Everybody Is Doing It

tower1Today we see the follow-up to Jeane’s dream yesterday (see It All Comes Together).  The middle dream is missing, but at the end she revisits the room with the pole, asking the same type of question: “How can people fall for this shell game?” So many moments in our lives trigger an inner suppression, yet to really experience life fully, we must let go of that reactivity and see things as they really are. Otherwise we end up lying to ourselves and missing out on the truth right in front of us.

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Jeane: Well, it goes into a complicated dream that I don’t remember, but it feels like near the end of the dream, or at some point in the dream, I return to that room, and I realize that the solution to whatever is going on is actually that one can do what I had described that the cats do, that actually you can go in and there’s something that’s substituted there.

But I’m kind of shaking my head because I’m just amazed it actually works that way, that people fall for it. You can do it right in front of them. It’s kind of like a shell game. 

In other words, you can do something right in front of people and they actually don’t see it. And in some ways that’s the solution to this particular issue, whatever was going on in the dream, and yet I’m just kind of shaking my head about it.

John: Yeah, it’s a solution, true. Everything pops and changes. It’s not what it seems. But you’re not there. But are you there? Have you made the heart connection that supports that?

You have the pole there in front of you. I suppose the possibilities are all there, that you can pull all of that together, but I can’t help but wonder: like I say, ideally this is not bad, but are you able to hold the idea?

You come back to it as if you get it, as if you realize that everybody dupes themselves in this particular way, and that you recognize this, and you see how you’re doing this to yourself, and do you actually get it?

I mean, the end of the dream indicates that from the first part of the dream, where there is a kind of an amnesia going on, then to this last part of the dream it’s like you actually do make the full adjustment. You actually do get it, that this is what it’s like that a person takes and suppresses and alters themselves to go along with the conditions, and in that regard they are lying to themselves.

And everyone’s doing it, and you’re seeing that everyone’s doing it, and you came to know that by seeing how you were doing it to yourself  – and it causes you to watch that. Right? That’s interesting.

Somehow or another there’s a snap greater depth here to what all of this is about. In other words, you might say the flow of energy is something like this: There’s the initial shock of something. The initial shock of something causes things to spin, and then the spinning, you have the panther, the panther hyperventilates and goes too wild, running around and around.

So, somehow or another, you have to even that out. That’s too much to carry because it will tear you up if you stress on that, so you suppress that. This is what a person does whenever they have a traumatic thing happen in their life, is they learn how to put it into some sort of context by suppressing it.

It’s called subrogation, subrogating the energy inside of themselves. It’s for their own sense of well being. Only this time you do that, you notice that you’re doing that, you notice that everybody does this sort of thing with every little thing that happens in life, and that nobody seems to notice that everyone is going around subrogating stuff.

And so you start watching this. You see that you’ve done this. When you think about it, it’s kind of like a big step from the standpoint that, right in front of you is the pole, the organic pole. It’s the only thing that really is going on.

In other words, it’s the thing where you’re connected, from source all the way down through. And you have all of this other dynamic going on instead, and yet you have this pole. Can you now connect to the pole as opposed to this other dynamic of noticing what is going on that everybody does?

The important thing is to connect to that energetic, or that cycle of creation. That’s the flow of life. You’re using the pole as a flow of life. You’re using the pole in almost a masculine sense of pole, because it’s going from top to bottom.

I am using the flow of life in the horizontal. Very interesting, which is more like how creation is, and you’re using the flow in terms of something that comes from top down and bottom up, and you’re seeing how things are denied, and how one lies to one’s self, how everyone is doing it in the outer.

You’re watching and observing that, and the alternative to that is this connection in the breath. Pretty deep dream. Do you feel that? It’s touching to see that all of a sudden.

In my dream I have the horizontal, and in the horizontal, first I’m on a big boat, and something about the big boat one needs to relate to something better. The big boat is kind of inappropriate, and so I get on a small boat. What are we doing? We’re going up the Nile; we’re coming down the Nile, actually.

Well, in any event the problem is that we’re going really, really fast, and to begin with I thought that one could do that, and I’m kind of hanging on the back, and I realize, holy cow, I have to get in the boat.  

