Waiting for the Right Moment

grace-of-godJohn’s dream continues the theme from our last post (see An Energetic Progression). Here, he has encountered a delay in his process, one that is beyond his control. Rather than forcing the issue, he understands that waiting for the right moment to proceed, with a focus and attention, is the best way to stay within the grace of what is allowed in a given time frame. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The dreams played with this timing element, and they played with focus – a person having to have a particular focus – which eventually wins and causes something to happen. And then when it does happen, then you have to contend with what you caused to manifest.

But because of your focus and your attention, if there’s grace involved from the very beginning, in terms of what was needing to unfold, then all that’s required is maybe a little waiting, and it will all balance itself out, it will all come together.

The dream I have starts out where I’ve accepted the challenge in which I’m having to handle, or market, or bring out a product from an isolated canyon area, and I’ve chosen to do it after there’s been a heavy snowfall, kind of like a first snowfall.

Because it’s a canyon area, it’s like getting the rock out or something. Because it’s a canyon area, once it snows in, you could be trapped, but I’ve been very creative, and I’ve been able to get a lot of the product out before the snow has compacted. In other words, while it was still light, even though a lot of it came down.

I got out even more than I expected I’d be able to get out, and so I’m kind of impressed. But now it’s at the end of the day, and the snow is compacted, and this makes for treacherous conditions, because now it’s slick. So when it compressed and compacted it makes it slippery, and so I’m shut in with my equipment.

I had gauged, and was hoping, that the snow would melt completely, but it didn’t. And so the gamble didn’t pay off, it didn’t work out, and so I’m momentarily trapped, or stuck with my equipment and such by the snow that remains.

But I’m kind of relieved at the same time, because I’m amazed, as I look at how much I was able to figure out how to get out under these conditions until, of course, I got to the point where I was trapped.

But the initial snowfall, the challenge that I overcame, I can that tell even though the grace, which snow represents grace, just like milk is grace, and sugar is grace, and white stuff like that’s grace, I could tell that in spite of how that was where it was initially one way, and now that it has gotten the flip side where it’s compacted, that those current conditions will pass.

But for now I must wait, and this interlude actually is providing me a moment to step back and take note of what was accomplished, through the focus that persevered, so that I can adjust to what needs to be taken into account as I go forward with the next step, or proceed again – when I’m able to proceed again. For the moment I just have to take note.

The meaning is I have successfully taken on a challenge and done better than expected. However, the initial snowfall is both a grace and a limitation. The limitation is when the snow that didn’t melt got compacted, and the result was slippery conditions that shut me in with my equipment.

However, it seems to me that even though I’m momentarily challenged, or stymied, that I can feel inside me that this will pass, or that I’m going to figure it out. But at the same time, all of that involves a process of time, and so I don’t know when that time and possibility is going to suddenly open up.

So in my dream I’m studying and studying the situation to figure out what to do about this now. I have to accept that I’ve gotten this far for a reason, and I can feel that something else is going to be at my disposal – but maybe not right at the moment.

So the scenario is, at worst, a temporary condition that I may have to wait out. Patience isn’t one of my strong suits. In this dream, I’m compelled to monitor the situation as I mark time, confident that this temporary pause is destined to pass in the near future.

So I worked with time in one way, and you worked with time in terms of adding another component to it – in terms of consciousness. And you worked with time in terms of recognizing habits, how habits play a part in an element of time.

In other words, where you repeat something over, and over, and over, and over again, and you soothe yourself with that habit. And then you learn to drop the habit, and then that shifts you to another consciousness, and then in the other consciousness, in this other zone, then that which you need to help facilitate, and balance things out, sometimes you have to wait for.

In other words, that steam room there isn’t open yet. You had motion, a lot of motion, in your dream, a lot of traveling in your dream, or a lot of transitioning in your dream. And in my case I was more… I did something in a balderdash way and now have gotten to a point where I have to pause, and inflect, and wait – before something else can be done further.

What I did was okay, what I did was right, what I did was meant to be, but now you have the consequences of it. That is something that the masculine has to contend with every time it takes and goes and jars something in the outer – it has to deal with the consequences of things. It has shaken the seed thought of life itself.

And when the feminine shifts, it shifts in relationship to an overallness. In other words, your initial mannerism had an overallness in which you did this, and then you had this for that, and then you had that for that, and that made a cadence, and then all of a sudden that had to be taken away, and when that dropped off, out of all of that evolved a greater consciousness.

But it’s not all put together yet, so it has more of the overallness, and mine has more of the wish-wash. I mean this is miserable to have to contend with having to tumble and stumble with the variables. It’s kind of like better just to sit there and just be able to sit back in one way and just say hmmm, very interesting what’s unfolding.

And yet it is working the same way in you, too. There is a certain focus and attention. It’s just that it’s not on as loud a channel. The masculine channel is loud that way. The feminine channel is more subjective in its overallness.

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