A Spark from the Human

macroprosopusHere we continue the discussion from yesterday (see Out of the Cesspool), where John offers a beautiful description of the importance of a human life to God and all of creation. It is through a human’s energetic processes that we can have a evolutionary effect through all the levels of creation. Which means that everything we do and think is important. Yet this is only true when we get out of our day-to-day myopia, and begin to understand our relationship to the Whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So as it happens in the microcosm of things, a person becomes something that, when you actually are paying attention, and watching things as they’re unfolding in the outer, there is an energetic, in terms of what is off and what is wrong, which feeds across to you as you’re watching this in the outer, and that sets in motion vibrations that funnel all the way through your life.

In other words, whatever’s off in some overall big capacity, tends to then funnel in and permeate through and affect how you are conducting yourself on your day-to-day. In other words, you’re carrying that vibration in some regard.

Now, what’s interesting is a human being then seeks to resolve that vibration in terms of what they’re doing on a day-to-day level. In other words, they attempt to figure out how to bicycle differently in terms of how they are conducting themselves externally.

That microcosmic approach also has an effect, that microcosmic approach is a minute way of dealing with something that you have absorbed as an energetic imbalance, in terms of something that you feel that you can try to contend with in your day-to-day world.

As you resolve that, or find a means by which to resolve that, in the day-to-day, that means that what you find is also a solution on a breakthrough energetic that then handles the bigger picture as well.

You don’t see it that way, however, because you don’t see yourself in this larger context. In other words, this little solution that you make on something that can seem fairly benign, this activity over access and the cesspool of things that have been carefully built up, which is no different than the way everything has gotten in the big picture of things, and so you’re looking at some little microcosmic aspect of this whole thing.

The degree to which you resolve, or handle, that, creates a vibration that goes through all of the levels. In other words, it goes from the human being as a means of breaking through. It permeates as a vibratory note, which is important in terms of how something breaks through in the Wholeness of things, the overall of things, and because what is going on in the Wholeness of the world – and it is another level separate from inner levels, because “as above, so below” – it then permeates all the way from there all the way up into these upper levels as well, because it’s designed to work that way.

In other words, the higher consciousness on these other levels is not somehow closer to God, although the concept is. In terms of man, in his limited faculties, he’d love to believe that that is so.

What is actually closer to God is the human being, but he doesn’t know that. And what the human being goes through to make the breakthroughs, which seem so trite, and seem so insignificant, is actually that which goes all the way through. It goes into the Whole, goes from the Whole all the way through into the inner, and becomes an answer and note that can be picked up on the inner. It comes as a spark from the human being.

That’s why it’s light rising up to touch light. Now, to begin with, you have to somehow or another make yourself available for something to inflect through, so that you let go of your spin, and your cesspool, in which you go around and around and choke yourself with.

You have to let go of that. And if you can let go of that, so that something kind of comes down, then you can create a spark that breaks the chains of that dynamic that you’re caught in, as an overall vibration in the schematic of creation, the way creation exists in the Whole, that also affects all the way to the microcosm of how you live.

If you break through on the level of the microcosm, into which something is hitting you, your spiritual life and your outer life are actually aligned and more so than you realize or know. If you make that breakthrough, then you go straight on through –  but you don’t know that.

All you know is you saw some little hiccup in front of you. You don’t realize that you’ve actually put into force a means by which the predicament of it all can get resolved. So what you have to do is, you have to look at the whole thing as a dream of the Whole, if you want to see how the microcosmic thing can actually become an answer for the Whole.

In other words, what does this dream suggest or imply, or the scenario within this dream suggest and imply? It suggests that you have to have a type of letting go, because as long as you continue to spin under the nuances of what’s thrown at you, continuously, you’re never going to get out of the trick box, or the Rubik’s Cube.

And as you let go, and as you shift, and as you take on a bigger schematic, and a bigger picture, then that other still thrashes about and it still does everything in its power to try to cheat and deceit you, but you can’t relate to it – in its terms.

That cheat and deceit is infiltrated through all; in other words, it is so well put together that it essentially has answers for anything that you could possibly come up with, and you can’t outthink it. You don’t want to try to outthink it. You have to simply out shift it.

It can’t shift a human being that connects inside and recognizes that something is meant to shift, can shift, and when a human being shifts, that shift is a shift that is considered a process of consciousness.

That process, in that shift, infuses the vibration and the note, which causes something to be able to be recognized and to be seen. If a human being never shifts, if a human being is caught by the collective malaise of things, then nothing changes.

You may find a means of taking off a little of the relief, but you don’t really address the problem fully and, therefore, the process doesn’t go all the way through – it becomes blocked. The process only works when you actually take and create the energetic shift in the microcosm, to a way that you hold the note of that, as a vibration in the macrocosm, to the point that as you become even more conscious, you become aware of other levels that carry that onward, and forward, and through, all with your feet on the ground as a human being.

Who catches up with this one? That’s why there are all of these discussions in Sufism, is which is greater, the saint or the student? And technically the saint’s under orders. He’s trying to bring something down and through.

The reason why the discussion is such a strange discussion is because it’s the human being that triggers the capacity of things – once they get the memo somehow, that they are told over and over and over and over again. But the reason why a person has to suffer is because they keep saying no.

They refuse to let the memo come through. That’s why you’re told once, you’re told twice, the third time you get whacked. That whacking is a suffering, and so technically you’re here to suffer. You learn by way of suffering, and the whacking is part of the process. Well, it’s part of the process because a human being has got to break out of this trance.

What they’re doing in the outer is tremendously important, in terms of not just the overall vibration in the world, but it goes way beyond that because there are levels that go on top of levels, and they’re all inside of you. And you don’t have any sense of that as a general rule, when you’re dealing with something that is just trite, and in front of you, bugging the dickens out of you on a day-to-day level.

You have no idea that that is the ticket through it all, and yet that’s a wonderful thing that a human being can actually carry that. When you realize this, the thought comes up then, perhaps there is a whole misconception that’s being put out there that you actually go somewhere and never come back. I’m not sure about that anymore.

The Buddhist don’t actually believe that. They believe that you have to keep coming back until all of humanity is taken forward to somewhere. In the Sufism Naqshband tradition, there’s the belief that you’re not going to have to come back.

Does that mean then, that you sit on some other level, at the mercy of the aspect of a consciousness of something in creation that is the ticket, and it doesn’t even know that it’s the ticket?

Do you sit back there, almost holding your breath, hoping that it gets the memo and you are kind of helpless to make or create any change, because it has to equivocate through the human being, and the doggone human being – you’re sitting there as a force trying to slay the human being into that awareness?

In other words, the friend that kills its friend to get the memo, to cause the whole thing to snap and to start going in motion and create the change – is this where we’re going? Is we’re the higher consciousness energy that cracks the whip on something that actually does the job?

Or do we want to stay and be the person in creation, get into creation, and somehow or another, actualize that for what it’s really all about? And realizing that to do that is a wonderful, wonderful challenge, and that you don’t actually catch up with God, or aspire to the creator, by some sort of transcendent approach.

You catch up to God, the creator, by being directly involved in the here and now, in the outer, of which you are able, then, to peek around the curtains of things, which means the levels of things in the Whole, and then the levels as well beyond the Whole of creation. And that’s an amazing place to be.

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