A Wayward Way

BabycrocodilesinwaterIn Jeane’s dream, she finds herself being captured and traveling down a river. Her captors control her by releasing crocodiles into the water. What would cause such a scenario? When we lose our connection to the heart, something in our deeper connection, to all things and to the grace of God, is missing, and that makes us susceptible to the vagaries of the external world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I lost most of my dreams. I just remember kind of a middle dream, and the middle dream, the part of it I remember, it’s like I’ve been captured, one other person and I had been captured by someone, and they’ve put us in this submersible in the middle of a river – because I know it had a current to it.

And when you got inside the submersible, it’s almost like there was another dome that you were put in that was half in and half out of the water, I mean that I was and the other person, so that our head would be where you had a dome over it, and maybe part of your body would be in the water. And then there was another submersible above you so you could see out, and they were taking us somewhere, of course, going down the river with the current.

One of the things in order to control us a bit, is they’d release some small crocodiles in the river, but I just seemed to have an attitude towards these crocodiles. If they came near me I just kind of kicked them in the snout.

I was looking around and kind of knew we were being transported somewhere. I didn’t seem to be too worried about it. I was already focused on what was going to go on next, because the next thing I remember I’m focused actually on taking some measurements of myself, like the ankles and the calves and everything, because I want to get back to losing weight, and I want to be able to measure first where I am now, before I go to where I am next.

And I’m just kind of irritated with the whole thing of having been captured, and the crocodiles. I don’t seem to be taking it the way they would think you would. I just don’t remember the dream before or after that.

John: The whole thing is functioning based upon you having an observation that doesn’t take into account an important thing, and that is you’re not using kind of a center inside you that comes from the heart – in terms of the observation.

Thus, as you go about, you’re continually trying to make it about something. In other words, it’s like if you don’t have this connection to something that comes from the heart, then you’re apt to be captured, then you’re apt to get yourself into a contanglement, into trouble.

And then if you’re in trouble, or astray, or out floating over water, you can’t quite contend, or deal, with anything because the scenario you’re in releases crocodiles that continually keep the danger astir.

And then when it comes to something else that’s compelling you to do something from within, you have to measure this, and measure that, in order to determine and form a baseline from which to try to see, in terms of what you’re doing  – if this is making sense.

All of these things, all of the activities that you’re doing are conduct and action, in which something is missing. In other words, you wouldn’t have gotten captured if something wasn’t missing. You wouldn’t be in a scenario in which crocodiles are being released in the environment as you’re trying to float across this.

You wouldn’t be in a scenario where you would have to be indulgent, and worry, about appearances, and the way that something is shaping up, if there wasn’t something amiss or astray.

What’s astray is a filter mechanism upon which your life is guidelined through the heart. To the degree to which you’re out of touch with that, and you’re meant to be in touch with it, is when you set in motion various images. And for each person the images can be different, in terms of how it is that they feel themselves in their wayward way.

And in your particular case, when you’re out of touch with how it is that you feel that you need to be, or when you’re feeling that you’re scoping to try to find that and it’s missing, and you’re searching for it, you end up seeing yourself as kind of being caged.

And if you are adrift on something, there are crocodiles being released around you, or you’re continually having to take the measure of yourself in relationship to the situation you’re in, in terms of what you’re doing to try to make something happen, and all of those things have an intangible that isn’t being taken into account, which has to do with the heart’s effect, and role to play, as a medium of awareness in everything that you do.

That’s kind of hard to see, isn’t it? Can you see that?

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