A Lineage Connection

milkyway3In this dream image, a grandmother appears to be getting senile, or losing her connection to the people around her. Yet as a symbolic image, a grandmother can represent a lineage, or the heritage of a line – whether of a family, or the feminine. From that perspective, letting go (senility, in this case) can be a good thing, because it makes possible a deeper connection that can then be brought into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My last dream seemed to focus on the fact that my father’s mother, my grandmother, was going to come visit, and there was some situation going on at home that we knew was going to upset her. But on the way to see us, she fell in with this group of like hillbillies, or something like that, kind of an itinerant group. And she’s gone off with them but she is coming by the house. 

Now, we know that some situation that is going on is going to be stressful to her, but when we arrive we see that she has gone senile, and in this state has forgotten a lot about us. She still kind of recognizes us; she comes to visit.

But the situation that would have upset her before, she can’t really see now to get upset about, or she won’t relate to it anyway. Then when she goes off I also realize that the other thing that this senile state has done for her is, it’s actually freed her up to be comfortable with the people that she’s with now, whereas they’re not people she would have been comfortable with otherwise. 

So we have mixed feelings. In some ways we would like her to be the way she was, and to remember and be involved in all of our issues, but if she were she’d be a lot more unhappy.

John: Well, that’s a very interesting one, because to begin with it starts off with what you would see as a type of back step in which, if you come into life with the intention of coming closer, in other words the idea is your grandmother is coming to visit you, but in the process of coming closer she gets caught up in the collective environment about her that means well, I mean, the hillbillies of things, they mean well. That’s their way of living.

That causes a delirium to set in, in which she actually is letting go then, almost in an amnesic sense, of other indulgences that made sense to her in terms of how she saw herself as a guiding force coming in to effectuate the importance of the situation.

She let go of how she needed to bring in a certain kind of insight and wisdom, and in letting go of that, the paradox that happens is she actually was letting go of a limitation that she was inadvertently connected with as well, and so she caught up with a type of innocence that’s very freeing and very refreshing. 

In terms of one looking at themselves, it creates this whole kind of bewildered sense. It can be like a bewildered sense, but then you realize there is a lot of depth in it to be able to actually be free like this.

In other words, it’s like the grandmother coming to visit is very meaningful in terms of bringing in some sort of lineage and heritage, but whatever the grandmother is bringing in, even though it may be important and helpful in and of itself, in terms of a process that you feel – being the recipient of this awakening from the grandmother energy of the lineage – it also has its stresses and low points in terms of how it has had to contend with things.

And that weighs something down because even though it’s more open and conscious, it’s not quite as free as it can be. So when it allows itself to just let go to the malaise of everything that is happening in creation, and not get so contangled in things having to be under a particular set definition, similitude is the word. And a lot of tariqas work with this idea that things incarnate and come together in a type of similitude or closeness, but the degree to which they then develop is kind of filtered in relationship to a collective whole – if a person can drop the filtering.

In other words, maybe that was important in order to make a certain kind of recognition or connection in terms of the inner lineage, but if one can let go of that then you no longer have kind of a push off, or arms length distance, between yourself and the collective, or the outer.

In other words, you can carry forth a type of beingness that can touch all of that. Well, from the standpoint of those who are caught in a particular kind of modality in which they’ve gotten accustomed to the language, and the mannerisms, looking, and appearing, and being in a particular way, initially this can feel like something got lost, or bewildered, or amnesic.

But then upon closer reflection you realize that it has taken a huge step because you recognize that there’s something that got freed up, and that there’s a greater heartfulness. But the means by which you were able to understand or access this, those means, that channel is no longer open to you specifically in just that way. 

You have to look at this and take it in in relationship to something more having been added to the note, or the equation. In other words, you are now accepting, for example, the hobo vibe, or whatever that energetic is. And realizing that there’s nothing wrong with the hobos, that they shouldn’t have been excluded in the first place, but you didn’t know how to do it at one point in time any other way.

To begin with you had to bicycle around inside yourself in order to try to develop a kind of alignment and clarity, but then in doing so you limited yourself and now you need to break through that set definition in order to take in, and take on, a greater Whole.

