Plugging In to the Flow

energyflowIn dream work, energetic vibrations often are trying to cause us to make an inner shift. The appearance of the new energy, however, can trigger different reactions. One can try to take it on for themselves, in an ego way, or one can try to join it as a service into the greater Whole. Here, Jeane chooses the latter. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have a dream where it feels like I’m living with you, but I’ve gone to visit a few people who are visiting from California who run a treatment center. And it’s a small treatment center, maybe it’s based on a course in miracles or something like that, but it’s a different way of treating addictions. And they’re quite a small center. 

But the man who runs it, he has kind of a pleasant aura about him, and he’s there with a couple other people he works with, and I’m sitting on a bench or something with several people who are interested in his programs.

As the discussion progresses, I find out that sometimes you can even go and take part in his programs free. It might have to do with weight loss, it might have to do with other addictions, I don’t know. If you then work as a case manager, to be someone that other people in the program can call and work with certain techniques, and I’m asking them whether they work with some of the energy techniques that I know because those haven’t been very well researched yet.

I’m trying to find out what kind of crisis management they do because I mention that I’m a therapist and they get kind of very interested because they’re looking for more people as this program grows. And I’m thinking I might even want to go out there, but I’m not sure that you would want that. 

Then somebody else on the bench who has been sitting there, she’s pretty heavy. She weighs like 400 pounds or something. She writes down her weight on a piece of paper – 441 or something. She writes it down on a piece of paper and turns it down and slides it to me, because it feels like she’s confident having me know what she weighs and that’s maybe part of the treatment program. 

Then there’s another person next to me that I don’t feel quite as close to, and then I’m trying to figure out how can I kind of go to this treatment program and participate in it, or is that what I want to do? So I’m going to phone them after we leave the little seminar we’re in. I think that’s actually when the alarm went off.

John: What you’re doing is – the consequence of what you’re going through – is designed to cause you to change and to shift a little bit. 

Apparently what this dream is kind of indicating that a part of you has developed kind of on one side your own image of yourself, and that image of you is in the way of something that you can do. And that, in this particular dream, you have reached a recognition where instead of just looking at something as if it is something that you could learn more about, or be interested in, or come closer to, or however all of that is, you actually take a slightly different step in that you have a connection inside to what is existing out there, and that you could actually allow yourself to plug into that in a non-personal way. 

In other words, usually when you look at something that you might be interested in you’re interested in it because it augments, or helps, or facilitates something as an aspect of your personal mannerism, or nature. And in this particular instance you have suddenly, as a consequence of what you’ve gone through, you’ve suddenly learned to shift and to take on a recognition in terms of what you’re doing that has an effect in relationship to a greater Whole.

And that you see yourself as a component, or a part, or a participatoriness in that greater Whole. In other words, the octave has changed. You’re not there to try to learn, or to grasp, or to take on some new component that you can then augment to yourself, and therefore have a greater expression and whatnot because you pick all of this up and then you take it on as a new motif.

No, you’re there already complete, in and of yourself, realizing that the best way to be there, and the way that adds something more to it all, is that you plug into what that is. You plug into what you see as unfolding, as opposed to try to take something from what is unfolding.

And so when you plug into what is unfolding, you then are taking the traits and characteristics that you carry inside, and you’re adding those to what is transpiring, and what is happening. But you’re adding them to that simply because your perspective is different.

In other words, that which you find that touches and moves you, instead of moving towards it to study it, as if you’re going to figure it out, and capture it, and take something away from it, that which touches and moves you, you move towards that in a way in which you facilitate that, you support that, you help that, you become a piece of that system in relationship to everything else.

Now, why is that important? Well, it appears that you have some sort of self image that you continue to carry, that you use and walk around with, as if in some sense you’re handicapped by that and, therefore, to overcome the handicap you attempt to augment something towards yourself in some way so that that can be okay.

Well, instead of looking at it like that, you take all of that, including the handicaps, including the issues, and you just take yourself into that for whatever it’s worth, however it is that you are, and that’s how you get rid of whatever it is that stands in the way of you being in sync and in flow.

So it’s an interesting way, because the dreams last night were about, this final dream gets onto the theme of what the underlying thread of the dreams were about, and that was, how it is that you get outside of yourself.

And this is describing how it is that you do this, in terms of a particular quality of surrender, that leads to your ability to recognize how to plug into a flow, as opposed to having to sort the flow out and gain an understanding on the side, so to speak, in terms of the flow. Isn’t that interesting?

Like I say, the dream is about how it works to gain access to that which your normal predilection is to plug into that, as if you’re learning something and have a right to add it to who you are, to augment it to your nature.

That’s like the feminine way in her overallness. The masculine way is, you can’t do things for yourself. If something needs to happen, you don’t go doing it for yourself, as if that’s going to make it happen. You do it for the Whole. You do it for others.

In other words, what you have at your disposal, inside of you, is not for yourself, it’s for something else. And so the easiest and best way of recognizing that is to use that to serve something that’s outside of you to help others outside of you.

Because if you do it for yourself in some capacity, it’s not right because then that’s serving the ego. Well, the masculine would dream it like that because the masculine is more one-on-one with things. It’s more dealing with the ideas of things, and the feminine just needs to recognize straightaway that everything about her presence, her makeup, her being, and whatnot, is in tune with a general overall flow.

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