A Fleck of Creation

starlightJohn’s dream imagery is also a look at the energetic interval that was first seen in Jeane’s dream (see The Energy Interval, and A Vision of Things to Come). He describes being an observer of this interval where, if one is quiet enough, what is to come can be seen as it emerges. Yet any attempt to define what is emerging will cause a disconnection. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream it’s like I get caught in these concepts of how the masculine connects to the seed being brought through, and then the feminine has to receive that and whatnot.

The part about that that you could get twisted around is, that’s kind of like saying that the feminine then has this huge gap with this other half of God or something, but what you’re doing by going and sitting in this interval, you have technically taken this out of masculine feminine.

You’re struggling. You want that process to quicken again. You don’t sit there restfully in it. You’re wanting to get the juices rolling, but you can sit in this interval and that’s what is so interesting. You can get quiet.

It’s like the teacher saying that the biggest thing that the feminine has to catch up with is to stop her doingness, and you have all kinds of doingness in this state that could be really, really quiet if you want to, and then very, very visionary. That’s how the feminine catches up with her visionariness.

And so the masculine catches up with the visionariness too, and the masculine catches up with it by quit trying to see how it’s supposed to come out, how the will is supposed to flow, because the masculine can still be sitting there, can get to a point where it can gauge the first inflections of the will, and then sit back almost in another part of themselves in creation, and catch it, and in that sort of thing, that’s kind of like a piece of the action or something.

That’s a little bit of a putrefaction to be doing that. At this point or stage, it seems to almost be accepted to be able to note that it can be like that, that something can start as a will, that you can get a hint on, or gauge on.

First of all, it’s just an energetic, but the only way you catch the energetic is by way of having a means of measuring its effect. In our symbolic way of measuring its effect is kind of loudly an aspect of something, like putting a price on it, or a money on it, or a denominator on it.

In my dream, I’m seeing this energy. First of all, I have a baseline of this energy, a rootedness in this energy, which is a steadiness or something that I can just sit with. But at the same time, I know this energy is on the verge, needs to jolt out. 

At the present time it’s kind of like on a reprieve. It’s kind of sitting there on a kind of a quasi timeout. It hasn’t really made another thrust, a will thrust into creation, so it’s sitting there and I could see it, I could feel its pent-upism. I’m a little impatient because I want to know the very first inflections that come out.

And the way I know these inflections, and the only way I can see these inflections, is I have to do a very, from creation kind of way of being, I have to try to put a money price on it, whether it’s a positive or a negative. 

In other words, is it a force that’s pushing something new, or is it a force that is choking something, in a backwards way, more like a step back way? I’m sitting there trying to figure out what gauge to put on it, and so I tally it, I actually tally it. I don’t go tally the baseline. 

The baseline is the baseline. It’s a given. What I tally is the change agent, the flow of the will. And normally I’m in the dark, or haven’t the foggiest idea how that will is, until all of a sudden I wake up and I go, you know, I could almost have intuited that, but I didn’t. 

Normally it’s like that. Well, in this particular case, it’s not even a question of intuiting it, so to speak, after the fact, because it has flashed into creation. I’m up there attempting to denote the first inflections, and from the first inflections be able to tell whether it is a thrust forward, or yet a step back. 

It’s like I’m starting by working with this interval, or I shouldn’t say I’m working with the interval because the interval basically is a state that really sits quiet but, like you, I’m not able to totally let go. And so what I’m doing is in relating to the vibrations that come out of this interval as the will of God, I’m sitting there trying to see how potent they are, how do they add up, and to do that you try to do it with the auction thing, I try to do it in terms of a math thing.

I added it up already having a baseline whole, and then seeing how that effects the baseline whole, in terms of does it keep it entrenched, or does it cause it to thrust out some, or just how does it do that?

And in order to do that, I have to factor in creation images, or creation characteristics or qualities, or otherwise I wouldn’t see that energy, because the energy is not seeable. It’s waveable, it’s gaugable in a waveable way with the images, from how it would touch and affect creation.

This is how I was dreaming it. In other words, coming from in the interval space, but in the interval space in a type of putrefied way, in other words not a good way, kind of a putrefied way. By that I mean trying to still take advantage of something, still trying to have a piece of the action, still trying to tell what is going on so that I can then correspond or something in terms of anticipation. 

And if one can drop that completely, then you sit in that interval in a state of visionariness. You give up the visionariness then you’re mixing in elements of creation, trying to mix in elements of creation with this greater Whole. 

And from the depth of your dream, it is really obvious how petty that is, because the image of what was behind your dream is there’s this humongous space of quietness, and then there’s this little fleck of creation.  

And it’s the only thing out of this huge space of quietness that something has kind of emerged and set in motion a type of flow that is the tiniest of things in a state of total quietness, and that in this state of total quietness, because there is this little bitty fleck that has a motion to it – you can actually get a sense of that little bitty fleck in the quietness, because it’s the one thing that is different than the quietness.

But if you are not able to handle this overall quietness and are still noodled into having to get a handle on this fleck, to the point where the fleck is not a fleck, it’s the dominant thing, then you’re missing out on the appreciation of this quietness.  

From this huge quietness, because there is the fleck that can see itself, where normally something can’t quite see itself. Thus, from the quietness you can have the visionariness at a deep depth within. You take yourself out of the visionariness, and you have some sort of lesser sight, when you’re still attempting to see how the spoke works, or the will works. You have just got to have this will kind of thing as opposed to the quietness.

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