Looking at the Dynamic

inner balance - celina-licskoWhen looking at the images in a dream, one key way into understanding what they are signaling is the relationship between people and elements in the unfolding scenario. Here, Jeane’s dream shows her trying to sort out her relationship to the people she is involved with. That requires comparison of the unknown with the known, and weighing the balance of the situation, as a means to find and maintain one’s own center of balance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just really had trouble pulling out my dreams last night. The impression I had initially is that I was working with people that were covered up in a certain way, where you try to make them align, kind of like when you’re working with the beads you have to kind of press them up from underneath something, because people were covered up, and see that each bead falls between two warp threads before you put a needle through it. 

It’s almost like it reminded me of that kind of energy where you’re trying to get something aligned in a certain way. And then I kind of go off to an area where there’s a cave with a girl and a guy who reminds me of like a basketball player. He’s kind of built like that. 

We’re all going to be sleeping in sleeping bags. Well, the girl seems to have her own sleeping bag, and then I’m going to be sharing a sleeping bag with him, so we’re deciding which side of the sleeping bag we’ll each have. 

Because I know that same process will be going on, I’m kind of telling him that he better not squish me or he’ll end up sleeping with his brother. That’s all I remember. 

John: You’re sitting in this observatory state inside yourself. You have two images in which you’re trying to gauge how a correspondence is meant to occur. So you have to see how the correspondence comes together.

And so the energetic behind that is one of taking and looking at the energetics, and so to do that you have to have an image of something as a contrast. In other words, there has to be a contrast, or there has to be a comparison. You’re comparing the beads, that you’re weaving and putting together, to see how that corresponds to what you’re trying to feel as a result – to see if there is a correspondence.

You’re trying to see if the effect of something, if you can take in, or absorb, or deal with the effect of the equation, like this guy sleeping in a sleeping bag near you, whether or not that is something that is balanced, or not, on an energetic level.

In other words, do you have the sense that holds, or is able to sustain, or maintain, that to be okay or not. Both images are doing the same thing and, of course, it’s happening in some huge, huge way in a capacity in which something is unfolding energetically.

And what you’re looking at is you’re at a point in the breath that’s not in the interval where the in-breath comes into the out-breath, nor are you anywhere near where the out-breath turns to the in-breath. You’re at a point in the interval where a dynamic is coming through, and you’re having to gauge that dynamic.

You’re having to look at that dynamic in relationship to how it affects things. And so it’s like a decision has been made on an energetic level of will, of vibration. And whatever that decision is you have to make note of it, you have to take stock of it, and you have to see how that correlates in relationship to everything else in life. And that’s what you’re doing.

In other words, your attention is drawn, however it is drawn. It is drawn towards the beadwork that you’re doing, and you have to sustain that effort, in relationship to the energetic and focus that’s involved in that process of doing the beadwork.

And you find yourself in a scenario in which the environment that you have to let go to, you have to see if that is something that is going to destabilize your well being. What you are hearing is you’re kind of a watcher. You’re not in the interval to do this. You’re kind of in the schematic that’s unfolding, and that’s coming through, and you’re having to handle that and you’re looking at what it’s like to handle it.

You’re looking at whether the beadwork can come through in a certain fashion, and focus, in terms of how it is that you’re feeling something flowing in you, through you, with you. And you’re looking at how this flow affects, too, your ability to sensate, or feel, yourself in relationship to your environment.

In other words, can you let go to the space and be okay with it? Or is that space going to have a counterproductive effect upon how it is that you’re able to feel a sense of well being about yourself.

See how that is?

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