Aligned to the Inner Need

light being2The exploration of the role humans are designed to play in the evolution of creation is shown here through a very simple image. As has been the theme recently, a human being is meant to be available to the energetic processes in creation. But that requires that we let go of our focus on our own world, and align ourselves to the purposes of what is higher. Otherwise, we cause ourselves needless suffering – by being out of alignment with everything else. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The schematic and theme, the subject matter, is what I ended up having to dream, and to begin with, you would have hardly guessed that this is what I was dreaming at the beginning. And so then I had to have a symbolic follow up dream to portray what I described. Because how you would arrive or catch up with it from just this is almost impossible to denote, because all that I’m doing is I’m just looking at a number of reservations.

Reservations mean limitations and whatnot. I’m looking at the whole schematic, and the number of reservations that a person can possibly have in a given chain of title. In other words, if you own a piece of property, of which we all own everything in life, you know, we are that piece of property so to speak, and you have all these various phases of ownership. 

You have the surface ownership, you have the mineral ownership, you have the timber ownership, there are the water rights, certain surface uses that are possible, some that might not be. And so what all the various reservations are, I’m taking and compiling an understanding of, as I look at that in relationship to a deed that I hold, noticing that it is not subject to any of those reservations. 

So when I am able to appreciate that I’m not subject to any of those reservations, I’m not negating something then. As a result I can tell that something in life is really ready to blow, meaning to explode, to go forward, to shift, to make a breakthrough. And so to denote this better, a person says, “This is really going to blow,” meaning it’s going to go up, it’s going to take off.

And then this has me pondering inside, how it is that I should ride the situation? In other words, to what degree can I expand some more then, or safely expand some more, without getting myself lost, or confused, or overweighted?

To write this up, I write it up as the vibration. I’m feeling within the energetic flow that is unfolding in life, and I align myself to feeling that vibration as a relationship to how it is that various levels within are aligned. 

How it is that I see this affecting various levels of awareness within, is important to what I feel I am compelled to do next. In other words, this is the connection. This is the connection that one has to make to the inner, so to speak, too.

What I am seeking to do is establish a flow and open movement, which can exist without the collective limitations that exist with other people who are caught up in dense reflections. I’m able to know that I am linked to a way that cuts through the maze, by feeling the sensation as it seems to have this quality that penetrates on every way that I can feel the sensation, which means it’s penetrating on lots of levels.

Then, you know, you’re never quite sure because it’s happening in kind of a resonation inside, so when you open your mouth you hear it in your voice. And when it is like that as well, you know that you’re carrying the penetration very deeply. You’re carrying it very deeply on the inner, and you’re penetrating it back into the outer, so you’re doing “above and below” almost in whiplash, or a split second kind of correspondence.

Ordinarily we suffer and suffer, typically in a state of bewilderment, not realizing that the reason for this is that we are seeking to bring through a vibration which shifts things in life. That’s why we suffer, that’s why we have the bewilderment, and it’s important that we have to go through that phase apparently because that is the shake out process.

The means to do this are bestowed upon a human being. In other words, the means to bring the vibration through, are bestowed upon a human being who aligns to the inner need, and catches up with the flow that comes both into and from creation. In other words, like I mentioned earlier, this is how a shift is made possible upon level after level, levels that we do not even necessarily know about.

It becomes possible on those levels as well, and we feel that as a sensation in which the heart dances with joy. When the heart isn’t able to blissfully rejoice, that is when the outer conditions predominate, which means of course you have the confusion on the inner as well. And when it’s like that, things are kept from rising up from creation to meet the light coming down.

A human being is meant to hear this, as well, as a note, as an organic revelation, which penetrates through and through from inner to outer and back. That’s kind of a masculine thing to hear it as a note, which becomes part of the voice. Initially you’re recognizing it as an awakening of something hidden in a sensation fashion.

So it is fascinating to denote that when it aligns the sensation then will come right into the voice as well. First it sifts and bleeds through via dreams, inflections, and symbolic dream-like images. There can be synchronicities in the outer, and all kinds of things like that in which it’s subtle.

Eventually, the vibrations become so sensationally loud, that when you open your mouth and speak you can hear it echoing in the voice, and know its truth by the blissful heartfelt note echoing therein as well.

That may seem to have been a bit much, you know, describing what was just a way of working beyond the reservations, and if one could say okay, maybe one needed a dream that had the symbolic inferences that portray all of this, and so then I have this dream.

In this dream, I’m finding an inner gorge of pure water, kind of like you might find in an Indiana Jones movie, where you go and all of a sudden you’re in this strange cavern and whatnot, and then there are the depths of water, which is trapped in there amongst the salt domes or whatever it is that holds it there. And how that water got there, well, that’s a mystery, too, but it’s pure water, and it doesn’t get any better than that kind of water. 

So I’m finding this within, which has reached through what was, as I was going through it, an arduous process. In other words, it wasn’t easy to get there. It was an arduous process and suddenly I’m there, and suddenly there’s that pure water. 

Now that I found the pure gorge of water, there’s a resonation that rises within, that fills me up with wonder as my heart sings to have discovered this. What I find amazing is this pure water is protected by the cavern, which it is located within, and even more surprising is that the salty ocean is nearby, but has not affected this pure water. 

The pure water accumulated over a long, long period of time by the rain water, representing grace, which fell from above, which imperceptibly seeped its way, and seemed to reach this contained cavern vessel that is reachable only when the time is right – or in the fullness of time.

All I wrote for a meaning was, this is very similar to the prior revelation that I was presenting, or laying out, except this dream provides the symbolic images for the inflection, from the heartfelt knowingness.

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