A Step Toward Inclusion

Thomas the Tank EngineIn her second dream of trains in recent days (see A Point of Emptiness), Jeane, as both a train and as a person, finds herself in a court battle with another person who is a train. It’s a good example of how a person plays all the characters in their dreams. This scenario has the elements of the inner masculine and feminine in the two characters, but as an inner guidance, the “court case” must be settled amicably. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The very first dream, very early at night, I only remember bits of, but it feels like I’m both a person and I also feel like the cab of a train, or whatever you call that first car, almost like my head can become the head of the train going down the tracks.

But I’m also a person, and it feels like another person, who’s also like the head of a train, is trying to take over my train. And it feels like also that I have to allow this, but I’m not always in agreement about it, so we go to court.

And the court is supposed to help sort out this process, but sometimes they’re helpful and sometimes they’re not. Plus the judge has to adjourn at certain points, and I have to go back out and try to figure this out on my own. So I know this is a process that I kind of have to yield to, but I’m trying to do it in a way where you don’t get taken as big advantage of as you might.

John: This is a dream in which, as you’re speeding up, you have before you a flow or a focus and attention with greater options. But to the degree to which you’re still attached to things, that has a greater flow or position as well.

They’re both parts of you, and somehow or another this other has been brought into the equation. In other words, as things get speeded up and you’re able to, instead of going down in a certain way, you’re able to become the part of something that is a greater flow.

You’re the head of the train, so to speak, not just a passenger on the train. In other words, not just something that is independent going around and around without any predilection about things because you’re just doing the best you can.

You now have a certain focus and attention, but within that is still the degree of the part that you don’t quite have a rounded handle on, that is like another train going in the opposite direction, or a tearing away at you in some regard, undermining how it is that your cadence and balance is.

And that’s also a part of you, but in order for you to recognize, realize, and appreciate this part of you, and to integrate it, and take it in, you have to let go. You have to just accept that. You actually know that this is okay, that this is part of the intention, or overall manifestation of life, how it’s meant to be, and in order to take a step forward into integrating that, you have to accept it. 

You can’t take and conclude that it is something that runs counter to who you are. It can appear that way, but it’s all you. The tendency, if something didn’t hit you between the eyes and force you to accept it, the tendency would be to block it out or to blank it out, to act as if you could stay and go in this particular direction on your own, and not have to contend or deal with that.

But you are compelled to have to accept that, to deal with that, because it is now in the equation of who you are in manifestation. You’re having to deal with that as well. In other words, there’s something on a microcosmic level that has occurred, which is meant to cause you to take a step, in the inclusion of the greater Whole, that includes what is, or has a tendency of being seen as, or has been recognized – if you were to have looked at it – as something that has kind of developed side by side along with your head being part of the train.

This part has also its head part of a train going in a way that appears to undermine, or to be counter, to the flow that you have put your focus and attention upon. And you, if left to your own devices of ideas about the spiritual path, would be inclined to probably not pay attention to this.

But you’re not allowed to get away with that. And something has brought this into an aspect of the microcosm so that you have to accept it, you have to surrender to it, and in the process see another greater dimensionality and Wholeness of yourself.

It’s actually like dropping a type of spiritual illusion, too, at the same time, where you are inclined to think that it’s not fair, that it should not have to work this way. And when you find that it is working this way for you, that you have no choice, because it is brought into the equation, to have to let go to it. It’s a very touching dream, whatever it is that you’re having to let go to.

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