Suffering or Bliss?

images55In this continuation of the analysis of yesterday’s dream (see The Next Step), John describes a shift that shows how the human, in accepting its responsibility to the greater Whole, can have an effect in the macrocosm of life. It points to how important the human is in the scheme of universal dynamics. The question can be asked, is much of human suffering felt because we do not answer the natural call of creation? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The dream has this vision quality, and what does that mean? It looks like something you relate to differently. In other words, when you take on the ability to be kind of a vice regent and deal with things straightaway, according to an understanding of how it is that you keep things cleared up, and straightened out, in life.

In other words, it’s like each element of what you catch up with has to do with a way of… and they are like cleaning supplies as you see it, which means it has to do with shaping and guiding and being responsible for the unfoldment, when you weren’t before.

That’s not such big news, that’s kind of like hopefully a human being catches up with themselves as being like that. The big news is this last thing, in terms of what does that mean in terms of the relatability, and how does that come across vibrationally? What does that feel like?

In other words, it’s kind of an innocuous thing where you just kind of morph through things, stepping on something. You would never think of stepping on something like a step that’s a human being, and a Chinese, a type of consciousness, and you just step into the consciousness as if you’re merged into it, and it’s part of you, and yet at the same time you also give it its respect. You have a certain distance.

So, what you’ve done in this dream, and maybe what’s important in this dream, is the fact that you’ve actually done something out of the ordinary. In other words, you went from where everything was provided for you because you didn’t know how to handle it yourself, and you went from that state to seeing yourself able to handle it, and recognize on an unfoldment process that took into account all aspects of creation.

That’s why you have the days, and cleaning supply different for each day. You went to taking on all aspects of the created world around you that you needed to deal with, and it was like to be able to do that then puts you into a connective state where things were just naturally linked, something of a consciousness was something you could just step on as if it was part of you, and yet it could be separate.

It’s interesting to see how that suggests or implies something. In other words, a human being is meant to get to a point where they can relate to animate and inanimate objects in some way that they can create a dialogue, or a singing, or a relatability in terms of that, and you seem to have some sort of aspect of once you have taken on this responsibility in which the consciousness around you is ordered in a particular way so that it helps you flow along. It becomes a step when it needs to become a step, and yet at the same time it is a point of reference in and of itself.

It’s an interesting vision, which one of course needs more attitude because it’s symbolic, and is one guessing or getting it right in terms of how it’s portraying itself? In other words, the working with it, and the paying attention to it, in terms of trying to shape it and be just right with it, is about something. It means something. It’s establishing something.

On an energetic level it’s not the mundane that it’s establishing. It’s establishing something energetically different, in a shift. You’re meant to be able to take a type of consciousness that exists – after you’ve accepted your responsibility – and utilize and flow with that both in terms of going right into it and also respecting it. Very interesting.

It’s like we need more to it because it’s kind of like a first go at being able to have a sense of the Book of Life, reading something into the future. In other words, usually one is caught in the energetic of time. One’s lost in this energetic of time, and dreaming like this you’re kind of like taking a moment, and peeling it open, and seeing something inside and outside of time.

Just like you catching up with the role and responsibility, then that third part of your dream leads to a whole different way that you find yourself correlated in relationship to consciousness and energy that is around you.

So this is a different way of dreaming. It’s a little awkward to try to look at this. I’m not sure that we’ve ever quite done it before like this, and what is distinct and different in terms of being able to dream like this, is that we’re not dreaming from the standpoint of having to… aah, I get it. We’re dreaming from where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. That’s where we’re dreaming.

In other words, normally one dreams from the other direction. One dreams from the confusion of a longing that is lost and caught in creation trying to make the best of it because you have the microcosmic effect that’s trapped, and the macrocosmic vibration of yourself.

And now it’s like you accept it and are flowing with that macrocosmic in a different way. You’ve risen into it, and so when it’s like that you then take that greater Whole – is this more outside of time, and more amorphically into things?

In other words, when you’re in the microcosm, your thoughts, and your attitudes, and mannerisms set in motion all kinds of things, because you actually manifest these thoughts, and these actions, and mannerisms. But in the macrocosm, it’s there.

You quit creating all of the contrast, or the little deviations. It’s just there as you take on the role of it. In other words, this is dreaming outside of the plane, or the dimension, of suffering, and instead, if there was a word for it, it’s dreaming with this element of a type of suspense, bewilderment, or amazement rather.

The word bewilderment is more in keeping with you being kind of knocked, and thrown all around, and out of tango, and still trying to find a cadence. In this particular case, you’re in a flow that has the cadence that just is right there. However that is, you’re just right with that.

So the theme of this sort of thing goes back to the idea that it doesn’t seem right that one has to progress, solely and completely, by way of having to suffer, in a narrowness, or compactness, or in a microcosmic density continuously. In other words, making steps in relationship to the fact that you’re in one state, and the other state of you is so much bigger.

As long as you see yourself in the one state, as long as you’re identifying with yourself in that one state, yes, then you do kind of have this quality of imbalanced suffering or something, but when you let go to this other, greater overall, it’s harder to dream because you’re actually seeing yourself in the Whole.

And so how do you report that? And you’re contending with the part of you that you really don’t have much of a memory with, and the part of you that you’re contending with is, instead of the longing side which is where the out-breath turns to the in-breath, you’re dealing with the state of a different kind of dimension, or home, having gone to the crown of things, or to the top of things.

Or basically to the state which is referenced as bliss, instead of longing, the other end of the breath, the part of the breath where there’s the interval of the in-breath to the out-breath. You’re kind of in that, so that when you dream that, and you visualize that, and you hold that vibration of that, then that is able to come straight on down and through.

This is making you kind of co-creator, because now you’re connecting to something that is normally invisible to you. What’s so amazing is the Yogi’s describe meditation, they describe this as this whole sort of thing as getting to some sort of state of bliss, and okay, maybe one doesn’t quite dream the bliss or anything like that, but you dream with that element of being in that other part like that gives you in terms of how you perceive things.

And it’s going to be really hard to remember dreams that are like that, because it’s one thing to remember them when they’re all compacted and dense because of the longing and whatnot, and it holds things in kind of a parameter. This now has thrown the parameters wide open, and you’re having to accept the Whole.

And then how do you report something like that, because you now have to see that? And how do you see something that is in this regard, because that’s kind of where your true home is meant to be able to be?

And the teacher’s comment to me is that it’s more important, this space of the breath, is more important than the other space of the breath. But longing enables you to travel to a great, great degree, but this space is still more important because I guess it is the home. It’s the true sense of the soul, or whatever, coming into its fullness, and taking on, and being a kind of connection with the greater levels of things.

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