An Element of Depth

light_bToday’s dream scenarios, from Jeane, point out the nature of facing change in our lives, as an opportunity for being able to make an energetic shift. We often find ourselves in the midst of life-altering situations, yet the reflexive reaction is to get everything back to what we consider “normal,” or the way it used to be. This resistance can close us off from the natural energetic shift that is trying to happen, and that is meant to happen. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the middle of the night when we first woke up, it felt like the dream I was having then, it was mostly like I was back to beading. In other words, I was working with the warped threads and trying to push beads up through them and get the needle… you had to put the needle over the top of the thread just to get it to go through all the beads. 

And some of them don’t pop up, so you don’t get them. It felt like I was just feeling frustrated trying to get all the beads right on the needle and up through the threads and I couldn’t quite do it. That is all I remember of that real early dream.

John: It’s trying to have a handle, or take everything into account. It’s understandable that there can be times in which that’s not necessarily possible but, nevertheless, whenever one’s nature is affected by something the object is to try to find a resolution.

And in this particular case, in terms of trying to make sure everything is settled out and accounted for, you’re having this dilemma that’s only natural, whenever you’re in a situation in which the variables seem overwhelming.

Jeane: Then I have a dream I just remember a little bit of. It’s almost like I’m living in a college-type dorm, and I’ve laid down on the bed in my room. I don’t have any clothes on. It’s not quite time to go somewhere.

I look down and at one point on my body there’s what almost looks like a little worm or a little animal. I can’t quite tell what it is, so I reach down to pick it up, and then it turns into a dog and runs away. 

And I’m really put off by it, like what was it doing on my body? And so I go out into the hallway to talk to some of the other gals in the dorm to find out where the dog went, because I seem to want to catch the dog so I can figure out what’s going on.

John: That’s like feeling like you’ve been betrayed, because you find something that’s foreign or alien, in your opinion, that shouldn’t be there, that shouldn’t happen. Then when you try to understand it, or get a better understanding of it, even the dog, which is your friend, it’s like you suddenly feel like you’re left abandoned because even that runs away.

The fact that it runs away is like, it’s as if it has something to do with the foreign thing that runs away. Where you often see something like this happening as an actual energetic is when there’s a certain type of identification that gets established in relationship to how you come to see yourself, or are, and how that changes when something goes awry in the world. 

I remember a neighbor who had that happen, in which you might say that this would be a good image of describing what was going on, in terms of what happened for him, in which he was very popular, everybody liked him, he cracked jokes, he carried a lot of presence, he was very wise, and then he fell off the house, when he was up shingling the house, and he broke both legs. And it cracked him. It severely shocked him.

It was like something that just took and altered his world completely. In that state the people that normally used to look up to him and come around, all shunned him because he was wounded and didn’t function right.

And so that was like another huge blow, because normally when he would be out front and open and be able to help a situation, and work with people, and relate to people, and carry a certain strength that everybody looked to, now when he was in his hour of need, it was almost as if those friends, or so-called friends, they all looked at him in disbelief in his weakened condition where he didn’t have the normal relationship vibe that he had with them any longer, because he was shattered.

They ignored him. They walked away from him. I remember that scenario and I found that so odd that those were friends that were just there when he was able to be a particular way, so they were not really truly friends, they were all phony friends.

And in that condition, when he was like this, he had nowhere to turn because he really did kind of need a little help for a change, when before he was always Rock of Gibraltar and could do whatever needed to be done all on his own, and then had energy to spare for others.

And I remember him turning to me. He hardly knew me, but somehow whatever he knew about me was different and, of course, I immediately recognized what was going on. And I actually admired the state that he was going through, because I knew that it had taken him out of a certain kind of world that he was holding on to that was phony, and false, and caused him to adopt a type of reality that was shifted.

And that if he could sit in this state, instead of having to support and be part of that other world which had this whole false persona, that he could grow and advance, this could be a significant shift or change for him.

I even told his daughter, that what her dad was going through was actually kind of an amazing thing, and that his ego would come back, but one needed to let him know, or do whatever one could do, energetically, to let him realize that the way he was was actually okay, and actually a treasured state to be able to be in, where the heart was sensitive and was taking in something that it normally doesn’t take in.

Because normally the ego or persona is there, and that it’s going to come back, so to try to support and facilitate and allow him to hold that state as long as he could because it’s not going to stay. He’s going to suck it up, and get his wind back underneath him, and then all of this will veil over, and he’ll be back to being in a particular way which works with people and whatnot, which he finds himself trapped in, or caught in, and having to be.

And the more he can remember the realness of this particular state that he’s in, where all of that is what it really is. It’s not important. It’s nothing at all. It was all fickle and always has been. The greater element of depth he’ll have in his being, as a consequence of such an experience and memory. 

This is very similar to what you’re going through. It’s like you have a certain way that you’ve tended to see yourself, and that something has happened, which is rude, you know, shouldn’t have happened, it’s not fair, and even the friend runs away. You feel you’re shattered in all regards.

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