Light and Sound

spfcc1In John’s dream, he finds himself observing a man and a woman, representing two aspects of the inner listening center through which we can connect to greater knowings – knowings which don’t come from us. As as neutral observer, he can see how both aspects have their validity and need to come together to create the full picture.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream deals with it in a slightly different way, which is orienting the sight, which is objective, an objective kind of sight. But how that objective sight works in relationship to something that comes from another place, or another zone.

In your particular case (see Beyond the Hiddenness), it is something that’s in the overall, but housed within, in an unconsciousness. In my particular case, it is two different listening centers that need to be combined as one, in order to create the knowingness.

And so I describe the traits of these two listening centers by way of a combinational, or coming together, relationship that involves two people.

In the dream I am with two others, and it’s like these two are meeting, coming to know each other or something, and I seem to be like kind of a watcher, or a facilitator or something. And we’ve gathered at a little café, and we’re coming off of a food line or something in which he has gotten a hot drink, and I don’t know what she has gotten, and he’s walking over to select the table.

He kind of picks the first thing that’s available, because he’s very basic like that. And of course the woman is more speeded up than he is, and he’s more of this quiet steady type who listens for the body orientation, and she’s faster and comes to conclusions and insights quicker, but which can be too abrupt and its speeded up, and maybe not rooted enough, so that can affect her listening center. So if she would settle back more she could be more present.

So in the dream you get the first inflection that there’s a little bit of a gap there, because I can tell that she flinches a little bit by the table he sat at. She would have probably picked something more private and more oriented in a better spatial way, and he’s more grounded and has more of a sense of holding the energy.

So he has gotten a hot drink in which the container cup has finger places, where you can put your fingers to hold it so that you can handle the heat. In other words, this cup is designed to retain the heat in the best way and yet not burn you – and heat of course is energy – and yet still be something that a person can carry.

Of course he points this out to her as he is selecting the table to sit at, which would not have been her choice. She just kind of surrenders to that because even though she would have picked something with a different energetic and spatial acuity, she can feel his groundedness and rootedness.

And so she goes along with that because she somehow respects and honors the fact that he doesn’t dwell on this part of himself. In other words, it’s not an important sensation for him, but that doesn’t mean he’s slighting her in any regard.

She just kind of understands. She then proceeds to comment about the cup saying that the finger holdings that are designed in it still have to absorb some of the heat when you hold the cup, so even though this is a good design to try to retain the energy there still is going to be a loss of heat no matter what you do.

This is a guy who talks very slowly and his language is, because of his slow rootedness, sometimes a bit jumbled. That is because he speaks from the center within, more than from the synaptic of a speeded up mind. For example, he says the word cider and she says, “You meant Khidr, didn’t you?”

And I can follow the dialogue and say, “No, he meant Nimrod and is trying to project an image through the word nimrider, which isn’t a proper word.” I can tell because I can follow the projected imagery of the space he is in. That’s very interesting.

In this dream two different energy centers are coming into cohesion. The feminine has a better overall spatial orientation, and the feminine is an innerness. And my sensation is not an outwardness, it’s an innerness, and can tell when there is a better environmental sensation.

In other words, if you can bring the inner into the outer you could tell in that sense it gives you a better sense of environmental sensation. But the guy didn’t pay attention to this sort of mannerism, because he has placed his attention upon observing, within himself, a kind of more body-oriented, rooted inflection as being more meaningful.

It too is coming from the inner, but he’s listening to it in a different way. He seeks to hold a balance and groundedness as important. In this it makes him seem slower than her. She sees the energetic vibrancy and speed to be more important, knowing that however it is that you try to maintain, you can’t overcome certain barriers in the physical.

She points out this dynamic by saying that even when you have grounded something in a container to retain the energetic balance, you still lose it slowly in the outer no matter how sophisticated a means you have to try to hold it.

This guy’s approach to retain the energy that is held within, is meeting a woman who grasps the energy by her synaptic inflective speed. The two need to come together to be more whole. He tends to feel something, and in speaking knows what he is trying to project, but of course it needs a different speed in order to create the imagery.

And she tends in her speed and sight to gauge the energetic with a synaptic acuity that is instinctively energetically, and naturally energetically, more quickened. I’m able to follow both of them, so when he garbles a word I know the image behind it, and can correct it to help carry the inflection through.

She hears what he is saying as having a Khidr type of depth of mystery, because she knows that she can relate energetically through an acuity that is etheric. And I correct by saying it’s a Nimrod channel of being.

The distinction makes a lot of difference in terms of the listening, therefore a kind of hearing, and its meaning. Khidr is coming from a speeded up zone in which the depth of insight goes beyond the senses, and Nimrod is a listening center within, which is more rooted to the body being grounded. I just naturally knew that about Nimrod. I had to wait to get that to come through, and then I went to look it up to see if it was correct.

She is more expansive in her overall spatial acuity in the universe of life. He is more attentive to the inner sensation that stirs within. Nimrod, and this is what Nimrod is, is a mighty hunter and power in the earth. See, I had that right.

Jeane: I didn’t even know there was a Nimrod.

John: Oh, you didn’t? I looked it up.

Khidr is an energetic from the container expanse of the universe that relates more etherically. The earth energy depicts in a more grounded way. The synaptic energy relates to reflections as if they come from afar, as if etheric. The two combined create a knowing center in which the blackboard images that Nimrod catches up with, and the inner working inflective insights of Khidr reach a cadence.

The purpose of the dream is for me to look at both energetics as essential, needing to work together, to augment the “as above, so below” sight that my consciousness is awakening up to.

Each of these dreams, your dream had to do with you looking at a means of accessing a listening center, or communication connection, to a quality of something that you know is there. In other words, you’re zeroing in on it even though it has a sensation of being unconscious or lost.

You’re zooming and zeroing in on that, and as you take and as you hold the ripples of things in terms of that housed within, you’re slowly getting the bead so that it comes out into your knowingness – so you know whether something is right or not right, or balanced, or however it is, even though you don’t necessarily fully come to grips with it, because that’s a type of completeness that is more than what the mind and the senses can grasp.

But you can still catch up and know it. It’s said, being able to know something without actually seeing the light, so you’re working with that as a listening center.

And I’m working with the listening center that has to do with kind of a light and a sound. The sound is slower and more rooted in something that then is a type of manifestation and earthiness, and in its rootedness can be pretty mighty in terms of taking and making things happen.

But that doesn’t go anywhere, and goes in circles, and gets lost if it doesn’t have the inflective insight that comes on through, which is more etheric and more speeded up, which takes into account the bigger picture.

But you have to put the two together in order to have something that then is listening properly to the communication, and language, of what is meant to be, from both above and below, or in other words, having pulled the two together.

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