This boat is dunking around rocks and stuff. This Nile is drying up. It’s not the big Nile. It’s very narrow and I’m thinking, good thing we’re in a small boat. A big boat wouldn’t be able to go here; and the front of the boat and the back of the boat look the same. 

When I look at the back of the boat, I would imagine the engine should be there, but no, the engine’s behind me, and I realize we’re going down the Nile and somehow or another, in my imagination, I figure, well, when we get through this area the waters will pick up again.

But there’s something illogical about that because we’re going down the Nile, away from the source. Something is amiss in that flow, and I’m noticing that. And so when I notice that, I have to step away. I have to realize that whatever it is that one is holding onto, or believing to work, and it’s all drying up, that there’s another dynamic involved – just like in your dream.  

You don’t go on relating in the outer by reaching points in which you take and lie to yourself. Well, when you see that you’re lying to yourself, then you have to recognize that there’s something more, because everybody’s doing it, and you can’t live a life that continually does that.

And you do have this organic pole there, which is where the breath goes up and down and up and down. But you’re not really identifying with it. You’re just realizing that everything goes around the pole, and around the pole, in the outer until it gets like this panther, it’s out of control, until it figures out a way to slow itself down or merge with a smaller cat, or do something so that the lower self and the higher self kind of come together.

Only this time we’re talking about a lower self and a higher self that have to do with energetic dynamic in terms of the correlation in creation, in which you tend to use this sort of stuff in a bifurcated way.

The energy’s used in a bifurcated way. You’re not really able to go back and connect, and be connected, in the proper source, which is the pole. In my dream, one’s floating down the Nile, and originally one was in a bigger boat, and it was okay, but then the idea came up that one could be in a smaller boat and appreciate things better.

But the thing is the smaller boat, because the smaller boat can go faster I suppose, things like that too, but not really because the river is drying up. This is the source of life. It’s the river Nile. It’s the lifeblood of the land, and something is haywire with it. It’s a shock to see something like this.

You can’t even support it anymore, nor can it support you. Nothing is supported, and yet you can sit there in your belief and realize this can’t be. Maybe when I go downstream further it’ll pick up again? How will it pick up again, because it’s already flowing away from the source and drying up?

I want to believe that it’s going to pick up again, that it’s just this little narrow bad spot here and then it will get better. That’s a nice illusion. That’s a nice lie that one has to oneself. I haven’t adjusted yet. I haven’t slowed down. I’m actually kind of stunned that we haven’t hit a rock yet, because the water has gotten so shallow and this boat’s weaving around.

And I definitely have to sit in the boat instead of hang on in the back like I had been doing, like it was carefree, because this thing is making rapid turns just to avoid the rocks, just kind of stay in the flow of water that’s there, and yet I keep thinking boy, this propeller must not be very deep in the water because the water is so shallow.

So I’m looking at a precarious position in terms of a flow of life in creation, which is feminine, and there’s something in the feminine imbalance of the Whole that’s off, and you’re looking at the flow of things that isn’t properly being appreciated, which comes with the breath from which creation is supported.

But the ways in which things aren’t working out in creation very well, one lies to themselves in order to make it easier, and then you can’t help but notice that everybody is doing that, so then you stop, and you look at the fact that everyone is doing that. You’re watching that. Can you then take the next step and go back into the depths of yourself?

And then you stop and you do an accounting of this and you realize you’re lying to yourself, and everybody is lying to themselves, so you have a light bulb moment. Is this what it’s all about? Everybody is going around lying to themselves?

You see yourself lying to yourself, and technically what you just went through is what is going on in the outer world. Everyone is lying to themselves in terms of what’s actually taking place, and going on out there, and everyone is missing what is important.

And there you are, you’re in the space where there is something. You’re watching and it wouldn’t take much of a shift to suddenly ponder this pole and the importance of this from top to bottom, just like I’m having to ponder, this is supposed to be the river Nile, this is the lifeblood of the land, and something’s wrong. Something is happening that isn’t right. It needs to stop.

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