A Rule of Life

synapseJeane’s dreams trigger a discussion about access. This is an idea that covers a vast territory in a spiritual journey, because what most often prevents a human being from accessing the higher energies and grace of the universe are usually their own, personal reactivities, which cause a disconnection from the natural flow of things. Here we see that every situation can be turned from a negative into a positive, with the appropriate attitude and intention. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I lost my first dream and just have bits of my second one. 

The bits of the second one I remember, again I feel kind of pursued, and someone in the dream has this bird. Now this bird has kind of a body of a bird but the head of an owl, and the egg is more like a parrot or parakeet.  

It’s white, but when it perches sometimes, this one person can go up to it. Now a lot of people, if you go up to it, this bird will bite you, but this person seems to go up to it and talk in a certain way and the bird will actually give it like a kiss, and just put its face right up against your face. 

And it has that owl kind of face, too, a white owl, and so I’m kind of fascinated by this, and I realize that the bird would probably give me a kiss too, but I’m a little intimidated because most people it’s just going to bite them. 

So I’m observing that, and then it feels like I go over to a table where people are entertaining and speaking Spanish. And I’m able to sing a song with them, but I’m still being observed by what I feel is pursuing me.

And those are the only elements of the dream that I remember. I lost the first dream entirely. I don’t even know how this dream started. I just remember the bird, that sometimes it would bite.

John: The dream repeats twice. In other words, you actually can go and you can even sing with the people that are singing Spanish, so that means you do kind of know the Spanish, you know how to sing in Spanish. And so it indicates you also know how to relate to this certain element that can be actually working to the positive in your nature.

In other words, you’re letting something bother you that actually doesn’t need to bother you. It could be something that benefits, or actually enhances, how it is that you are. And what this is, is you’re letting it bother you instead.

It’s kind of like if you were to look at a certain kind of philosophy, the philosophy would be something like this: For every obstacle or problem that exists, there’s a way of approaching that so that you turn it around to your advantage. In other words, in the outer world there are things that go on that take and cause a person to cringe, and shrink, and feel like, “Why me?” 

According to this philosophy, when things are down, and everything’s going wrong, there’s a way of looking at everything and turning it around to your advantage. And a person who can do that, who could take and look at something that is like that, and figure out how to find the positive out of it, how to take a setback and turn it around into something that actually moves forward, or to learn from it rather than just go into a state of remorse about that, that’s a person that’s making an advancement. That’s a person that’s growing. 

Amongst your really, really successful businessmen, they are the ones that have learned how to take a bad situation, or something that is a setback, and use that setback to their advantage.

Well, it’s also a rule of life and energy, in terms of the inner, because, technically, when you’re facing the dark side, and all of the troubles and tribulations that get opened up and come through you, that you carry and have access through that have the negative side of things, there’s a way then of taking and resolving that and gaining greater consciousness.

Or, as you pointed out once, a vortex center magnifies both the positive and the negative energy. If you just sit and dwell on the negative energy, that’s magnified, how are you ever going to catch up with the positive energy that is also there, because a vortex is designed to enhance both?

Jeane: I also remembered like earlier in this dream, or it could have even been another dream, it felt like I was working at an office, and the office had moved into a new building, to a building that was new for it, but the building was actually kind of old.

And they’ve assigned a young man that also works in the office with me. We each have a desk, and he has a difficult client I think they’re going to pass on to me. But what I’m doing is, I’ve discovered the cleaning service people hired just aren’t really doing the job, so I’m going around and kind of cleaning the desk, and finding places where they’ve hid dirt, and thinking that I’m going to have to talk to the boss about this, because this is just unacceptable. I don’t want people coming in and the office looks like this.

And then I’m a little annoyed with my roommate I’m sharing the office with, because you have to keep your office clean, and he shouldn’t just come in and go to work if he sees that it needs to be cleaned up.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night was access. It’s like if you were to sum up the dreams in one word, it was access. And so it’s like in the second dream, you were having access to the idea that you could sing in Spanish, which is something that might not be your normal native tongue.

You had access to the fact that you could actually do something to cause an energy that would normally bite and nip and be catatonically strange or something, you had a way of access to it where it could do the exact opposite.

Well, the first dream you have access to an office space, a new office space, but you’re not taking on the full access that is available, and important, inside of you. In other words, you can come into this office space. It’s a new office space, and it has this trait, and that trait, or whatever about it that you’ve discovered, which are characteristics that you’re able to look at and deal with in terms of yourself.

But there’s one thing that you’re ignoring, and the thing that you’re ignoring isn’t coming into this particular access office space. There is something that’s causing it still to be cluttered or dirty or something. There’s still something that isn’t being tended to. You’re coming into the office space, but not necessarily taking that on. 

You’re leaving that as is. You’re not necessarily confronting that. And so thus you have the fact that this office space, which is new and different and another way available to you, a shift that you can make, but you’re not taking on the full aspect of that.

In other words, you’re feeling that, okay, here’s the office space. It’s yours, but it’s not properly cleaned. An interesting dilemma because that was the first dream, and the second dream kind of showed that you could transform that.

In other words, you could deal with that something that’s amiss. In other words, you can have the bird that would normally bite be something that does the opposite. You could have the scene that can occur that normally you wouldn’t pay any attention to. You can chime in with that, even though it’s not in your native tongue. You can do that too.

The dream is about access, except the difference is in the first dream. In the first dream, it’s pointed out fairly directly that you have access to a new place, but then you haven’t taken on what comes with it.

And in the second dream, you find yourself in a space where you haven’t, just like in the first dream, you haven’t necessarily assimilated all that comes with it. In the second dream you’re in a space in which you have certain things that are in front of you, and now you have graduated yourself in the energy to know that you can take and you can work with this one particular energy – instead of it biting you, it can actually kiss you. And the singing is actually something that you can participate in.

So you’re breaking through in the second aspect of the dream, when in the first aspect of the dream, you’re left troubled. Isn’t that interesting?

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