A Vision of Things to Come

FutureVision11Today we continue with the analysis of Jeane’s dream (see The Energy Interval). Though her dream image was a jumble, the possibilities of this new energetic realm she has opened up can take a person all the way to a merging with God. So while she is not quite there in her inner quiet or stillness, she has now gained access, and, with experience, can learn to not be thrown around. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: That’s interesting because the dream would be hard to make any sense out of, if you didn’t look at what it was doing from the point where it was at, and the reason why it’s important to notice and see the point where it’s at, is you can see the degree in which you’re steady in it.

In other words, it’s almost like there are little flashes that happened from there that must kind of hit something in creation. They’re kind of like precursor sparks because you’re jumping around in there.

And when you talk of auction in your dream, it’s an attempt to be able to denote it, or to see it, because this is something you don’t see, yet somehow you’re to see this. You see things in relationship to how there is the impact in creation and manifestation, and that somehow or another enables you to gauge or get a sense of what’s going on.

But when it’s way up there, how is it that you can get that gauge or that sense? It’s like you flicker. What would you call that? Like sun rays, it’s like they’re sparking off in some fashion, and that sparking off I guess is pent-upness. It hasn’t really quite committed itself as the will.

What’s interesting is this really, really pure light, if you were abiding in it in a really, really quiet state, would you be able to report anything? I keep thinking yes, that you can sit in this because somehow I think that this is possible, that you can sit in this interval and envision, pre the fact, in terms of incorporating or embodying that vibration, that which is there.

That’s the mystery here, if it’s totally quiet, if there is no thought or inflection of God that comes across as a will, how do you ascribe to anything? And yet the energy’s there. There has been the manifestation that’s created. There is a destiny for that manifestation, or an unfoldment for that manifestation.  

It’s all part of some great plan, so even in the quietness it’s not completely quiet because that has a fullness of time already concocted to it, so in the quietness there has to still be an allowance for this, and that you can somehow detect that within the quietness.

That’s the one aspect of the quietness that took and did something so that there would be a creation. So when you’re in a quietness, which is a greater overallness now, in which the creation is just a speck and then you’re in the quietness, you become a visionary.

That would be what would be possible if you weren’t jumping around so much. If you were to sit in the quietness, more able to just be in the quietness, there still being that inflection in the quietness that has a whole process of unfoldment in relationship to there being the creation, which came out of that quietness, and that creation is still there as a speck in that quietness.

And so if you sit with the overallness of that quietness, you can incorporate from the space a vision that will enable you to see before it is seeable, before it is experiential, as the will. 

Wow, that is a merging with God, to be able to do that. Ordinarily the comment is something like, you aren’t God, but you can have access to the will of God, or as that vibration comes down in and affects creation. And yet at the same time, you know that you have to say it that way because the audacity to say it some other way, like Al Hallaj did, you know where, I am God, or whatever, which is like a type of blasphemy.

At some deep depth inside of him, it wasn’t a blasphemy, but at a depth of himself in a waking sense state that’s a blasphemy. It’s because at some deep depth inside of him he could go to that point in which there was the quietness, in which he could have the vision of things to be.

And in that sense, yes, I am God. But in the sense in which he finds and orients and looks at everything as an aspect in creation, then he just is an aspect or speck in creation that has access to the will of God.

And so, you are in the point, which is a type of Traveling in God – that’s also what this interval is like, it’s a Traveling in God. It’s the in-breath. It’s the true home of the Sufi. 

You’re pretty loud, is the problem. You’re pretty loud yet, in that. The quieter you could be, the more you can have the vision of it all, which is more like, then, an Al Hallaj thing. You’re a restless cat trying to see which way the inflections, and yet you’re busy guarding and looking at this auction of things to be.

But the importance of the dream is to denote, and start to denote, what it feels like from a top-of-the-breath way of dreaming. I find that actually kind of amazing that you dreamt it like that because now it proves that the feminine isn’t just sitting here taking the bombardment coming down from creation, or coming down from God or something, that the feminine also holds that quietness inside of her of the in-breath interval.

Yes, she’s associated, and more oriented, to taking all of the inflections and will that come down in a masculine vibratory sense, but she can knock it off if she can get still, and quiet, and quit zipping and zapping – stop the doingness. She can sit in that interval, too, and have the vision of things to be.

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