The Energy Interval

blue_energyJeane describes her dream as a jumbled mess, but what is being shown is that she has reached an energetic interval at a higher level of dreaming. As John points out, most dreams occur at the level of the lower part of the breath, yet there seems to have been a recent shift to the higher part of the breath. What that points to is meeting the energy earlier, before it has hit creation, which requires Jeane to find a quietness to let it through. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dream felt just like a jumbled mess last night. The little fragments I can remember are, it feels like I’m at a house that physically the house looks a bit like my dad’s. I’m upstairs, but when I go outside it’s more like I’m in a city. I know that one of my male cousins is around and that he seems to be in a certain amount of upset – I’m not sure about what. 

Then there are two people, a woman and a man, who are fairly dynamic, who are seminar leaders that I used to know years ago, who are visiting. And she seems to be still leading seminars. I think they both are. He usually leads with her.

They come to visit. I mean, they come in and out. It’s like in this dream everybody comes in and out. Nobody ever stays in the house. 

I don’t see my family at all. Just physically the house looks a bit like that, but when you go outside, I don’t have a sense of being in my house. It’s just like it looks like that. When you go outside it looks more like a city.  

I’m with a group of people who are involved in a seminar. First they seem to be involved in something that my male cousin is struggling with, but I can’t quite pull out what that was. He seems to go back and forth and be in a certain amount of upset.

Then I start to kind of follow what the seminar leader and the group that’s with her are doing, and it seems like we go someplace and we go inside different buildings, and then we settle down. And I’m sitting in one room with some of the people, almost at a table, and she and some other people have gone in the adjoining room where I will get up and I’ll go and look at what’s going on in there, and in there they’re having an auction.  

Well, I start I think counting… I open up my purse and even move away from the table and sit on the floor so I can keep my eye on the auction. I want to start counting what money I have in my purse. It’s all kind of jumbled up in there. 

There’ll be newspaper, and I’ll have to kind of pull the newspaper out and then I can find some bills like $5 or $20 bills. I’m trying to figure out how much money I have, whether I can buy something in the auction because I see that they have opened it up with some rather pretty leather embroidered, Native American, pouches.

And then they’re also holding up some almost like denim western shirts that are maybe embroidered or something. I’m thinking I might want something, so I’m looking to see how much cash I have, and then somebody else is sitting down next to me and talking to me or reaching over and pulling at something in the purse.

And the whole dream just felt like I had a lot of things going back and forth, and people coming in and out of buildings, and even before they got to the auction it was like they would go in one building and everybody would come out the other, trailing each other. And then maybe someone didn’t want them going back in the building. 

And then when they came out, the male seminar leader is talking about like he’s frustrated because he really can’t find his relationship, but he knows there’s someone out there for him because I think the other female seminar leader is talking about maybe she’s going to settle in the area and she’s interested in a relationship. 

He says that he knows there’s someone out there for him, in a relationship, and that they’re left-handed. I’m thinking that’s odd because I thought he was left-handed. The whole dream just went like that, like it just had all of this motion in it and I couldn’t really pull out a theme.

John: The reason why the dream is so bizarre is you have to catch the meaning of what this house is right from the very beginning, and then it all starts to make sense.

This house is you in the interval, and you’re flinching back and forth. If you start to come down with the energy in one particular way, there’s going to be a kind of a quality of suffering to it. How is this going to come out because it’s wobbling around? This energy doesn’t just sit up there in this interval. It’s sitting there. It’s pent up. It comes around. It moves around the room. It moves around.

It’s a force that sits there that you channel as it comes through you. You’re the vehicle. You’re the conduit of this, and so what the auction is, is it’s your means of trying to figure out how it’s going to inflect next. The whole masculine thing in it is yeah, it’s a masculine interval, but it has to come out. It has to make a connection. It has to flow on down. It has to hit a feminine creation.

So you have the inflections in which the auction is like gauging value or something, putting some means of being able to see it flicker. The inflections of what that is, how that will is, that’s meant to come through, has to do with the relationship that then is established when it touches creation.

And so you’re even trying to portray, in this dream, where you’re at visually, in terms of the process of this coming through, and that’s this left-handed business. Is the left-handed conscious, or is that unconscious?

Jeane: Unconscious.

John: I think it’s conscious. I think if something is on the left hand side, it can see and it can gauge. The right is unconscious, right?

Jeane: The right is masculine and the left is feminine.

John: The feminine is left-handed too, huh?

Jeane: Maybe it is opposite in the brain. I don’t know, like one is intuitive and the other’s…

John: Because however it is, whatever that is, that part is taking a read on what it is that you can know, however it is that you can know it, what part of this energetic that you’re capable of grasping.

So, it’s a zooming in of what it’s like to be in this interval of energy. You even can tell that there is an inflection that will come out that could be possibly painful, and that’s your cousin. But you pull that one back into the interval.

In other words, this whole thing is pent up, it’s jumbled and pent up, moving around and pent up, and when it comes out you’re to be the conduit, able to gauge it. And this whole auction thing that’s going on is the blackboard effect, or mannerism, or means somehow that you’re able to follow it, or to denote what it’s going to look like, or be like, in some sense, in terms of how you notice it as the conduit.

Normally most dreams that a person has, you’re picking up the dynamic as it’s hit in creation, and so there’s the direct effect that can have all of this pain, and longing, and this whole bewilderment that has to be somehow or another aligned or sorted out. You’re going through it, oh my gosh, you know, it’s kind of awkward.

Normally that’s what one contends with in a dream, because that’s in the lower part of the breath. But this is coming from the higher part of the breath, and you’re finding yourself focused and attentive to that. It’s almost like a kind of suspense.

There’s really not a lot of anxiety in the dream, because that comes from the effect as it hits creation. You know, when you’re in the lower part of the breath, and you’re kind of dumbed down or something, but when you’re in the high part of the breath, up near that interval where it’s sitting there like a cloud of will, ready to sparkle – it can’t sparkle, it can’t create anything until it touches creation – then it creates the flash and the spark hits. 

That’s why it’s hard to be able to dream something, and see something, up there, because it’s easier to see it when it sparks, comes through, and hits an effect of creation. And then there’s the reaction, and then there’s the adjustments, and then there’s the manifestation aspect of it that you’re picking up. But when it’s up there, you’re sitting there waiting, you’re sitting there in suspense.

You’re not real calm up there. You could be. If you could be even calmer, you could have a vision of things, maybe from the stillness, but you’re in the interval. I mean, there are degrees in how you sit and be in the interval. You’re not a passive person in the interval. You’re jostled around like a cat at a mouse hole, wondering what and how it’s going to auction, or thrust off next.

That’s interesting because the dream would be hard to make any sense out of if you didn’t look at what it was doing from the point where it was at, and the reason why it’s important to notice and see the point where it’s at, is you can see how the degree in which you’re steady in it.

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