A Point of Emptiness

SilenceTwo trains running in opposite directions is the scenario of Jeane’s dream imagery, yet what she hopes to achieve is a state of silence as she switches them on their tracks. In the dream world, both trains are representations of aspects of Jeane herself, so the dream is pointing to a desire to bring two aspects together, yet in a deep, heartful way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I mostly remember about my dream it seems like I’m in this process of working with trains, and the trains go different directions; they’re on tracks. But it’s like what I seem to want to do is I’m switching out with somebody else who’s in charge of a train, or is a train. 

I don’t know how to figure it out. But I’m trying to switch into a process where the train becomes completely silent, so whatever process it is, you just switch maybe with another person who has been the train, or is the train, or running the train.  

I don’t know how it quite works. When you switch, if they’re running on one track and you’re running on the other, then when you switch, you want the train to become completely silent. You just want to absorb all the sound of it. 

In one instance, it feels like I’m talking with someone about the fact that I had already started that before we actually did the switch. That’s about all I could remember about it.

John: That is a good characterization of how something is taken back to a stillness.

A scenario for this could have been Kerri’s vision in which she is seeing a stillness inside of herself that relates to a time prior to when she got traumatized, and ever since her traumatization she took the traumatization with so much shock that it has kind of numbed her out, shocked her out, thrown her in kind of a tangential spin.

It has been the greatest effect upon her in terms of an outer condition, but when she goes into a silence herself, she goes back into a point that is very, very quiet, and from there she sees this vision of how something felt and was, in a very deep way, which is like a touching way too.

So, of course, we live in the outer, and we’re struggling to get beyond whatever it is that we have taken on, which has sent us spiraling in this way or that way. And so you, in your dream, are realizing that if you can cancel something like that out, that you go back into an empty state. 

So if you have a train that’s going one way. and then you could take and counter that with something that can go the other direction, the two can somehow or another subtract each other out and make a point of emptiness or quietness and maybe it works that way.

Well, what you’re describing is actually a technique that the Buddhists try to use. It’s called equanimity. That’s where you don’t get overly carried away in anything in particular. You hold a middle point. You’re not excited in one regard, nor are you depressed in another regard. You hold this point of balance inside of yourself. It’s equanimity.

So you appear to be taking, and looking, at what is necessary for you to go back and touch your heart because, if you hold this state, and you hit this emptiness, at the root of all of that is something that comes out of the heart. But to get back to that you have to stop the doingness and you have to stop all of the attention that goes off in a particular streamlined way.

And your dream symbolism is showing you kind of this state of quietness that exists when all of the activity is able to cross itself out. It’s a very interesting thing, and what’s more interesting is pondering what triggered it.

Because it’s almost as if a quietness triggered you to identify, or to work upon, to zoom in, to zero in, on the correspondence of that quietness inside you, and generate a dream, so to speak, that helped to facilitate that, as opposed to what would normally have been a state of focus or attention about something in particular, that deep down tended to trouble you.

And you probably didn’t necessarily know the degree to which it troubled you, but then you felt a vibration in which it could be different, and then that had you zeroing in again to be with this more real vibration.

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