A Deep Touching

gratitude-portrait-lyn-masonIn this scenario, John is triggered to remember, and reconnect, with an inner gratefulness that comes from the heart. The imagery seems simple enough, but the feeling that is behind it is the important message of the dream itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my dream, I thought it would be awful easy to just wake up and write this up, in which it was where I had at my disposal something that I tend to look at, and stare at, in amazement.

But the reason why I didn’t wake up and write it up, was I felt that that felt pretty blunt, and so what? kind of thing. It didn’t do anything for me other than making a report about it. I remember looking at this from various perspectives, amazed at how it seemed to exist as a quality, as a trait, as something over the top, in what could even be a nondescript landscape.

In other words, it could clean itself up and be there, or the landscape could appear to be pretty benign, and yet that something was somehow effectuated. 

So, because I don’t wake up to write this up, the depth of this in terms of where it was pointing to, or coming from, seemed to sweep me up, so when I do wake up, I find myself describing something to my dad that has me swept up in a state of wonder.

I’m trying to communicate that same effect, or wonder, to him. So in the same room way off to one side is my niece. She overhears me talking about some piece of property, so she asks, where is it? And I ignore her because I’m caught up in telling the story to my dad.

And she of course keeps that echo up of curious wanting to know where the property is. But I’m caught up in trying to get the point across of how touched I am, in terms of the wonder that I’m in. 

So my niece’s interruption causes me to denote in my story, in terms of the rock pit and such, but also another component of that, and I say to my dad, “Did I mention that I was a D. C. Dunham Memorial Scholarship winner,” as if I had forgotten to tell him that, and felt I needed to thread this into the overall effect.

The thing about this D. C. Dunham Memorial Scholarship winner is, it kind of was a deep touching thing that I got that, at the time that that happened, and it’s kind of like a note of the vibration that it has set in motion something that had to come into another kind of fruition. 

The reporting of what I could perceive, or see, as a general overall effect of something, the reporting of that was not important, per se, because it was kind of dull and flat and loud. But what it dovetailed back into, as reflective images of this story, was really quite pronounced, is what it was about. Because from how it is that I’ve evolved, I am beholding a gratefulness, which I seek to touch, that exists at the depths of my being. 

This is what is really unfolding, and it is in the heart. What I’m describing has words of wonder in terms of an outward appearance, or betrayal, within manifestation, but that is only a reflection of what is unfolding. The experience that reaches vibrationally the heart, has the heart going back to its source vibrationally. When my niece asks, where is it located?, that is what she is trying to get me to note.

The purpose of the dream is to reconnect me to a gratefulness that arises from the heart in which the instillment exists, this being where the fullness is touched. And in the touching, the touching transmutes. This is a going back to the essence of one’s being. This is where a vibration has its epicenter in a deep touching.

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