It All Comes Together

spun-paint-photos-fabian-oefnerHere we have an image of a panther, and then a smaller cat, running around a pole to the point where they blur together. The movement of the cats expresses a certain energetic dynamic that’s at play in relation to the energetic of the pole itself. Is this merging of the cat energies a good thing, or is it a suppression, a governing down of a greater energy into an energy that can be more easily handled? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had this dream where it feels like I’m in this room and there’s a pole in the room. It feels kind of like an organic pole, though. Well, it feels organic because it just doesn’t feel so much like metal or wood or anything. It feels more like something a tree might be made out of, or vine or something. 

Then there’s a large cat, that’s kind of like a panther, that comes in and runs around it fast so you don’t really see him. And then there’s a smaller cat that comes and does the same thing. 

There are one or two people in the room and I’m observing. It feels like that whatever goes on in the room, when you have these two cats run around there really fast and they kind of swirl and merge and stuff, pretty soon you can substitute the smaller cat for the larger cat, and everybody thinks that that was the cat that was there all along. 

It’s just kind of amazing to me that it’s kind of like one of these slight-of-hands that people fall for. I just watch this a couple of times and I’m kind of amazed that actually people can make this kind of substitution and someone thinks that’s how it is. 

Then I have a dream, and I don’t recall the dream, but I come back to this. 

John: Well, so far what you’re doing, what the pole is, is the pole is this thing that goes up and down that the breath rides. It’s organic, it’s natural. And the thing that runs around it is the interaction, and the dynamic, of things that cycle in the outer, and that you can adjust to almost anything. In other words, you have a certain quality of energetic. 

This energetic, this cat-like energetic, is important because it’s kind of like how in the process of this organic pole, that is the breath, that goes up and down this pole and stuff like that, what you’re also now depicting is how it is that you relate from that.

In other words, you get the energetic of the breath going up and down the pole, and then from that energetic you carry that forth into life. And what the energy is that you need to look at, that you’re carrying forth into life, is something of like a panther energy. That’s how you’re seeing it.

But as you do this, you can come under a type of amnesia, where you can block things out, and everything can be numbed or normalized. Thus the big cat can become the small cat. When you see that you’re able to adapt, adjust, and let go of things in that capacity, you are realizing that something isn’t right, that somehow you’re misusing the energetic.

This pole is interesting because things go around and around this pole, they cycle around this pole, and this pole is something that’s an energetic of which the breath goes up and down. It’s housed in this capacity.

In other words, this is an image of creation, in a way. And the cat going around and around the pole – something has changed. What has changed is that cat and a smaller cat can become one and the same.

That is kind of good, on one level, because the higher self and the lower self do merge like that, but also, if there is a lack of consciousness and attention – because you have to have a certain attention for that to be able to happen – and if something like that is inadvertently happening because you have ability to block something out, then that denotes that one is not grasping a depth they need to grasp.

It’s kind of something like this: A person can be under a certain state of distress, having cancer, or something like that is a state of distress. It knocks you back, and you settle into a certain heartfulness – which is the import of that happening. But then you can kind of numb yourself back up and big and little can cross each other off.

Now, it’s good if you can do that as an aspect of consciousness, but if you’re doing that as a way of just shutting something down, or suppressing what it is that’s actually going on inside of you, and you don’t have the consciousness that comes with the pole at the same time, then that’s not natural because then you’re veiling yourself. 

What you’re doing is you’re actually, in a roundabout way, describing the process upon which a person takes and loses themselves in creation. You don’t mean to be doing that. You’re describing how it is.

What you’re doing, in your short example, is you’re describing how it is that you’re able to adapt, or adjust, to a situation in a way that you can suppress its effect upon how it tears at you, or pulls at you, in order to carry it better, or to just accept it in terms of how it is. And that would be okay if you also carried the deep touching of something else that’s meant to be recognized, and realized there, which is the aspect of the breath, and the consciousness that one is to have of that, which is all associated with this natural organic pole.

It’s not a man-made pole. It’s an organic pole. It’s a part of a process, part of an unfoldment. It goes from top to bottom. But your attention is what is going around and around, the panther energy that’s doing this, that, and the other, for some reason intent on doing this, that, or the other, and then it blurs out where the big cat and the little cat are one and the same.

Like I say, that’s not a bad image, in and of itself, or I should say that’s only a bad image in and of itself because it doesn’t have the corresponding consciousness with the breath. If it had the corresponding consciousness of the breath, it wouldn’t have the indulgence, either, and would be able to recognize how everything makes sense in the order of things, how it all comes together, the big and the little. 

All of it comes together, as one and the same, the higher self and the lower self become one. But you don’t have that consciousness. And so what you’re doing instead, is the typical thing that a human being does, is a type of denial. And when you do this type of denial, it just all blands out.

It’s very, very interesting because that’s what the outer world is doing, too, and so we’ll see where else it goes now.

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