one. That was the theme of the dreaming last night, was to have to look at something like that, and after you told a dream that’s similar to that, I can’t help but ponder that this idea, that something can act as a barrier, the fact that every energetic has to create has gotten me to realizing that when you have something succinct that you’re putting your focus and attention upon, you sometimes have to sit back and let that thread itself through and not to interfere with that. You know that it will prevail.

A dream like this is providing a means by which to see something with a clarity of energy that can penetrate through the existing malaise that may be there in the overall. It’s an energy that can see something through that, simply because it knows a cardinal rule of the energies. It knows that sometimes you have a general collective energetic that has a dominant force and, that if you settle back, it goes nowhere.

It just is a heavy qualm or something that exists over something, but if you settle back, you can use your more focused energetic to cause something to happen, and you just have to settle back and let the more focused energy create something through the general malaise.

And that’s just a matter of knowing how to wait, like one has always wondered when they have heard the teacher talk and such where he will say that, for example, that a Sufi has to spend a lot of time waiting.

The reason why a Sufi has to spend a lot of time waiting for things to change, or for the timing, is because they’re developing an alignment that takes them out of the collective, and yet they’re still subject to the influence of the general collective. And they have to let their alignment, their focus, their intent upon which they reach and create with the heart, they have to give that a chance and time to stimulate something in a manifested way.

That’s why the heart is so important. The heart gets depressed, or gets down, or gets dour, it creates a dour environment. And if the heart is upbeat, and it reaches for something, and is questing for something, it will generally keep working until it figures a way to do it.

And if it’s patient and waits and waits, and holds the line, and doesn’t crack, it will break through whatever the collective malaise is that stands there in the way.

This is an interesting dream just like mine was something that was temporary too but there’s a part of the dream that you didn’t cover, and that was the part where there was a certain grace or something, element that’s involved in getting the vehicle, and you didn’t feel that part, but you could have had that part added into the dream. And then you get to this other where you have to wait for something for the rest of the breakthrough.

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