A Maxim in Life

universal1Continuing the theme from yesterday’s dream (see Plugging In to the Flow), here John is able to flow with an energetic shift because he is not doing it from an ego perspective, which is where most human beings get it wrong.

Being in service to the greater purposes of creation connects us to the flow and grace of the universe. That’s because everything we do in support of the natural unfoldment of creation is encouraged and supported, by creation, in us. It’s what we are designed to do.

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John: In this first dream, I’m able to sneak into an area following a person whom I had helped. In other words, I’d helped this person already and so now, somehow or another, I’m connected with how it is that he is able to move about.  

It’s just how that works, somehow. It creates this connection. What this person is doing is, he’s seeking access to a room that exists back in this place, and by following him I get to this point. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point because, somehow, he had a means to get to this point. And he has a key that has helped him to arrive at this point. And I think he just assumes that the key can go even further. 

And so I followed him, been quietly, almost maybe secretly, following him but he somehow knew I’m doing that, and when he gets to this spot, as he’s about ready to take the next step, I look around and I see a key laying on a table and I pick it up.  

In other words, there’s still a need to go inside. One has gone quite a bit inside, but now there’s a deeper inside, and then of course the guy didn’t seem to pick up the key. He hasn’t seen this key. 

When the guy sees me there, he says that following him, or being with him or whatever, is not going to do me any good because he has the key. Well, he has a key that got him this far, and yes I have had to kind of like be in the wake of things to get this far.  

Well, I take the key that I picked up and try it on some locks that are just sitting there, kind of like on the table. And the first lock opens a mechanism from which I am provided access to two trucks. But before I see the two trucks, there’s a delayed reaction, and I’ve already taken the key and opened another set of locks.

And by opening this device, what’s provided are two red cars, two sports cars, that are there for us to use. And I’m told, or realize, that these cars go along with accommodations to two rooms that are on the third floor, which are also available to us, and like the third floor is the top floor and that he has one room, I have the other.  

Well, I’m sitting here surprised because the trucks plop out and then no sooner as the truck’s are plopping out and then there are the two cars. And I’m seeing know, do I want to drive a truck, well no, no, no. Well, what about these red cars? 

And before I can sort this out he claims one of the cars. He claims the red convertible, which is the sleeker, faster little car. They’re both phenomenal cars however, and I take the other red sports car. In other words, I’ve checked out the trucks that were available from the first slot, but it is the second slot that provides what is most suitable. 

It’s like I have the access, and the access is dependent upon working with this particular guy, in other words, having shown him something that got him actually to this point, and then the rest of it could flow, too.

But before I retire I see a woman wandering around in a daze, and I help her in her hour of need, and in doing so something else opens up for me.

The theme of the dream is, in other words, you’re not doing this for yourself. So this is an image about dropping what would ordinarily be too personal an indulgence. By helping a person who sees himself as needing to be in a particular space, I’m able to come along for the ride.

Everything works better this way, because this is a revealing that reaches to a depth that is meant to be, but has personal limitations to overcome. That’s both in him, and in me. I can do the part that helps him take a step. By taking the step, somehow or another, that helps me. We’re connected that way.

My focus and intention to a need outside of myself opens up what is required. This is possible because I have taken myself out of the equation to awaken an area, for another person, who will use what is there with a thankfulness I still lack. It is in this assistance, and guidance, that I gain access to a key that would otherwise prove to be elusive.

I do not quite know how to understand this, but this is like a kind of tagalong right that wouldn’t otherwise exist. I seem to have found a maxim in life. I’m only able to use this newfound energy to help others, and in this way there is a natural, intertwined, reciprocal blowback effect that I’m able to feel welling up in me. Isn’t that interesting?

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