This is actually a very, very deep dream because it portrays a problem that I’ve been wondering about, and I haven’t been the only one wondering about this. I could tell the teacher has been wondering about this too, and that is that the history of kind of the unfoldment of man, in the esoteric sense of life, has a storybook line that has a lot to do with the breakthroughs of very specific actions through individuals, each in their own tariqa.

And it’s almost as if, yes, they echo close to each other, but they are in a set guideline and connection, tariqa-wise, and that the dilemma that exists is that the streamline guidelines, these various tariqas, exist almost separately from each other.

In other words, they are a body of vibration aimed in the same direction, but with slightly different notes or ways that they come together, or are guided, energetically by something like a teacher vibration, or a higher vibration. And within that approach comes a limitation, because in order to ultimately really shift things you have to let go of that because no one tariqa can do this.

In other words, it has to involve a greater coming together, or pulling together, and somehow or another you’re recognizing a certain kind of rejoicing. It’s like a type of rejoicing, but at a deeper level it’s a type of glee and bliss even, when you see the innocence of something very important, in terms of the lineage, having reached a point where it has swept in, or taken in, something else.

And to the degree to which you’re still caught in it having to be a very wonderful and deep connection as well, a connection to the lineage unfoldment, you’re now realizing that what you had been following there as a defined thread, you can’t necessarily put your finger on it – which the ability to do that is actually limiting – you can’t put your finger on that in the way that you usually did as a means to unfold and develop.

You now have to expand and take in a greater Whole, in order to get it, as it is now inflected and reflected by the grandmother who, in you, has blown all of the mechanizations out of the system simply because she has taken in another aspect of the overall that had been carefully set off to one side.

This is a significant and important dream because it’s adding this information that I’ve been pondering for some time, in that I don’t really accept the fact that something can’t shift, because that also means, if you really look at it, that you can only go so far in your spiritual process and then you’re stopped.

And I think under a very strict guideline, refined guideline, of tariqa vibration, you get to a point where something can’t shift, and that it becomes very important that the energy of a connective linkage reach out to a greater dimension in the overall again. And how can it do that when it has been ordered and guided to unfold in a particular vibratory way, and this particular vibratory way has predominated for ages and has gotten very evolved – but in its evolving it is blocked.

It is blocked because it works within the principle of similitude. It works within the principle of a group element that is somehow or another able to be more conscious, and therefore freer from the ordinary collective, and therefore is able to make a journey that isn’t possible for others who do not have that quickening. And, consequently, things have gotten so narrowed down that that energetic has gotten constipated.

It’s not a whole lot different than the Ashram setting that I described where people got onto this pathway of recognition that there was something about the outer that seemed to keep them disturbed because they recognized how they had gotten lost in it. And so now they go to the other extreme and they purge it, and the next thing you know they choke themselves out of their magic, or the inner ability to have something come through them.

In order for something to come through you, you have to allow a rising up from within, which bears the image of a type of density as well, but it isn’t a density that consumes you, like it consumes others, because it has been awakened in a sense by a type of inflection that set it into motion. 

You let go of the weight that you attached to the way you perceive things on that inception, and then when you do that then what rises up can rise up freely and as a light rising up to light. The importance of this to creation is this is what penetrates the levels of things and awakens things way beyond the manifest world.

The manifest world just seems to be the farthest reflection of how something is trapped in a constipation, and so the process of the way it works is that a higher self, and then from the higher self being more than the higher self, from a knowingness behind the higher self working with the higher self, that then works through the lower self, in other words creating the alignment and the linkage so that something then can come down as a light and touch a light, a type of light that is better described, or generally described, as totally complete in the feminine, but it’s the masculine use of energy that comes down and quickens this, so that then what rises up is this quality from within, housed within, imbedded within creation.

That then is the light that rises up, and as that light rises up it then is announced, just like it’s announced as the seed thought coming down, it is also announced as the light rising up going back. And it’s announced in a way so that that announcement is like penetrating it through those levels on the inner, because it’s almost like the old analogy that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

So you have the indulgence of something trapped in matter on one level of consciousness, you have to shake your head at, but you have to know how to quit shaking your head because from that something can then rise up and penetrate right through the wholeness of it all, on the inner levels as well.

And that is amazing that that sort of thing can happen, and a human being can feel this, can recognize this, by finally catching up with the part of the breath that stays dormant and hidden and quiet for a long, long, long time – and that’s the state of bliss on the in-breath.

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