The Seduction

William_Blake,_The_Temptation_and_Fall_of_EveSet in the past, in an era of manners, this dream paints a scenario of the enticements of a social life, when people were caught up in the whirl of the next activity. But there is a deeper energy at play in this imagery, that of losing oneself to the allure of the outer world and its enjoyments. When we fall for that seduction, we lose the best part of ourselves, the higher part, and risk living a life that has no greater meaning. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My second dream was so vivid I lost my first one. 

In the second dream it feels like it takes place more in an older time frame, like maybe the 1800s or something, when women wear long dresses and there’s a lot of social interaction, like you’re always going out to someone’s house, or some event, or some exhibit or something, usually accompanied by other people. 

As a young woman I meet this man whom I sleep with, and he’s kind of an exciting man, and he’s also someone that kind of moves on rapidly, not moves on, but we have this connection, but then there’s another woman that he also sleeps with. At one point she’s even in the same room with him, and with me. 

I don’t see her real clearly. One realizes this is just how he is, but I have formed a very deep attachment for him, and meanwhile we’re going out and we’re being social in certain other settings, and one of these settings is that we visit someone’s house and they have this kind of interesting house with a library, or at least a bunch of books in the living room.

And I’m looking at these books and I’m realizing that some of these are almost like collectors items of mysteries that go way back, British mysteries and other kinds, and I can look at one book and I can even see scenes from the book when I look at it, so that’s kind of fascinating to me. 

Maybe I’d even be able to borrow one or two. But I also have to go to the restroom, but before I find the restroom I get a phone call there, and it’s a younger man that I’ve met at one of the places I’ve been, and he’s telling me that I had left some things at an exhibit I’d gone to.  

He’s silent on the phone a lot, so I’ll say a few things and then he’ll say some things, and then I hang up. And I look at the people I’m with and I realize that the man wanted me to come out and go with him to the exhibit to recover whatever I’d left there. But I also realized I feel like he’s doing that as a ploy because he wants to get together with me, and I say, to the others in the room, I think he’s a younger son and he’s looking for a rich wife. 

That’s my read on the situation. Even though he was a very charming guy that was the scene, so I’m not going down there. Meanwhile, I’m looking for a restroom and I go into what I think is the bathroom but it’s kind of a complex room. I maybe have to climb up in one area and there’s a toilet there, but I’m not sure how you can use it exactly. 

So I climb down and around and go to the other area that looks almost like a bathtub that runs into a toilet. I’m not sure how you use that either. It looks to me like it has some things soaking in it – like raw chicken – which are for dinner, so I can’t figure out how to use this bathroom. 

John: So the dream starts off in which, what you’re doing is you are assuming that you can function in life in a way that is straightforward, in other words that you can confront, or take on, or relate to, and get close to everything in life that there is.

And you’re being set up when you think that you can do that. And so some presumption that you have in terms of how you see yourself, and the way you see yourself in this dream, is that you have an overall demeanor, where you sit in an overall energetic space, and you think you have more freedom in this space than you actually have to take and relate to things in the outer.

Well, the problem that you have is you’re setting yourself up. You’re speeding up. You’re assuming that everything is copacetic, and for some reason the entire world is set up against you to suck you in.

In other words, the thing is a setup. You’re in an area. You’re dealing with something that’s far more than what you think that it is. You can assume that it’s this way, or it’s that way, but it only pretends to be like that in order to try to draw you in even closer.

This is a type of being drawn in, and it’s a drawing in that has to do with your overall nature in the Whole. This is a type of being drawn in in which you lose yourself to that form of energetic, and so it’s intriguing. It’s even somewhat exciting to begin with, but then you come to sense that there’s something missing.

The consequence of this is you get away from a certain part of yourself. The consequence of this kind of activity is you get sucked into it, where you let go of a certain part of yourself that has the innocence, and the sense of how things are.

Fortunately that part of you is echoing in some part of the background of you, whereby you are able to settle back, hear it, and in hearing it can sort things out. If you continue on the treadmill that this other energy is on, in terms of its outer qualities and characteristics, it is designed to take away everything that you have.

In other words, wherever it is that you go, where you think that you have something with this kind of energy, it will be appropriated, or taken, or destroyed. This is the nature of how this kind of energy works. This is the nature of the outer that you are living in, what it is like around you in its unvarnished form.

You would like to believe that it has a magnetism, and a quality about it, that is more real, but, no, it has its own designs, and those designs do not have what your true best interests are in mind. You are not able to catch up with a certain depth of yourself, as you would be inclined to think, when you are involved, or put your attention upon, this sort of energy.

In the dream you are provided a contrast. In other words, you have the quiet guy that you know and can sense this quieter side of yourself, this echo inside of yourself, the one that doesn’t get caught up in all of this hoopla, you’re able to sense that therein lies something in its closeness to a silence, rather than a hoopla and activity and excitement and magnetism, and all of that stuff that entices.

You’re able to realize that this is an energy which you are free to be able to go and access that which belongs to you, without having this other force that is designed to take it away from you. And the dilemma is this force is designed to strip, or take, it away from you. You don’t rationally or logically see that, per se, because the excitement of this energy gets your attention, in its way of being so seductively fascinating, and interesting, and intriguing, and magnetic.

But some deeper part of you has figured out how this whole thing is evolving, recognizes that that path is a prescription for disaster, and knows how to step back, see through it, and take the quieter, more balanced, more stable, more inward, and more within-yourself approach from which you are able to then reach, find, and have that which you need, in terms of you being who you’re meant to be.

The other is not who you’re meant to be. The other is, so to speak, a type of energy that’s like stalking you, and taking advantage of a quality of energy that you need at the depth of yourself, and you are inadvertently allowing this to happen because you think that, in its excitement and its fervor, it gets you off into some sort of quick preening mode, or something like that, and you don’t have a chance.

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  1. I’ve been having the same dream over and over that’s freaking me out. So it starts by me being falsely awakened (you wake up in your dream but dont wake up in real life) and I start falling till I hit the ground. Everything is pitch black and I can’t even see the ground I’m sitting on. There is a woman dressed in old fashioned clothing. Her hair is greyish-brown and put up in a sleek bun, her eyes are icy blue and she had a red teardrop shaped pendant around her neck. She talks in every single dream but it sounds muffled, not like she’s underwater but as if she’s in a bubble. I can’t understand what she’s saying but it’s been the same dream 3 times this week.

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