An Outer Dimension

open-doorIn the dream world, a house or a home can be a symbol of you – the rooms, the levels, even the material the house is made of can be important. In this dream, Jeane lives in a thick-walled adobe-type house, yet she is unable to control what is coming in through the doors. Her first instinct is to pull a heavy drape over the entry, like a veil, to stop the flow. But what is flowing can’t be stopped or ignored, it must be dealt with. She must step outside her comfort zone to allow something new to become part of her. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have a dream where it feels like you and I live in this adobe-type house. It’s a large house, but the walls are like this thick adobe, and we may even rent it or something because there are some changes to it we don’t seem to be totally in charge of, and one of them is where the door is. 

There are actually two levels of doors, and one of them has like almost like some kind of a heavy cloth screen or something that acts like a door, and then there’s another area where the door is but it doesn’t seem to latch or close really securely. 

You’re sleeping and I can’t seem to rouse you, and I’ve gone to the door and there are some people outside who seem to be intruding, sticking their hands in and doing things through the gaps, and I’m trying to swing the heavy drape or whatever it is around in some way that compensates for that, or trying to get the wooden part of the door to close enough to keep these people out who seem to be intent on intruding. 

I can’t seem to get you, rouse you, or something. I can’t seem to get that to cover completely, so then I seem to get frustrated and I go outside. And I go across the road, and I go up almost like on a clay embankment and I’m climbing up to an area where some things are carved out of a wall, and when I put my hand up to one part, because there are different little plants and arrangements up there, this snake head comes out and kind of bites me. 

Maybe I even pull off a little bit of the snake, or toss it down, because it startled me. But it seems to be okay. Then there’s another snake that’s up there that looks kind of like a coral snake, and some that look like a little garter snake, and they talk to me, kind of like I shouldn’t have reacted quite so startled, but I got nipped or whatever. 

They talk to me. There’s some kind of exchange I have with the snakes as well as other little animals and plants up there, that I don’t recall real clearly other than it was partly amusing and partly where one kept a respectful distance because you never knew just exactly how friendly these snakes were going to be – maybe that’s why I batted the one away when I thought it nipped me. 

Then I seem to have gone back to the house and there are some girls, a Hispanic girl and someone else, young girls in there. We had some clothes we were going to throw out and we had agreed to let the mother of one modify some of the blouses or things, so they would fit her, but there were some other blouses that, at the time, you wouldn’t allow me to give to the other girl and the other girl would really like them. 

You’re not around and I don’t see why she can’t have them, pretty embroidered blouses, but I can’t remember quite where they are, so we go looking for them and we take off in a car or a truck, and I know we go back and forth to some places. And the places I recall at one point we go somewhere where I slide down a bank and fall in some water. 

You could almost go over a cliff there, but I seem to know how to run in that area and not have problems. But I do slide at one point. When I do that, and I fall in the water, I find some keys a guy has lost and it includes the keys to a truck and a small cellphone that’s on the keychain. 

Then I take the girls and I’ve gone back up to another area where it feels like we run into a little bit of danger, and so because of that I pull out the cellphone and call the person, but he doesn’t want to come and get his cellphone. He had a particular date he’ll show up at the house for it.

John: You’re doing two dreams. You took and went from one dream into another dream and it has a different vibration.

Your first dream is that something is holding you back. In other words, you’re meant to have a particular kind of freedom, but you have put yourself into a certain conception mode or something, into a certain rigid mode, in which you’ve denied yourself a knowingness and a certain kind of freedom.

You have done that because it is part of your perception of how something needs to be, in order to please the scenario. And in doing that you have denied or cut yourself off from being able to participate in life in a particular way that you’re meant to participate. 

You’ve kept yourself in a house, so to speak, but a house that has a certain decided definition that you have taken on. So as a consequence of doing that, and because you’ve been doing this for quite some time, it has gotten to the point where it’s untenable.

In other words, something that you’re doing has become so obvious to you, on some deep level inside yourself, that is a disturbance in the cadence of who you are, thus the notion, and the idea, that things are coming in the door whether you like it or not, that they’re breaking in the door, or coming in the door. You can’t keep them out. You can’t veil them out even. 

You try to put some screen or something down to slow them down, but the door is being opened, or they are coming in whether you like it or not. And in order to handle, in order to deal with the situation, the answer is not to try to look to something that you have as a dependency inside the house, thinking that that’s the way it’s held together.

You have to look at something of a greater dimension of yourself. And this other is starting to bug you and bother you, because you’re not doing it. And so in terms of looking at a greater dimension of yourself, it means that you have to do something that you haven’t been doing and, in this particular case, that causes you to have to go outside to take and deal and rectify that.

Now, what was it outside you had to do?

Jeane: Well, I climbed up a clay bank and then there were different levels and at first I got nipped by a snake when I batted its head and another snake talked to me.

John: Yes, when you go outside, you’re going to run into things that are bigger than you, and that’s why it’s easier, and it’s been safer, and you’ve chosen to not do that, because you’re going to run into something that’s going to bug you as well, on the outside.

But by going on the outside, you’re also going to, in spite of that that you’re trying to protect or keep yourself safe and secure from, and that you’re developing a security from by staying in the house and deferring in some particular way, you’re protecting yourself from having to contend with that which would bug you, that would bother you, that would throw you off in the outer. 

But until you face that part, and you’re being compelled to have to face that part because by trying to stay within the house, that’s not possible. This other is coming in, and in its small way already bugging you, so you have to go out.

And so when you go out and have to contend with that which is going to bug you even further, that very process is what opens up your ability to even talk to a snake again. Otherwise, you would lose your ability to communicate, you lose a certain relatability. This increases your relatability.

How does this dream apply to the first dream? Well, in the first dream you’ve placed your focus and attention into something that’s like you are at the head of a train going in a particular direction, and yet there’s this whole other blindside that exists that’s going in another direction.

And whether you like it or not you’re having to put up with that. You’re having to surrender to that. You’re having to accept yourself as having to realize that this exists as well. And only until you totally surrender and let go and accept that, can this all become more part of the overall Whole.

That dream indicates that there is something going on as well that is bugging you, or getting your attention, to cause you to recognize that there is the flow. In the second dream, you’re going out, and you’re getting hurt by going out, in order to be helped, in order to hear. 

In the first dream you’re more compelled to try to ignore that other flow, but in that dream it has this whole sensation that’s very touching to it, in that there’s something about how creation is working in the microcosm, that you can’t get away with that, in that dream, because the variables or something have hit in a particular way so that you have no choice but to have to reconcile, or to factor, or to work that in, kind of like a rude awakening in the sequence of however it is you see the play of things to be.

You have this rude awakening about something, and now you have to contend with it. I would say in the first dream, that first dream is even impacted by the idea that there’s something wrong and that you have to go to a doctor and all of that, and that there’s something that you surrender to that creates a greater flow, and that you have no choice in having to do that, and in doing that this causes you to adopt or take in something in which you have been blindsiding yourself from seeing

And it also causes you to go into another outer dimension, or Wholeness, of things, and as you go into this outer dimension or Wholeness of things, this is not comfortable. This is something you’ve actually chosen not to have to do, and in doing that this is going to create complexities for you. But it also increases what you’re able to know. 

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