The Importance of Being Human

Adam and Eve - The Sparks=JanetShafner-comContinuing our exploration of human purpose and the role we all can play in the evolution of creation, here Jeane’s dream shows her trying to manage her way into her inner depths. To do so, she must trust and have faith, otherwise the veils of personal psychologies or defense mechanisms can prevent her. What is ultimately prevented is the human response to the call of creation.(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember that much of my dreams. I mean, I know the early dream had something to do with a doctor I was seeing, but I just don’t remember that much about that one. 

The second dream was kind of odd. It’s like I’m in this yellow stairwell, so it goes way down, except it’s not really a stairwell. It’s kind of like a space with some walls, and it has kind of a jutting out across from it, and I’m kind of standing in a precarious position where there’s no place to get down – there are no stairs right there.

So everybody has some suggestions on how I should get down. And I have a sense it’s actually somebody else’s space I’m in. I kind of get them to go away because they want me to get down, in what looks like the safest way to go, over to some side and do this or that. 

As soon as they leave the whole area, they’re down below because it’s a long fall, as soon as they leave this little space I kind of jump across the space to an area where there’s just a little something that comes out like a couple of feet – like a cutout. 

I feel like I can turn around there in some way that suddenly it opens it up, so that when I make it I can jump well to another spot, where I actually land on some stairs and you walk down. But I don’t do any of that when they’re around because it just looks too dangerous, and it doesn’t look like the logical way to get down. 

But I figure out it’s actually the way I know I can get down, but it would make everybody else too nervous if they had to watch it.

John: That’s an interesting symbolic dream. You’re shortening these things up now, too.

First of all you had something where it had to do with a doctor. Didn’t seem like much, but if you felt and caught the vibration, what you were doing was, you were working with the process inside of you to shake something through. In other words, to try to break out of a malaise, or weightiness, or overbearing quality in life upon your being. 

When you’re seeing a doctor, it’s like you’re having to contend with something that’s out of balance, which on a physical level reflects a type of bewilderment, a bewilderment in terms of a connection that, in its ideal, goes all the way through the various levels of things.

Well, to get through the levels of things, you have to reach a way of hearing the note inside yourself. And so you do this by realizing that to go down into the depths, or a cavern, or however it is that you’re dropping into to do that, you have to put your undivided attention into holding onto some sense of focus, and attention, or a knowingness, and you feel it vibrationally, as a sensation in the heart.

And in order to feel that you can’t have people watching you, or observing you too directly – because you are them – and whatever their doubts are, and concerns, about the fear of the situation, or whether it’s workable, or however they quibble with that, would create the veils that would get in the way.

What you’re doing is you’re recognizing, inside of you, the means of something that is awakening inside of you that you trust, and have faith, and connect to that. And it is in that means, by connecting to that, that on a sensation level you just know what to do next, and next, and next, and next in order to be able to keep going down, or penetrating through a process that would normally be limiting to you and close to impossible – if it had to be sorted out in relationship to everybody’s perspective and opinion in a malaise.

What you’re doing is you’re getting yourself out of the malaise. What you’re doing is you’re doing what’s necessary to catch up with a listening center or a knowingness.

What kind of knowingness, or listening center, is it that you’re catching up with? Well, if the feminine can get out of the preening quality that is becoming evident, and has been exposed by some person who boasted a response on a site involving an article called “The Wall,” that the women who are responding are acting like they’re the cat’s meow in some sort and this guy responds and says, “It doesn’t work that way either, and who do they think they are.”

He has it correctly. That’s exactly right. In order to catch up with this quality that you carry housed inside of you as a completeness, you have to somehow shift in terms of being able to hear that real loudly inside. And you hear it by way of how it vibrates as a sensation inside you. 

The masculine actually has, moreso than the feminine, another tool, that when it comes from this feminine principle of inner knowingness awakens, because it awakens through creation, the masculine quality actually has another tool that seems to open up. It’s kind of like which came first, the chicken or the egg kind of quality, because the energetic comes down into life and touches life much like a masculine seed.

It awakens then as a knowingness that’s imbedded in life through the feminine creative quality, which is linked to everything in creation, where it carries a connection to a completeness that it can’t grasp, and sits mooded out, and caught up in a state of bewilderment and suffering. And the suffering is because it’s not able to shake it through, and it is trying to shake through to it.

Why is it trying to shake through it? The reason why it’s trying to shake through it is so it can shift. If it can shake through it, it can shift. And if it shifts, it shifts through various levels, and when the shift occurs there is a kind of echo that you can feel. And the echo sweeps you right into a blissful state in the heart, which is normally not recognizable or realizable because a human being is always under some impingement or another.

But to the degree to which you penetrate through that, you then get that dense little echo that can only be described as a quality of a type of bliss of the heart. What the masculine has that’s one more tool than the feminine has, which is a paradox, is at that point in time the masculine can announce it, and it comes through the voice. And as it hears it in the voice, it knows that it’s true just by the way the voice resonates to the echo of that which was hidden.

It knows it to be true, and it can become so loud and such a force of conviction that it effectuates itself wherever it is spoken. It reaches out and touches and sets in motion a process that awakens, similarly, this inflection.

Well, as it is doing this, this actually is a quality of light rising up to touch light, is another way of saying it, so that then it hits the state that is back at the true home where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, which is the state of bliss. And so what you have, then, is a full cycle with a knowingness that comes all the way through, from the creator into creation, and back to the creator. And in that full cycle something can change – when you make that full cycle and journey. 

What we’re describing is the reason why there is a human being, because when the human being takes and he does this, when that becomes possible, so that a shift is actually able to happen, that shift may seem very innocuous in terms of whatever it is that a human being is doing in some dense little way in the outer.

And where you suddenly get that joy or bliss or whatever that tickles, tweaks, that runs like little fingers on the heart, or however you would call it, that’s not just in creation. The reason why it resonates the way it resonates, and just seems to keep coming to you in wave after wave, is because it goes right through to all kinds of levels above.

In other words, not just below but also above, because it really is above and below and so on. I mean, it’s all twined together and now you’ve linked it. 

So, noticing this sort of thing points out the importance of why there is a human being. The human being has this very, very high principle that he is the organic chemistry upon which change is able to be effectuated on and through all of these other levels.

In other words, it has to come from the most basic, the so-called lowest, most organic point from the rootage of creation. It has to come from there into and through the various levels, and when it does that, that is when the penetration of awareness that effectuates things on ways that go beyond what the mind can possibly comprehend, occurs, in all of these different levels of being.

And at that time you can see and get a sense of those levels of being; when you’re under pressure or under assault and get caught in your defense mechanisms, you can’t. And that is facilitated through the awareness that awakens to the state of a quality that you feel in the heart, which is a type of joy or bliss.

What I found was interesting last night was, first it can become like a sensation and that’s what you were working on, was the sensation. Then it triculates back to the masculine in terms of a loudness even in the voice that just announces it or something.

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