The Next Step

Gods-touchIn this dream image, Jeane takes a journey of discovery, where she learns to take on the responsibility of something she had taken for granted. That is a great analogy for the human journey, where we are meant to awaken to the life we have been given, and begin to take responsibility for it, and our role in creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just kind of remember my last dream. In that dream there’s a group of us living on an island, and there’s a resort that the people, who are the natives from the island, actually keep clean and they actually kind of trek quite a ways to the resort and keep it nice while we’re doing whatever we’re doing there. 

One day it’s like we go into the rooms and we’re shown that we’re supposed to clean the resort that day, and so they have us kind of line up and we go over to an elevator, and as we get on the elevator it’s like there’s almost like a book that goes on to the elevator. 

It’s a long elevator, and on each page of the book you would put like a cleaning supply and solution, because there’s a certain way they clean everything there, so on one page and one room, that’s a first step, and then you would go through until you got to the last page of the book, and those would be the tools and the cleaning solution for whatever the last bit of the cleaning that’s done, or polishing whatever. 

You’re working in partners in a way, and as you took the tools in the book, and got on the elevator, every time one of us stepped on the elevator the front part of the elevator floor dipped down a little bit more until we’re kind of all scrunched up against the back wall kind of hanging on because you feel like the floor could go out from under you. 

And then we must have gone down the elevator or up, I don’t remember that part, because now we’re outside traveling between where the natives lived and the resort that you’re going to clean. It feels like this is a difficult trek, actually. 

At one point I know I’m in the lead with my partner, and we’re in this boat that’s going around a water flow, almost like kind of going against the flow, trying to get unstuck, or push through some areas with little whirlpools, and get to the land.

And then when we get to the land, it’s like we have a long ravine to travel up, and as we get up the ravine is such that sometimes you have to kind of jump across from one rock to the other, and pull yourself, and then we come to a little temple that’s in the middle of a ravine and there’s an oriental man there that kind of kneels down, so you can put your foot on him.

But when I come, he kind of sits back, I don’t know, maybe they don’t touch women or something. I don’t know. Maybe he shakes a hand instead, or just reaches out. All of this kind of shows us that we took for granted that people just come and they clean your room every day and you don’t realize that many times for them there was a trek just to get there to do the most basic things. 

We were just used to them showing up and cleaning, and the room looking nice, and this is kind of showing us all of what was behind that. That’s about all I remember. 

John: The thing that I’m trying to understand, in terms of what you’re telling in the dream, is it sounded like you took over the cleaning of the rooms yourself or something, but it wasn’t a type of cleaning that you actually did. It was like you were dealing with turning pages or something, right?

Jeane: No. It was like after we’d been living there a while, the group of us, there was a large group of us, were given the assignment of we were going to be cleaning the rooms. And the cleaning supplies, it was like there was a book with let’s say seven or eight pages. It was a large book and on each page was a place where a particular cleaning supply or cleaning solution went.

And so you would start at the beginning of the book, with the tool and the cleaning solution that you would first use when you started cleaning, and then you go to the next page. We’re working as a total team and maybe there would be two people cleaning a room but they would have to go from one page of the book to the other in the order of how you do it. 

But before we can even begin that, we have to go in this elevator, and then we have to trek across water and ravines and rivers and up the hill and past the oriental man, just this whole trek to where we would even get back to the hotel to clean.

John: I think I got it right then, because to start off with it’s like something is done for you, and then in the end you have to go through a long process and whatnot of transformation and change. And then it becomes your responsibility to take it on. 

The part that I question then, is what does it mean when you have taken this on? In other words, it’s like I fully understand that a person has to become more conscious, and take on more responsibilities, and not let things just kind of unfold in an unconscious way around them.  

That man is meant to take on his role, or responsibilities, as a vice regent in life more directly, but what this means, or that position that you hold, you throw another wrinkle in it in that you are describing or looking at something where, in having taken this on, after you have taken and gone through this process upon which you’ve changed, or been readied, or trained, or shaped so that you can take this on, from what had been, ordinarily, just kind of naturally provided for you.

It seems then, that this taking on creates another kind of image in terms of things. Because you’re setting up an image of what it’s like; in a sense it’s an image of what it’s like when you actually take on a kind of responsibility.

And so this image has me curious as to how that is because you’re projecting something in the future, in other words how it is, and it makes sense that you could do this because the feminine takes and dreams and looks at the situation in terms of it just being straightaway the way it is. 

That’s the way it looks, which means that a whole bunch of things, and it’s not explained how anything changes, it just is suddenly like that. In other words, you now suddenly have taken on and are doing things in relationship to some sort of unfoldment, that is established, that’s laid out and set forth in terms of a responsibility, where you’re in sync with a knowing of what needs to be done, how, and when.

But this very last part is what’s curious, because the dream seems to be telling you that in terms of them relating to life, other people… I shouldn’t say other, in other words, it’s like there’s both the stepping on this guy as if every aliveness then succumbs and fits as part of an integration.

In other words, when you’re connecting like this, you lose the differentiation. Every aliveness works and pulls in conjunction. It’s like a merged state. It’s like this Chinese part that is a depth and hiddenness inside of you, is now something that works as a stepping block. It works as an integrated kind of stepping block. It’s part of something that you flow through, or you step through. In other words, you step on.

The thing that’s unusual about the image is there is no arm’s length necessarily. Now, you see both. It’s both something that is, in one sense, a step on the journey that you just go right through as if it’s a part of you, you use it as a step like a tool, like an inanimate thing. And yet at the same time, you hold and treat it with a certain kind of respect as well, as an element of aliveness. On one hand it’s just part of the Whole, and on the other hand it still is treated with a type of distinguished nature. 

The dream has this vision quality, and what does that mean? It looks like something you relate to differently. In other words, when you take on the ability to be kind of a vice regent and deal with things straightaway, according to an understanding of how it is that you keep things cleared up, and straightened out, in life.

In other words, it’s like each element of what you catch up with has to do with a way of… and they are like cleaning supplies as you see it, which means it has to do with shaping and guiding and being responsible for the unfoldment, when you weren’t before. 

Tomorrow we will conclude this dream analysis, in Suffering or Bliss?

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