Closing the Distance

higherself7In yesterday’s dreams (see Ride the Tiger), Jeane struggled, because she thought the solutions to what she faced could be sorted out with the tools of her outer life, i.e., mind and reason. This third dream in the series shows how she has progressed from the water’s edge of her unconscious – to be at the border to the inner world of her higher self. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The third dream I don’t remember quite so well, but it felt I was with a couple of men that were border guards – but they were actually smugglers. We were actually all smuggling something in, but then, because they’re border guards, and they’re suddenly afraid they’re going to get discovered, they have to fake a fight or something, and maybe the fight goes too far and one of them is injured, and I’m kind of shocked by that.

John: You basically have progressed those other two dreams to coming right to the edge between two worlds.

In other words, first of all in order to get from the zone in which you’re doing everything in the outer, cleaning the stained glass windows, to recognizing that there is a getting there, which is somewhere else, that you then take that to where you have the water down at another point, and you’re at another point of which you still have this distance.

In the third dream, you have taken the distance out of those first two dreams and you’re now at the border, and so you’re now contending with what’s involved in terms of stepping from one side into the other. It’s not easy to do because there’s a lot of friction and calamity that can happen at the border, which is what you’re seeing, what the border guards fighting?

Jeane: Well, the border guards were actually smugglers, but they were also border guards.

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, the object is to storm this thing. You’re now there. How is it possible that you go from a world of density, physical nature, manifestation, into the world of the infinite – to your true soul? 

How is that possible? How do you smuggle your way into doing that? So, they fight and they smuggle and that’s the object, but the first two dreams, the interesting thing is you’ve progressed those first two dreams to where you’re now at that point where this has to be resolved, and there’s a certain degree of calamity and friction there.

In other words, you’re not finding it smooth. You’ve gotten to the border and you’re not finding it smooth. There’s like a barrier there, just like there was the barrier when supersonic travel was first developed, there was the barrier of, how do you do that? Because the plane vibrates and shakes before it breaks the sound barrier, and now, of course, they’ve figured that out and you don’t even have those sonic booms or all of that sort of stuff anymore, when before it was like a block, it was an issue, and eventually it just goes away.

Well, for you, you’ve taken it to a point where it hasn’t yet gone away, but at least you’re not doing the noodling in the first dream like you’re going to actually get somewhere rolling the tools around in your hand, which is the stained glass that can refract the light, which can cause a certain consciousness to be there differently.

You’re going to roll that around and clean it up and make it happen on your own. In that dream you’re a little bit wayward with that idea, when eventually you will just get there, and “get there” doesn’t have any definition to it. It’s just like boom, you’re suddenly conscious or something, and when you’re conscious, or when you get there, that’s when it’s clean. And all of this other effort kind of makes a mockery of that, and from that of course, you give up I guess.

I guess that causes you to give up, or let go of it, in a certain capacity, instead of all of this doingness with trying to clean the stained glass window. And so you give up, and when you give up you realize the raw energy, the seed thought of things, is not going to let you get away with it.

You have to ride that down into where the water is, and so, okay, that becomes understood, and so the next thing you know you’re like at the water’s edge, or in this case at the border between two sides of things, and how do you then go from one state into the other? 

Because once you go into the depths of the water, it’s like an unconsciousness. It’s a whole different zone. It’s like smuggling because something in the depths has to be reached and understood and brought out and back, and caught up with, and owned, and something of your ignorance has to be able to make that step, or dive, and so you sit there and you’re trying to apply the values yet. Okay, this is smuggling, and yet at the same time they’re fighting, but you are at the border.

That’s a big step compared to the first two dreams, where you’re going to do this on your own and then the cats wouldn’t leave you alone. They had their idea of how it could be done, the masculine energy, the seed thought of things. So, this is an interesting, progressed dream.

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